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– 15 years ago, I made
a New Year's resolution to lose weight. So I set my alarm for 30 minutes
earlier for the next day, and I got up and I walked about a mile or so every single day for months. I had totally assumed
that because exercise hadn't really been on
my agenda for a while, that the weight, because
I started working out, would just fall off. Wrong, it did not fall off at all. And after making what feels
like every weight loss mistake in the book, I finally figured
out exactly what worked. Hey, Killer Bs. I'm Pahla B, your best
middle-aged fitness friend. And around here, we are
all about making peace with your menopausal body by
getting to a healthy weight and moving in ways that
feel like self love. I remember seven months
into that resolution where I hadn't lost any weight at all. And in fact, I was
gaining, where I went out to a girls' lunch with a
couple of friends of mine and I was wearing my favorite,
most comfortable pair of jeans that were not
comfortable at all anymore.

In fact, they were so
tight that I actually had to pop the button midway through the meal because I couldn't sit there any longer. That was the moment where I vowed that I was gonna lose weight for good. I came home that day and
announced to my husband that changes were happening
and I was gonna lose weight. And then, I went out to the grocery store and I bought a famous brand
of meal replacement shakes. Let me be super, super clear.

I do not in any way
endorse meal replacements as like the way to lose weight, but this story tells you a couple of things about losing
weight that I have learned that you might be missing that
are actually really important and can help you get
started losing weight. Key component number one is that maybe you're not a 100% committed. You definitely want to lose weight. And you're probably even doing the things that feel weight lossy, that feel maybe a little bit
easy for you to get started. I mean, that's what I did. Again, I was young. This was 15 years ago so I had plenty of energy
to start exercising. And that was something that
I felt pretty comfortable and confident with. But as far as like counting
calories or watching what I ate, I knew, on some level, that
that was probably important, but I wasn't really committed
enough to losing weight to look into it, to figure out how, or to even, really, get started with it. But exercise alone does almost
nothing for weight loss. Exercise is fabulous for your health. It's good for your heart,
your lungs, your bones, your muscles, your mental
and physical health.

It's fantastic for you, but
it doesn't move the scale. In order to lose weight, there are actually five
things that you need to be doing every single day. Exercising regularly is one of them, but eating the right number
of calories, consistently, every single day, drinking
the right amount of water, every single day, consistently, getting enough sleep every
single day, consistently, and managing your mindset. Doing any one or maybe two
or even three of those things is really good for you
and good for your health. But when you're a 100% committed, you will actually do all
five things every day, really regularly, really consistently. Don't think that being 100% committed is the same thing as being 100% successful because here's the thing.

You're probably still
gonna struggle with getting it all just right, being 100% consistent, doing all the things, but you
will be committed to trying. You will be committed to figuring it out. You know that there are five things to do and you're doing your best
every day to do all five. Honestly, I struggled really
hard with the calories and to a certain extent, even
the water for a long time.

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But when I became 100% committed, I knew that I was gonna
do whatever it took to just stick with it and do my best and keep trying every single day. Key component number two
is that you're starting where you think you should
be rather than where you are. Now, here's the thing. I actually got really lucky on this part because it was so long ago. I mean, truly, Facebook didn't really
exist the way it does now. Pinterest didn't exist at all. YouTube was around, but
didn't have the same sort of information on it that you can get now. I did not, on any given day, have like photographs and video evidence of some fitness guru's
perfect breakfast plan.

I didn't have access,
except my DVD player, to some crazy, over-the-top workouts. I just went to the grocery store and I bought basically a milkshake in a flavor that sounded good. And I went for a walk every day. That was it. Now quick note to the side, I was already a champion sleeper. That has never been a problem for me. And I was, I was not great on the water, but I was pretty good on the water. And as far as managing my mindset, I actually didn't have trouble with that until I finished losing the weight, which is a whole nother story and a whole nother video for another day. If I had tried to overhaul
everything that I was eating, everything that I was doing,
everything in my life, I guarantee I would still be trying to lose that 30 pounds today. There was no way in the world that my eating habits could have changed from what they used to be to
what they are now overnight. It took me years to get
where I wanted to go with my fitness, with my
food, with even my mindset.

It takes time to get to the finish line. And the only way to get to the finish line is to start where you are. Over the years, I have made
tons of changes to the way that I eat in terms of like
adding fruits and vegetables, cooking more at home,
watching my portion sizes, knowing what feels good
and what doesn't feel good for me anymore. And, to my fitness. I mean, I still love to walk,
but I've added all kinds of other great exercises
to my normal routine now. I, thankfully, gave
myself the grace to just be where I was, as long as
it took to figure things out.

Here we come back to that
commitment thing again. And I stuck with it
even when it was tough. My friends, you do not need to wait until you are popping
buttons on your jeans to get started the right way. Watch this video right
here to learn everything you need to know about losing weight at 50 and beyond so that you
can get 100% committed and start where you are..

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