What is the Healthy Hormone Weight Loss framework?

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(upbeat music) – What's up, you guys, Casey Farlow here, Registered Dietitian and Healthy Hormone Weight Loss Expert. And I wanted to talk to you guys today about the five pillars of
Healthy Hormone Weight Loss and my Group Program. So I'm often asked, "Casey, I know you have
this Group Program. But what's included, what do you focus on, and what are the main targets
of your Group Program?" So today I wanted to
kind of just break down what those main five pillars are. So you not only balance your hormones, but you also lose weight. And those happy side
effects of hormone balance, like boosted mood, better energy, better sleep, less fatigue, less cravings. Which is the goal to feel really good. And then also see that
really good weight loss is obviously a goal for my clients. So let's get started. But before we get started, I wanted to tell you guys to make sure to get my Healthy Hormone
Weight Loss Snack Guide.

The link is below. It's gonna be sent straight to your inbox and it's 50 different
healthy hormones snack ideas and how to set up a snack, for healthy hormone success. So make sure you click that link below and let me know what you think, respond to the email. I'm always here for you guys. I love to hear your responses , or you can come up below on this video and let me know what
your thoughts have been.

All right, you guys, let's get started on the five pillars of
Healthy Hormone Weight Loss. I feel like the sun is kind of coming in on my face and giving me a little bit of a glare. Okay. That's a little bit better. So the first pillar of Healthy Hormone
Weight Loss is, mindset. It really is the
foundation of your journey. And if we don't get that
mindset piece right, it's gonna be really hard to be successful on the journey. So not only that mindset piece, but really understanding what your limiting beliefs are, and learning tips and tricks to be able to work through
those limiting beliefs on an actual energetic neurological level.

And I give you tips and tricks on how to do that. Also looking at what your
self care looks like. I have you guys do a self care checklist to kind of see what about yourself care it might need a little work, so that you're able to reach your goals. Another thing is about
that mindset piece is, what is your attitude around the scale, around tracking your
food, around your body? You have to learn how to respect and love
your body where it is, in order for it to
change and to be better. So learning how to connect into your body with self compassion and love. So again, this goes way beyond just nutrition and supplementation. We do peel back the layers, to see what could be holding you back from those Healthy
Hormone Weight Loss goals and just any goal in your life, Like what are those limiting beliefs? How are your boundaries? How is your self care? Are you able to let go of perfectionism? How has your mindset around that? One of the biggest issues I see with women I work with is, they feel like they have to be perfect.

Like I have to log every little thing. And if I don't see weight
loss and I'm a failure. So working through those beliefs, I want you to be able to step on the scale and no matter what you see to not feel any sort of way because it's just a metric just like your blood pressure, just like your cholesterol.

And we use it as a tool. But we also use your symptom survey. we don't just use the number on the scale, we look at your symptoms. I have you guys take pictures before, so you can look at your
body composition changes. So it's not just about
that number on the scale. Again that's a metric that I believe to be important for healthy hormones, but it's not the whole picture. So being able to work through that mindset piece is
really, really important. And then again learning energetically, how to work through your limiting beliefs. which is essential for
success in your life. So it's not just about limiting beliefs about the journey with me, it's about any limiting
beliefs you could have in your life and what
could be holding you back. So these are tips and tricks that I've learned throughout my life because I deal with limiting beliefs every day that I work through.

And I wanna give you guys those tools and tricks so that you're empowered to heal on your own. Okay? I guide you but ultimately you're the
one doing the healing. And I just give you tools to do so. So the first thing is mindset, the second is Gut Health which is really the
foundation of hormone balance. With an unhealthy Gut, it's really impossible
to balance your hormones. So we have to get that
Gut Health piece right. And I take you through a Gut healing protocol in my program, so that you have a step-by-step approach and understand exactly what you need to do to heal your gut so that you can heal your hormones. So that's number two. Number three, the third pillar is to
reduce inflammation. If you have too much
inflammation throughout your body it's gonna be really hard
to balance your hormones.

It's a pillar of hormone balance. So teaching you how to
decrease inflammation throughout your body, through lifestyle through supplementation, through nutrition learning how to do it, and giving you a step-by-step
approach to do it. The fourth is Blood Sugar stability and reducing Insulin Resistance. Again really,really important for hormone balance
and another foundation. So learning how to
balance your Blood Sugar taking that step-by-step approach and knowing exactly what
you need to do to heal. That's my goal for you guys, is to really feel empowered and that you're never gonna have to rely on anything outside again. You're gonna have all the tools that you need to heal and you'll have access to those forever. Well, hopefully, unless I
don't have client portal or something happens to me. So we have Blood Sugar,
we have inflammation we have Gut healing, we have mindset. And one of the last pieces of the puzzle is Neuroplasticity.

So learning tips and tricks to be able to move your nervous system into what we call, the
Parasympathetic Nervous System which is your rest and digest. The foundation of Gut
Health and hormone balancing is that nervous system really important. So I teach you those skills and techniques and a daily practice to be able to move your nervous system into that healing space everyday to promote your healing. But this goes way beyond just hormone balancing and weight loss. You're gonna notice improved energy, improved sleep, improved mood, so important for your quality of life and to really live the
life of your dreams. Like I want all of you
guys to feel your best cause you deserve to feel your best. But in order to feel your best, it does take a little
work and a little guidance to get there and some skills.

I want you guys to have a toolkit that you can reach in and pull out when you need it. Having that skill set is so important to get you feeling well,
balancing your hormones and supporting your weight loss journey. All right, you guys so we covered those five pillars. But there's also one factor that just holds all
those pillars together. And that's accountability and support support from your tribe. I usually lead in about eight to 12 women that you're gonna be with the same group of women over the three month Group Programs. You guys really become a community and you support each other as a tribe. And then support for me, of
course, and accountability. So every week in our
private Facebook group I have you stay accountable to me by putting in your weights
,your non-scale victory and your calorie ranges for the week.

apple norms size standards

So I can make sure you're
on the right track. And if you're not on the right track, then I can make sure that we figure out why that is and what I can do to help pull you through whether you're having a dip week or you're coming up against
some limiting beliefs. So we can start to target
that stuff together. So that accountability
piece is really important. And then that support
system from your tribe you guys really do become
close through the process. I mean, I don't laugh, but you know, someone always cries
usually on our group calls because you guys start
to feel into emotion and authentically connect with one another and life can be a struggle sometimes. And incorporating new is hard sometimes not sometimes really every time you make any major life changes. So having that support system and knowing that we're all
going through it together and there's nothing weird about you. You're just a human being like we all are. And none of us are perfect. And we all come against
these limiting beliefs and barriers to our health goals.

But it's so beautiful when you're able to figure what those things are and really start to heal them and start to move forward
and get to your goals. Very exciting stuff. So again, that community support that tribe support is really what holds all
the pillars together. I find, especially right now with what do you call this survey (mumbles) that we're all very disconnected. And especially if you're a young mom and you're not socializing as much. This group really serves
to provide that connection, That authentic connection, that healing connections. So, so valuable. So again, we went through
those five pillars and what kind of holds
all the pillars together. So a little bit about my Group Program is we do have a private Facebook group where you connect with that same group of women
that are your group. I named you guys after fruits. So I'm currently enrolling in the Kiwi group starting in April. Oh my gosh. I can't
believe it's already April. That's so crazy. And you guys get a 50 page workbook you get meal plans, you get snack guides, you get a weekly zoom
meeting with your tribe.

And I talk to you each individually. So you get personalized
coaching on that call. And I also have a 30 minute
office hours every week for you to come to me with questions and to go over any lab work. So that's more of our
functional medicine half hour, where I can review Dutch
Test Hormone testing. I can review any of your blood
work that you've had done which I teach you in my program, how to have blood work done on your own and how to read your labs.

But I also can read them and help you with that as well. And then focusing on that supplementation and providing personalized
supplementation recommendations too, based on your testing
or previous blood work you've had done with
your provider or with me. So you get that weekly
zoom call as a tribe and as a group that's
reserved for coaching. And then the other call is more
of that functional medicine call to go over labs and things
like that and supplements.

You also get access to
my nine module course that walks you through
how to heal your gut, how to balance your hormones using those five pillars. You learn how to order
blood work on your own. If you don't want to
go through a provider. I mean, you're sort of
going through me if you will but learning how to order it online, you don't necessarily have to go through your doctor anymore to order specific lab tests.

You can do it on your own. I'm learning about hunger
and fullness hormones in your sex hormones and understanding how to decode your cycle and what could be wrong
with your hormones. Even if you don't do
DUTCH Hormone Testing. DUTCH Hormone Testing is always an optional add on. So if you want to go a little bit deeper and figure out exactly
what's up with your hormones, you can always do the
DUTCH Test, which I think is the best Hormone Test on the market. It looks at all of your sex
hormones, your adrenal hormones how your hormones are being detoxified your methylation status. It also includes micronutrients and some neurotransmitters
really powerful. I also include genetic analysis. So if you've done any kind of
23andMe or Ancestry testing I can run that data for you and give you some really cool insights about your genetics and
help personalize your diet and supplements even more. So I can see do you do better on a higher fat, or higher protein or higher carbohydrate type diet? Like for me, I do not have good fat burning genes in terms of like the macronutrient fat.

So I don't do well on
a Ketogenic type Diet but my body responds really well to a higher carbohydrate diet. Like a Plant-Based more leaning towards vegan less animal products. I don't believe in a vegan
diet for hormones, but for me a more Plant-Based Diet
works better for my genetics. Whereas somebody else might need a higher protein or higher fat diet. And I can help you determine that. Also, if you run a higher risk of specific micronutrient deficiencies or how are your detoxification enzymes? I know I get really fancy with this stuff.

But it really just bottom line, it helps me to personalize
your recommendations for your nutrition and for your supplementation
lifestyle factors. I'm trying to think of
what else is included so much fun stuff. If you guys are interested in potentially joining my Healthy Hormone
Weight Loss Group Program there's a link below to book a free discovery call with me. We can jump on a call and just see if my program would be a good fit for you. Alright you guys. Again, make sure to click that link below if you're interested in the program or if you just want that
Healthy Hormone Snack Guide sent to your inbox.

Immediately, it will be sent. Please comment below if
you have any questions about my program, I'm always here for you guys. Again, Casey Farlow, Registered Dietician signing out. Talk to you guys soon. Bye..

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