What I eat in a day | How I use weight loss drinks to get that perfect body!

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Hi guys, welcome back
to my YouTube channel. This is your girl Avneet. And today I think I'm doing one of the
most requested videos of all time. And you know how much I love you guys.
So I had to do this video for you. I think that it's been a very, very, very long time that we've had like a heart
to heart conversation with each other. So tell me how you guys are. And as of my life update right now
is that, I'm home, I'm chilling, I'm resting and all those
years of working and shooting every day continuously. This is like my break
and I'm just taking time. I'm home and I'm chilling.

So as you guys already
know that once I wake up I really like to meditate
and that's what I done. And now I'm super, super hungry.
So I want you guys to come with me in the kitchen
and have a very nice breakfast. Let's go. So let's start with the video,
what I eat in a day. So, recently I've been using
the Kapiva Get Slim Juice and I mostly take it before breakfast.

The thing is that
you have to shake the bottle, while you're making the juice. Now you guys always tell me how do I keep myself fit and
how do I maintain a perfect body? The answer is Kapiva's Get Slim Juice. This Ayurvedic juice is perfect
for overall weight management and this juice has herbs that deal
with every aspect required to ensure that you can stay in shape. Right from increasing metabolism, curbing appetite, reducing
hunger pangs, a feeling of fullness, beating sugar cravings. This juice is an Ayurvedic solution to
your ideal weight. It has all-natural Ayurvedic ingredients
like flax seeds, which is a super food containing omega-3, which helps in intake of
healthy fats in your body. The second key ingredient is amla
also known as Indian gooseberry, which is a rich source of vitamin C.
Also, this brand uses ripe amla, which are more nutritious
than the green ones. The other key ingredient are Arand mool, which helps in maintaining muscle
and joints and tree turmeric, which has anti inflammatory properties.

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Now you guys might wonder
it's so Ayurvedic so taste must be extremely bad.
Well, let me tell you this, the taste is just fine.
No bitter taste at all. And the best part is
that it has no sugar as well, all-natural and safe ingredients
to help you in weight management. you can consume 30 ML of
the juice twice a day, once before breakfast on an empty
stomach and once at night before dinner. So now moving on, I like
to have a heavy breakfast. So today I'm going to go with
oat pancakes and one cup of tea.

So for lunch, I was thinking
I'll have veggies, two chapati and one bowl of dal
and obviously green salad. So, this is me everywhere I go,
like everywhere in the house. I just like to keep a water bottle
so that I just keep sipping water. And I drink about three litres in a day. So for evening snacks, I either
like to have fruits or nuts, depending upon what I'm
craving and for dinner I mostly do soups and salads and,
right now it's wintertime. So nothing more heartwarming
than a bowl of soup. Right now my favorite is a Siu Mui. So my current favourite one is Miso soup. And then I like to have some
salad with it, which has cucumber, tomatoes and all that. And, yeah, that's what I have for dinner. And before dinner,
I have 30 ML of Kapiva's Get Slim Juice. So that was all, this
is all about my routine, what I have in a day.

And it just keeps
changing from seasons to seasons, obviously. Yeah, that's it. All right. So let me know if you guys want
to see more videos like this and do like, share, comment and
subscribe to my YouTube channel. Also, let me know in the comment section, what you guys want to see
next on my YouTube channel. Take care of yourself. Stay healthy, stay safe
love you all..

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