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♪ Ah ah ah ♪ ♪ Ah ah ♪ – Good morning everyone. I am about to have one
of my classic breakfasts. I'm gonna call it the brekkie bowl, even though there's nothing
breakfasty about it. But I could have it for every
meal of the god damn day. A lot of my meals that
I'm gonna show you today are interchangeable, yeah,
let me show you how I make it. It's very, very simple.
(mellow music) Probably the most time
consuming aspect of this meal is steaming the broccoli. I chopped off the stem, and now I'm gonna break apart the crown. I'm chopping all the
little bits of broccoli into bite sized pieces. I didn't know you could
actually eat the stem either. The stem's really good, it just tastes like broccoli as well.

Now I'm gonna wash this, I'm gonna put it in my Salad
Spinner, and give it a rinse. So now that we have our clean broccoli, we're gonna put it inside this pot. I have this like steamer thing,
so I'll put a pile of that. And then I have my boiling water ready. And I'm just gonna like pour over it, I'm just gonna eyeball. While we wait for the broccoli, I just like to have things ready, so I'm gonna start cooking the egg. I guess this is like, I mean
it's pretty self explanatory on how to cook an egg (laughing).

Now so we're just gonna let the egg fry. So now I'm gonna prepare the rice. I made some brown rice yesterday night, and I just heated it up, and now we're gonna add some soy sauce. You can use that coconut aminos. I think it's supposed to be
like a healthier alternative to soy sauce, but we're
not doing that here. And now we're gonna add sesame oil. And this makes everything
taste so delicious. It gives it like that
nutty aromatic flavor. So that looks really good, and now we're gonna add some broccoli.

Broccoli is the best
vegetable of all time. For the final step, we're
gonna throw an egg in there. I think I started making
this dish in college. This is like a recipe
that has stayed with me for a very long time. Mm, you can also add Sriracha, that really enhances it as well. Your what, your phone.

– Good thing, I had to get my phone without being on the camera,
but I couldn't do it. – Yeah, I know but everyone
knows that we live together. – Yeah but I just
thought I'd give you guys a bit of space, you know. – All right guys, it is time for lunch, and this next recipe is
just like a staple of mine. It's called doenjang jigae. It's a Korean soybean paste soup, and it tastes absolutely delicious. I make this at least once a week. Like I need it in my system
every like four days. So first you're gonna
wanna get a small onion. I'm honestly just gonna use half. And then I'm just gonna kind of dice them.

I think that's what it's called, but you just make it into
like kinda chunky sections. You don't need to make it too thin. When I was in college, I would
put like the whole onion in, like a full large onion, and then it would just
be like an onion soup, so you don't want that. The onions are just like a side thing, they're not like the
star of the show at all. So I feel like the water's almost ready. You're gonna get a pot, and you're gonna grab
some dried anchovies. I just got this at the Korean mart. But I'll just say like 10 anchovies. Like this is good enough. So now I'm gonna put it on the stove, and we're gonna add some hot water. I'm just gonna eyeball it. It's really hard to say
how many cups this is. I'm just gonna let it boil. As it's boiling, I'm gonna
add some minced garlic. So I'm gonna get like
a big spoonful of that, and I'm gonna put it in the soup.

I'm going to peel one large potato. So now I'm just gonna chop the potato, and kind of dice it into chunky bits. And now we've got a zucchini. I took off the edges, and now I'm going to kind of quarter them. I like to make my zucchini
slices pretty thin. If you don't like zucchini, you can put like other vegetables in, like you could put
broccoli, you could put, trying to think. Zucchini is like the main one, guys. So now we're gonna prepare the soft tofu. There's a lot of moisture in here, you're gonna wanna drain that out. I like to get the soft tofu, but feel free to get the
medium, the medium firm. I just like the texture of the soft tofu, because I don't need to use
my teeth when I chew it.

It's just like a nice mash. And let's also put this in a bowl, because then I kinda feel
like I'm on a cooking show. If you don't like spicy things, please do not add this,
but I am chopping in a serrano pepper, and I'm
gonna just start chopping it. So now I have four stalks of green onions. Cut them very finely, so
this is gonna go in the soup, and also it's gonna be
a garnish for the top. She is boiling. This is the key ingredient to this soup. So I'm gonna add like a spoonful of this. And I'm gonna just let
it dissolve in here. And I kinda help it, you know, I kinda break it around with my spoon. We're creating a nice like
base for all the stuff we're about to put in.

So now I'm gonna let it boil for another like five minutes or so. So now that it's finished boiling, I'm gonna personally fish
out all the little anchovies, with my chopstick, and honestly, this is not the most
efficient thing to do, but I can't use my strainer, because I don't wanna fish out the garlic. Okay, so once you've
removed all the anchovies, add the small onion, whoop,
and now I'm gonna add like half of these potatoes. Oh my god, I'm always so
scared to do this part, 'cause I don't want it to splash on me.

pexels photo 6546024

I'm actually only gonna
add half of these potatoes, because I realize that I cooked
this in a very small pot. (slurping) It's hot. Ah it's good though, seasoning's perfect. So the onions are looking
nice and translucenty. The potatoes need a little bit more work, but it's okay, 'cause it's
still gonna be on the fire. Okay, so now it's time
to add the zucchini. I'm gonna just plop it all in. Ooh, I chopped a lot of zucchini, okay this is gonna be a zucchini soup. I'm gonna put in my serrano peppers. And hopefully that spices things up here.

Am I even gonna have room for the tofu? Ooh yes, okay, the potatoes
are definitely soft, and I think it's time to
add the soft tofu now. Let's see how much of this I
can realistically shove in. Ha, just stop being afraid, just freakin' put it in, it's fine. Okay, can we put all the tofu in? And okay, fuck it, I'm just
gonna put all of it in. And now we cover this. Oh my gosh, okay this looks ready, man. Now that it's almost finished cooking, we're gonna add the green onions.

I'm gonna put the heat down,
and it's ready to serve. Oh my gosh, this is exactly what I wanted. I served it with a
little bit of brown rice. (slurping) Mm, mm, that is so tasty. This literally tastes like a hug to me. She likes to watch me from that. Ta-da. So it's dinner time, and I'll be cooking, yup, you guessed it, another Korean dish. This is called dak galbi, and it's essentially like
a spicy grilled chicken, and it's so freaking good, I
always order it at restaurants. But I thought, you know,
maybe I can cook this at home. And once I had that epiphany, I started to, and it's pretty bomb.

So let's get started. So here I have two
organic chicken breasts, and I'm gonna start cutting it into little bite sized pieces. So now I'm gonna get some butter lettuce, you can use romaine lettuce,
but they're actually having like a recall right now,
so I couldn't get that. So I got the butter lettuce, and I'm gonna use this for my wraps. I'm gonna put this in the Salad Spinner, and then clean that. And I'm actually gonna be mincing the garlic myself this time, 'cause I want it to taste really good. Cut this as fine as I can,
without chopping my fingers off. So now I'm gonna get a bowl,
and I'm gonna put it inside. And this is where we're
gonna start marinating stuff. So now we're gonna get a
tablespoon of soy sauce, two tablespoons of rice vinegar.

To add some spice, we're gonna
get some hot pepper powder, and I'm gonna use a tablespoon of that. But if you like it real
spicy, you can add two. But your girl gets heartburn now, so even though she likes the spice, I have to kind of like
mellow it out, you know. And honestly, this is the
ingredient of the hour. This is the gochujang, which is red pepper paste, and honestly, this makes anything taste really good. We need three tablespoons of this. And now I'm gonna grab some pepper, and add it into this mixture. Give it a good mix. All right, so now it's like
one paste, that looks good. Add this chicken. So now I'm just gonna
mix this all together to make sure that all of the little pieces are coated evenly. So I've just transferred the contents into another Tupperware bowl, and now I'm gonna marinate
this for at least 20 minutes. I mean, the longer you marinate it, the better it'll taste,
because all the stuff will start like seeping into the chicken, but yeah, like a minimum
of like 20 minutes is good.

All right, in you get, goodbye. I forgot one critical ingredient. I forgot the onion, this is the onion that we used earlier today. But I was supposed to slice it and put it inside the marinade. We're gonna put it in as
we cook it on the pan. There's gotta be green onions in here. Honestly, I could put
green onions in anything. I wanna try to make a
green onion soup, actually. And then lets chop the rest of this onion. I mean it should be
marinating in the sauce, but it's okay, what can you do. All right, it has been 30 minutes later, the chicken is now marinated. I'm gonna get some oil, ooh. I'm gonna fry everything on this wok. By the way, shout out to
Emily, she got me this wok for my birthday, it's
genuinely one of the best gifts I've ever gotten,
because it can cook, man, and it's non-stick, it's amazing.

It's from Sur La Table. Okay, so I think the onions are ready, and now I'm gonna just pour
all this chicken in here. Ahh. (chicken sizzling) I like pepper. Mm, it's ready. How many wraps do I want? You can be very generous with the wraps, I'm gonna put four for
now, just for presentation. Can you hear me? Okay, I'm gonna put the
chicken into this bowl. You cannot forget the green onions, unless you hate green onions, of course. But I'm very generous with the topping. And also it just adds
a nice splash of color. I like to eat it with some brown rice.

First I'll get some
lettuce, and then I'll make a little bed of brown rice. I'm gonna just top it off
with a little chicken. And then you wrap it up, and
you shove it in your mouth. Mm, wow. (mellow music).

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