Weight-Loss Tips From 2 Women Who Lost 240 Pounds Between Them (+ Kept The Weight Off!)

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Hi Rach, I'm Adrienne from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. So, about six years ago, I lost 90 pounds, and I've kept it off ever since. So some of the tips and tricks I wanna go through when it comes to photos that you can really see changes in your face and your neck and your stomach and your legs and your butt from week to week or month to month. So, the first one that I always did was just a straight-on, lookin' at the camera. Stand up nice and straight, keep your spine tall. Turn around, and you're gonna get in the same position, that way you're getting the front and the back. I also would like to do the side view, because, personally, I carried a lot of my weight in my belly, and that was where I really saw some big differences. Hi, Rachael, my name is Jayme and I am from Middletown, Pennsylvania. I have lost 150 pounds. Having an accountability group has been so crucial to my fitness journey.

We hold each other accountable, we call each other out. I mean, nobody wants to be called out, and I find that's such a great thing to have is to have that support and that accountability and, you know, continue to have it day after day after day. Okay, so I know that you already talked about hydrating earlier on, so my tip is similar in hydration, but more focusing on keepin' track of it. So, I did a really terrible job of drinking water when I was tryin' to lose weight. I never drank enough and I couldn't keep track of how much I was drinking, so I actually invested in using hair ties and a water bottle to keep track of every eight ounces I was having, to make sure I was gonna hit my goal. Not a huge investment, hair ties and a waterbottle, by the way. Not at all.
That's affordable. Not at all. So how does this system work? Every eight ounces that I would drink, I would roll another one down, so — Oh, I get it! Yeah, and then by the end of the day, I would hopefully have gotten to my full eight, I get it! And then, you know, when I get to the gym, I've got a water bottle and some hair ties.

Alright, so my tip, I'm a very visual person, so, for me, if I don't see the progress on the scale, I get very discouraged. So what I started doing was to keeping my pants. So when I had my biggest at 24, they were tight, but then as I would lose the increments, I kept the different milestones. Wow. And so like, as you see — So can I hold these up? Yeah sure, go ahead. This was her old pants. Those are my old pants, size 24W. And then, as we go down the different milestones, Wow, and this is — And you can really see just how small. Look at that change. It's unbelievable. Look at that. (audience clapping) So I am the kind of person that I really like lists and I like to cross things off, and give myself like stickers,
Oh me too, I'm a Virgo.

And I did good and I did my thing for the day. So, when I was trying to lose weight, I needed a plan and I needed it kinda weekly to keep me really on-track, and I would put in all the exercise I wanted to do, and I would put in my water goals and my food goals, and I had it up on a wall in my apartment and when I would hit my goal, and I would just take a little sticker and I would put it on my exercise. Aw, like you're in school! Yeah! You got the stars! It was my like, I did this. This is like a roadmap to weight loss, that's what I'm seeing
Yeah it really is.

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You've gotta have organizational skills, you've got to have a plan. You can't just get up and be like, I'm gonna lose weight and it's gonna just happen! This is how it happens. Yeah. Yeah. Really good, and I love the stars. (audience clapping) You get all of your stars, all the way down, and at the end of the week I would know that I had a good week and I could be proud of it
Awesome tip. That's great. Oh this is why we had all the dollars. Money! Okay, so how does this work?
Okay. So we are calling this Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. (Rachael laughs) So, for me, I would always use the word diet, and I hated the word diet because it would always set me up for failure. Right. And it would also give me unrealistic expectations. Right. So, I found that when I changed the word from diet to lifestyle change, it really helped change my thinking. Right. Just change your mindset. Exactly, exactly. So, I started developing almost like, it's called the Sweat Stash, almost like, you think about it like the Swear Jar.

The Swear Jar, that's what I was thinking. So every time you say the wrong word, diet, or I was negative about myself, I would put some cash in. You'd have to put money in the jar! Yeah, absolutely. And so when I felt like, yeah,
(audience clapping) so when I needed more motivation, I would put more money in. So what I would do then with the money, is that I would take that and I would apply it to challenging obstacle races such as the Spartan Race, or I would sign up for marathons. It would hold me accountable. So. Amazing!
(audience clapping) I was so interested in what she was gonna do with the money. The Sweat Stash.

Yeah. The Sweat Stash. I love that.
Yeah. And then she invests back in things that will continue to motivate her. Yes. So clever, so clever. So we wanna help our audience get motivated as well, not that their tips didn't go a long way to doing that already. Everyone is going home with a MaxiClimber. You can get a full body workout with cardio and muscle toning all in one step right at home. It's very cool. Look, and it doesn't take up much space either. (audience clapping) It doesn't take up a lot of space, does it? Thank you Adrienne and Jayme, again. (audience clapping) (twinkling sound).

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