“Walking” A Great Exercise for Weight Loss & Fitness, If You Know These Secrets!

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Bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapist on the Internet [Music] hi folks I'm Bob Hope is achill therapist that antique physical therapy the most famous physical therapist on the internet help in and of course Bob walking in quotes a great exercise for weight loss and fitness if you know these secrets right Bob it's springtime right now and it's been a tough winter an awful winter and people are thinking about getting out and walking and you know this is particularly going to be helpful for someone who hasn't walked as an exercise and wants to get into it or someone who has anyone who could pick up ideas give you a few hints by the way if you're new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to us we provide videos I stay a healthy fit pain free and we want to make you a better you you're also going to want to join us on our social media channels especially like if you go to Bob and Brad our website because we're always doing a giveaway this right now we're giving away the East Hills Fitness roller and it's actually a three and one it's they call for one cuz the case right but you get a roller and inside the roller it actually has a rolling stick and a like a massage ball and these are all for rolling your muscles like the six-inch foam roller but this is a real nice combination so you can do it from all this is really a good deal I mean the price is like 25 bucks and the shipping is a couple bucks but I mean it's really well made I really like it I think it's a great deal it is so there you go so Bob walking walking walking you know people after cardiac surgery often times one of the main exercises is walking my mother used to walk and I couldn't ever not even keep up with her she was sure yeah she was about 60 years old and I was what 40 or no people that I'd actually literally have to run so walking can be an aerobic exercise it's not so hard on your joints like running and it gives you a chance to relax but what you just did a study I mean you had a video Brad on how if you walk for an hour and a half it actually decreases your rumination and stress levels and depression right and actually that was related to where you walk to right right you have to walk in nature for that right all right but you know if you don't live near a nature forever any walking is going to be be good as far as weight loss walking can be real beneficial as well but if you don't change your diet and you just walk you might lose some weight but if you really want to get after it you need to work them together now weight loss really occurs at the table and muscle building occurs in the gym right and or out out walks I'm walking right so the first thing if you want to start a walking program is you know plan on at least three times a week but probably five days a week and then when you plan your walk can be really critical particularly with the weight loss so one idea is if you walk right after you get done eating because I don't know about you but when I get done eating oftentimes I kind of have it in cipher Suites yeah something a little sweet just to top it off you know what's a few chocolate which leads into another are chocolate chip cookie you'll one two three four it once it starts spiraling it oh my gosh yeah then just sit down and watch TV and you feel kinda like that for so after you get done eating put the dishes away head right outside and get your walk in I'm gonna make a suggestion Brad if you if you haven't ever walked before and you're just starting this some of the best ways to start something is to really really start small right and say I'm gonna walk I'm seriously bread I'm gonna walk for one minute today okay and if you get out then you go a little more than a minute but I'm gonna walk for at least one minute right and and you know do that five to five days a week maybe do it three days a week the first time sure but you know start getting you into that habit and then eventually you can say maybe I'm gonna go up to five minutes not right but but keep it at a manageable level that you won't go oh I'm gonna make it an hour today you know right you go you do the long walk you end up with sore feet you got a hip problem because they've overdone too much too soon so that's a really good point and and once you establish that you can either use time or a distance you might say the end of the block and back and then maybe go two blocks and back but you don't want to progress too much too fast they say ten to twenty percent per week let's say you're already in shape a little bit and you walk a mile right usually takes 15-20 minutes for the average person then next week you'll go maybe a mile and a quarter more than that and then so you're not gonna progress one mile to three miles even allows the body to adapt I mean if you again we're not a walker you want to make sure that you're not going to develop shin splints and and plantar fasciitis right your former motorized ability now if you're watching this and you're 20 years old you could probably speed through this quite a bit faster if you're 50 years old 60 or 70 years old then you want to pay close attention to this and and follow this as far as how fast you're gonna walk you're gonna start out at a comfortable pace don't worry about setting records or trying to get to the end of the block and back and timing it just do it to me again it's always a lot establishing a habit here sure so that you know don't worry about the quality like I said or the speed but you want to probably I personally think you should do at the same time every day sure so that way it starts to become a habit like brushing your teeth or combing your hair if you change it up all the time you sometimes gonna do it sometimes you're not gonna do it and you have to kind of know yourself right some people are morning people and some people by the time they get home at night they're too tired right so they may not do with that right sometimes you just gotta force yourself yeah and then when you get done you say boy I feel a lot better 9:00 I've had that happen many times but they have a partner too they'll keep you on on track yep I'm gonna meet you at the corner at this time and if you're not there you won't do that to your arm my wife shared she walks with somebody and if she goes I'm coming down to get you my wife says she does he goes I'll be at your house in five minutes no I know what I'll be there oh yeah keep each other in check yep II be honest so if you want to have some cardiovascular benefits to get your heart and lungs better then you're going to have to after you've been walking for a while you feel like you're in shape then you pick up the speed you need to walk so that your heart rate elevated you're feeling like you're you're pushing that walking speed you know obviously want to stay safe and up on your upright but that's a good you know that's a good thing you should be able to talk to someone next to you comfortably without losing your breath right if you cannot do that then you might be pushing it too much Footwear you've talked about shin splints foot pain knee pain hip pain oh those can be contributed by improper Footwear and that can sideline you I mean it can be started off and you're like oh it's going great and a lot of my family members my sister she got some plantar fasciitis and she had to stop walking I mean it's just so get the right Footwear we've done a video yeah we've got a real nice video I actually brought in the three different types of shoes there are you know whether it's a cushion shoe for a pronator for if you're flat-footed and how that relates to what kind of shoes you're gonna buy at the store cuz sometimes sales people are not aware of this right so it's a good educational thing it's if you google Bob and Brad how to choose proper running and walking shoes we've got a nice video we've got the shoes and we go through it step by step and you'll get you well introduced into what kind of shoes you may need to buy very important yeah and even for if you have like knee pain a little more of a cushion shoe is gonna take some of the stress off there right exactly now if you've been walking for all you started this program it's a month or two into it you maybe you're up to three miles and you just don't have time to walk any further and you don't want to but you want to increase the intensity somehow you know then you can if you want to be more aggressive you can get some hand dumbbells like this I would start out with probably one pound or I had a prize how it enhances over it multiplies yeah you're gonna get the shoulders the upper body is all gonna get a good workout you after about a half mile of walking with these and I doesn't do it before you gonna say wow all right I'm glad I didn't get the next weight up I'm a good posture when you're doing this right because it wants to pull you over a little bit so make sure you're really working on your posture which brings me to the next point if you do want to get the upper body worked out more and something to help with your posture get some walking sticks and you know that helps you from you know the taller ones don't get them down here right now let's stick like this – boy yeah stick is nice and tall you're not gonna hand up in here but usually when hands are like this you're gonna be just above your elbow level level and that tends to bring you up and then the way to the stick and you know you just get your your rhythm I'm over here you go Brad don't worry and you know you'll get that down pat pretty quick you know what's nice about having the the booyah stick dough Brad with you is that if you know someone comes to attack you sure not rad well help I take care of them I never I know one of these days is gonna hit me I'll never I'll never strike you with the blue stick but yeah I mean there is that alternative so yeah use the walking stick so you were mentioned how you it gives you an arm workout alright and if you're walking in an uneven ground it's gonna help then it helps with your balance especially if you're in the woods are you going up and down some hills is where it really having those sticks really is if you're having any pain or foot pain yeah you want to avoid those on levels uneven surfaces Owen Hills right and you definitely want to go flat surfaces until that calms down yeah precise so that's definitely for the veteran the person who's really got some experience and feels comfortable so get out there walk there you go enjoy the life [Music] you

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