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one of the foods that people missed most
often on the keto diet is bread and that's because before a low-carb diet
you were just used to going to the store picking up a loaf of bread or a sack of
rolls and now it's harder to do that although there are companies that are
coming out with commercially ready-made keto breads the jury's still out on
whether those are actually good for us because they do contain gluten and wheat
protein so I like to do a morel Whole Foods approach to keto occasionally I do
have some processed keto foods but the majority of my foods I like to make on
my own so today I'm going to show you an easy keto recipe that you can make for
bread rolls let's get started if you have a good keto bread roll
recipe you can pretty much do anything so you could have it just as a side dish
accompanying like your steak or meatloaf or a soup you can turn it into
sandwiches you can now have sandwiches you can make french dip sandwiches with
a good keto roll there's so many recipes that you can make if you know how to
make a good keto roll and I'm going to show you how to make an easy one that's
also delicious and fluffy on the inside before you get started don't forget to
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I like to do a mixture of recipe videos along with some keto diet tricks this
recipe for keto rolls only has around 5 main ingredients in it there are some
other things in there for leavening and some salts I'm not really counting those
but it's very very easy to make and you probably already have these ingredients
in your pantry in your fridge you want to start by adding 3 cups of shredded
mozzarella cheese and 4 ounces of cream cheese to a bowl we're gonna microwave
this at around 60 second intervals until it's melted the cheese is there to
provide structure and support in your bread recipe you'll see it and a lot of
Fathead dough's or like pastry dough's that have mozzarella cheese in it it's
really there just to replace the gluten so it provides that stretch and that's
that structure and support now comes the really easy part I'm gonna add all of
the rest of my ingredients to a food processor and we're gonna mix this
together using the food processor if you don't have a food processor you can use
a blender like a high-powered blender you could use a hand mixer or you can
just scoop them together with your hands or just a large spoon it's gonna take
you longer the food processor trust me is so easy you should really invest in
one and I'll have link down below my favorite food processor
in the food processor we're gonna add our melted cheese two eggs two and a quarter cups of almond flour
1/4 cup of coconut flour and I always like to use a combination of coconut
flour and almond flour in my recipes just because I feel like the combo is
the closest thing to all-purpose flour you'll also need a 1 teaspoon of baking
soda 1/2 a teaspoon of baking powder 1/2 a teaspoon of salt and then to give it
that flavor that closely matches bread we're gonna be adding a special
ingredient and you have two options here you can either add a quarter cup of
buttermilk or you can add a quarter cup of yogurt now I know a lot of people say
well buttermilk snot keto it's higher in carbohydrates but hear me out so 1 cup
of buttermilk has 14 grams of carbs we're only using 1/4 cup of buttermilk
in this recipe so that means around like 5 and 1/2 carbs for the entire thing so
you're probably not gonna eat all 6 12 rolls however many you make in one
sitting so there's it's not I mean that's it's over the entire recipe so
it's not really increasing the carb factor there but if you really don't
want to use buttermilk you can use a keto approved yogurt so a Greek yogurt
just make sure it's lower in carbs or my favorite which is from peak yogurt this
is made from pasture raised cows it's 17 percent milk fat in it
it's creamy delicious and let's see for the actually for this entire container
it is 12 carbs so we're only gonna be using like a quarter cup of this so it
really is minimal and how how much carbs are getting from from using
over then we're gonna pull everything
together until our dough is combined and you see that dough ball rolling around
in your food processor now our bread dough is ready we can
portion this out into little individual sized balls the size that you choose for
your bread rolls really depends on what you're making so if you're going for a
hamburger bread roll then you probably want to make it larger if you're just
wanting a dinner roll then it would be smaller but I recommend having your
fingertips wet like moistened with some water or moisten them with a little bit
of olive oil it just makes it easier to handle the dough so it's not sticking to
your fingers and then we're gonna bake them in the oven at 400 degrees for 13
minutes now our keto bread rolls are done you
can take them from the oven they're nice and hot and fresh this way just spread a
little bit of butter on it and delicious now you can see it's really not that
hard to make Kido bread it's something that you can make up for dinner just
right away as your meat is cooking or just meal prep it on Sundays don't
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