The MOST AMAZING Deep Dish Keto Pizza you will EVER have!

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i just made a pizza that's a deep dish 
chicago style pizza and let me just tell you   it's the most amazing thing i've ever 
had in my life you guys have to make this so all right in all seriousness though this is 
probably the best keto pizza i've ever had before   in my life so i'm excited to share this recipe 
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i've made keto pizzas for you guys before in the   past and you love them especially my basic keto 
fat head dough pizza which i'll have linked up   here for you guys just click up here if you want 
to watch that video or i'll have the full recipe   list listed down below in the description box 
plus i have a bunch of other keto pizza variations   like a breakfast pizza and a pulled pork pizza so 
definitely make sure you check those out but this   is more of a chicago style deep dish pizza and 
honestly this crust is phenomenal i was just kind   of thinking about okay how can i make a deep dish 
pizza let's let's throw this in there deep chicago   pizza uses like a cornmeal crust so we're going 
to use a lupine flour because that's kind of like   cornmeal to me that has the same look and texture 
and flavor as cornmeal does at least in my opinion   so i just kind of designed it all out and threw 
everything in there and i was super shocked at   how fabulous this pizza crust turned out so let's 
get started with the recipe to make this keto deep   dish pizza we're going to first start by adding 
one and a half cups of shredded mozzarella cheese   to a bowl we're going to microwave this at one 
minute intervals until everything is melted once   you get a melted mozzarella cheese that looks like 
this now we're ready to proceed now a quick note   if you didn't want to use a microwave because 
i know some of you guys don't like microwaves   you think they're the devil totally fine you 
can still melt your shredded mozzarella cheese   on a non-stick skillet on the stovetop super easy 
to do just put it in there turn the heat on and   it's going to slowly melt and just kind of stir 
it to get it going too so same product same melted   cheese consistency now to our food processor we're 
going to add in that melted mozzarella cheese   and then next comes our flour so i'm going to use 
a half of a cup of almond flour and then half a   cup of lupin flour so i mentioned that before i 
haven't really cooked too much with lupine flour   i know a lot of you guys have and rave about 
it to me like i said it has this like cornmeal   like consistency which is what chicago pizza a 
lot of those recipes have so i thought it would   be great to include in this pizza crust you'll 
also need one egg one teaspoon of baking powder   and then a half a teaspoon of salt give 
your mixture a good pulse and mix it until   everything is fully combined now if your dough 
doesn't look like it's fully combined then   you can just knead it on your surface just to help 
get that mozzarella cheese mixed in with the rest   of the ingredients you could even put it back in 
the microwave i've actually done that before i've   had to do it because i had to run go do something 
and when i came back my dough was really not very   moldable so i put it back in the microwave 
just to soften it up for around 30 seconds   now it's time to put our keto pizza crust into our 
pan so i'm going to be using a cast iron skillet   to bake this pizza in you could use a pizza pan 
or like a cake pan would probably work better   if you're trying to get that deep dish pizza 
effect but on my skillet i'm going to lay down   a little bit of melted baking grease this was 
just leftover baking grease because we had bacon   in the morning for breakfast but you could 
use avocado oil or olive oil if you wanted   to and then we're just going to press our 
dough down into this cast iron skillet   you want to make sure you move up against the 
edges just so that you do have like that nice   crust to lift out of and you do want to get it 
as thick as possible so this skillet that i'm   using i think it's around like a eight or ten inch 
skillet i didn't measure it i'm just kind of going   off of eyeballs but i'll have it down below in the 
description box on what the exact dimensions were   i would actually if you really love deep deep 
dish pizza probably go with a smaller skillet   like maybe a six inch skillet instead just so 
you really get that thick crust on the bottom now the beauty of this pizza is 
that we don't have to pre-bake it   and that was one of my criteria when i was trying 
to come up with this recipe is that i wanted it   to be as easy as possible for you guys i wanted 
to just put down the dough put down the toppings   and pop it in the oven and that's what we can 
do with this recipe it's fabulous so next we're   going to add in our toppings now when it comes 
to toppings we're doing the chicago style so   because it's a deep dish pizza and chicago 
style you have to it's so thick that you want   to make sure that your cheese doesn't burn on 
top so the way that the chicagoans chicagoans   chicagoans you guys will probably tell me what 
the name is down below so the way that they do   it is that they'll put a layer of cheese down at 
the bottom and then their meat on top and then   on top of that sauce that way the cheese gets 
nice and melty down below and doesn't burn on   top because you are going to be baking it 
for longer than a traditional pizza crust   before we continue with the rest of this delicious 
keto pizza recipe i do want to stop the video for   just a minute to take time to thank our sponsor 
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morning so thank you built bar for sponsoring   this video next we're going to pop this in 
the oven you can do a 325 to 350 degree oven   and then cook it for around 20-25 minutes you 
just want to cook it until the crust starts to   get golden brown along the edges and then we're 
going to finish it just to really get that that   cheese that is kind of on the surface a little bit 
we want to get it nice and like melted and bubbly   so just throw it on top of the broiler and then 
it will help to to melt that top layer of cheese   and that's it that is our easy keto deep 
dish chicago style pizza i highly highly   recommend you guys try this let me know down 
in the comments if you guys do because i want   to hear your thoughts on this don't forget to 
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i post new recipes we'll see you next time bye


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