THE BEST KETO COCKTAILS | Keto Margarita, Keto Strawberry Daiquiri, Keto Piña Colada

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there's something about having an umbrella 
in your drink and a flower in your hair it   just makes me feel like i'm on a tropical 
vacation on a beach somewhere and the sun's   out and it's gorgeous perfect weather and 
that's not the case today and this isn't   alcohol in here because it's only 10 a.m when 
i'm filming this it's just sparkling water but the weather is getting warmer outside and 
so i want to share with you guys my favorite   keto cocktails these are going to be blended 
cocktails and there's three of them that we're   going to make we're gonna make a keto strawberry 
daiquiri a keto margarita and a keto pina colada   and my goal is to go over all the macros with 
you guys we'll talk a little bit about keto   and alcohol and then i'm gonna also give you 
guys options on how you can make these aversion   drink virgin drink without any alcohol in it at 
all especially this is great for kids a lot of   times my kids will come up to me and be like hey 
can i have some that looks delicious and i'm like   sorry it has some rum in it um but i'm going to 
show you guys how to make a non-alcoholic version   so without further ado let's get on to our 
first cocktail which is the strawberry daiquiri   the strawberry daiquiri is one of 
my favorite blended tropical drinks   it's actually been a favorite of mine since i 
was a kid no i didn't have alcohol in it but the   traditional strawberry daiquiri has a lot of sugar 
in it especially if you're using the mix which   do not use we're gonna make these from scratch 
using fresh strawberries or you can use frozen   strawberries but we're mixing the sugar completely 
except for what's in a strawberry that's natural   sugar in a blender we're gonna add two cups of 
ice one cup of strawberries once again you can use   fresh strawberries or frozen strawberries and the 
alcohol that we're putting into our strawberry   daiquiri is rum so i have six ounces of white 
rum going in here now a little side note if you   love strawberry margaritas you could actually 
just use tequila in here instead of the rum   and then to give it that signature flavor which 
this is a surprising ingredient you might not   have known this is actually in a strawberry 
daiquiri we're going to add some lime juice   so this is two ounces of lime juice going in here 
and for our sweetener i'm going to be adding in a   quarter cup of a monk fruit blend sweetener you 
could use whatever sweetener you want allulose   straight erythritol whatever you have on hand dump 
that in there as long as it measures cut for cup   first with sugar then we blend this all together 
until the ice is completely crushed up and pureed   pour it into your drink glass garnish with either 
some strawberries or some limes and you're done   let's talk about the macros real quick 
for these keto strawberry daiquiris   i figure this whole pitcher makes 
around four cocktails so four servings   i'm not going to go over 
the fat and protein because   you know i'll have it down below in the recipe 
card if you guys want to look at the recipe on   my website but for the sake of this we're mostly 
interested in the carbs and the calories too so   one is strawberry daiquiri is gonna be 111 
calories the total carbs is 3.2 grams of total   carbs and the net carbs is 2.4 grams so pretty 
good especially if you just want to have like one   cocktail and you can sub out other fruit too if 
you wanted to make like a blackberry daiquiri or   raspberry would be good too you could do blueberry 
remember blueberries a little bit higher in carbs   but i also feel like the blueberry skin would not 
puree very well so that might be a little weird   and you'll get blueberry in your teeth but if 
you don't mind and you love blueberry then try it   before we move on to our next keto cocktail recipe 
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then it's sweetened with stevia electrolyte intake   is important on the keto diet since you're not 
consuming a lot of carbs and you don't have that   insulin response insulin is what kind of tells 
your body to reabsorb sodium so without that all   that sodium gets flushed out other electrolytes 
tend to follow too so this is just a way of   replenishing those electrolytes just to keep 
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free all you have to do is just pay for shipping   which in the us is five dollars and you'll get 
seven packets of elements electrolyte mix one   of each flavor i'll have information down below in 
the description box next keto cocktail that we're   gonna make is a margarita this is just gonna be a 
classic margarita pretty easy to do this is gonna   make two margaritas but you could double this to 
make a pitcher if you wanted four margaritas out   of it now margarita is not my go-to cocktail um to 
tell you the truth i got sick off of it when i was   like probably 21 a friend of mine we had like 
a sex in the city you remember that show with   uh sarah jessica parker we had a marathon and we 
made margaritas and i haven't been able to really   fully recover from that tequila madness 
and to this day like tequila just kind of   sends like this instant flashback of whenever i 
take a sip of it so i still like margaritas but   it's not something that i really reach for but i 
know a lot of you guys love margaritas so that's   why we're gonna make this so like all margarita 
recipes we're going to start by salting the rim   of our glass so just take a lime wedge cover the 
edge of the glass with that lime juice and then   dip it in your favorite margarita salt mixture 
so this is a blended margarita you can make this   on the rocks too if you want a margarita on the 
rocks but we're gonna start with two cups of ice   then add four ounces of tequila i'm using a white 
tequila you could use was it gold tequila if   you wanted i just like the white the white super 
smooth and then we're gonna add a half of a cup of   lime juice and for sweetener i'm adding two 
tablespoons of a monk fruit blend sweetener   now most margarita recipes call for triple 
sec which is a like citrus infused liqueur   which does have sugar in it from what i looked up 
so to get around that i'm just going to add in a   half a teaspoon of orange flavored extract if you 
don't have orange extract and you don't want to   invest in it don't want to find it don't can't 
find it another substitute is just get and like   an orange grade some of the orange peel in there 
so orange zest just like a couple teaspoons in   there and that should give you that same 
flavor once it's blended we pour it into   our margarita glasses you can garnish with an 
additional lime wedge and it's ready to drink   now for the macros on this once again i'm just 
going to go over the carbs and the calories   i feel like it's kind of hard to determine 
the macros on anything with lime juice   i use my fitness pal to figure out macros and 
when it comes to lime juice because i use just   kind of like the bottled concentrate lime juice 
because ain't nobody got time to to juice a bunch   of limes because that takes forever like half a 
lime gives you like a tablespoon of lime juice   so anyways it's really hard to determine how many 
carbs are in lime juice i look up the one on my   bottle it says zero carbs and i don't really 
know if that's true or not so i found one that   actually on my fitness pal did have carbs and some 
of the lime juice so if we're counting that which   i feel like they would have carbs in it but maybe 
they don't because maybe it's just a lime extract   anyway so if it's like real lime juice then 
the calories would be 145 calories 5.2 total   carbs and 5.2 net carbs now if you use like a 
concentrate or maybe it is just lime extract   then that was going to make a huge difference 
in fact it'd be zero carbs right because   alcohol doesn't have carbs in it nothing else has 
carbs in it so it'd be zero carbs so i'm kind of   confused on it let me know down in the comments 
what you guys think how you calculate carbs from   lime juice whether using the bottled one or 
fresh i just i don't have an accurate source   so that one's always been tricky for me up next 
let's talk about my favorite all-time umbrella   drink keto cocktail and that is the pina colada 
i love this one just because it just instantly   teleports me onto like a beach in the caribbean 
to make it at home it is so easy to make and it is   unbelievably delicious we're gonna start of course 
with two cups of ice i'm also going to add a half   of a can of coconut flavored lacroix now you can 
use whatever sparkling water you want to use if   you don't even want to add this in you could just 
add water in its place if you don't want to get   a sparkling water but i really like the flavor and 
just kind of like that little bit of bubbliness   this adds to this cocktail and we're going to add 
a half a cup of coconut milk to that this will   give it like that coconut flavor plus it gives us 
a little bit of fat too so it'll almost be like a   meal the alcohol that we're going to use is a 
white rum so we'll use six ounces of white rum and then for sweetness i'm going to add in a 
quarter cup of my monk fruit blend sweetener   typically a pina colada has pineapple in it and 
pineapple it's not keto sorry guys i know it's   sad because i love pineapple but it's filled 
with a lot of sugar so we're not going to be   adding in any pineapple or pineapple juice to 
this but we will add some pina colada extract   i'm just a huge fan of extracts um so we're 
adding in a teaspoon of pina colada extract   um you could also use pineapple extract here if 
you wanted you could completely omit this and it   would be more like a coconut like a rum flavored 
coconut blended drink which would be really good   blend this together until it's completely 
pureed and then pour it into your glass   i'm garnishing this with some pineapple slices   just so that people know that it is a 
pina colada but don't eat the pineapple now let's go over the macros on this pina colada 
and i will explain the fat macro since we do have   coconut milk in here now i figured this makes four 
pina coladas so for each pina colada it's going to   be 143 calories 4.5 grams of fat total carbs is 
0.4 grams and net carbs is 0.4 grams really good   macros and believe me this cocktail is delicious 
it's one that you definitely have to make   now i did mention that you guys could turn these 
into non-alcoholic cocktails if you wanted or a   mocktail as how it's called to do that it's super 
simple anywhere where you are adding alcohol into   this recipe you just replace it with water so 
instead of like four ounces of alcohol or six   ounces of alcohol just replace that with four 
ounces of water or six ounces of water now let's   briefly talk about alcohol and keto i've done a 
video about this before i'll have it linked up   here if you guys want to watch it alcohol certain 
types of alcohol is allowed on the keto diet   you really want to just have it in moderation 
though and just because it can slow weight loss   if weight loss is your goal and really alcohol 
is a poison so it's not good to consume it all   the time because it's very taxing on the liver 
can cause inflammation all that stuff now when   it comes to the body digesting alcohol if you're 
consuming it with foods or anything like that   other fatty things it's actually going to take 
priority in digesting the alcohol first since it   does see it as a toxin so it's going to be working 
on digesting that and anything else is just gonna   get stored immediately as fat so this is just 
something to keep in mind um kind of like why i   usually just kind of like to have a cocktail by 
itself without anything even though i know it's   really hard to do because alcohol and food kind of 
go together so i think alcohol is fine on the keto   diet as long as you're going with like low carb 
options like some keto cocktails a keto friendly   wine things like that but really don't consume 
it every night ideally just social occasions so these are just my three a favorite 
like tropical cocktails that are out   there i've made them into keto versions 
there's tons of other cocktails that   are keto friendly and maybe i'll do a 
video on those in the future including   one of my favorites which is the dirty martini 
which is like vodka vermeus and olive juice   lots of olive juice green olive juice so good so 
maybe i'll show you guys how to make that one day

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