The BEST EVER Keto Banana Nut Bread Recipe | NO BANANAS!!! | Sugar-free

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one of the fruits that I miss the most
on the keto diet is bananas I am a huge banana fan I love banana flavored ice
cream candies I love banana bread so that's why I decided to develop a recipe
for keto banana bread this is a banana nut bread and it's also packed with some
protein let's get started to make this keto banana bread I've teamed up with my
friends at Perfect Keto I'm going to be using their line of keto based whey
protein powders as a flour substitute in this recipe if you're interested in any
perfect keto product I'll have a special discount down below in the description
box but if you're watching this video anytime you can always save 15% off your
order of perfect keto items with my code KETOFOCUS15 a check out we're gonna
start by sifting together our dry ingredients so in a small bowl we're
gonna be adding one and a half cups of almond flour perfect keto whey protein
powder two teaspoons of baking powder one teaspoon of cinnamon
and a half a teaspoon of salt set that aside and we're gonna move on
to our wet ingredients in a large bowl we're going to combine two and a half
sticks of butter with 1/2 a cup of sweetener you can use whatever sweetener
you want I'm going to be using a blend of monk fruit and your gonna beat
this together until it's light and fluffy and then we're going to reserve
around a quarter cup of this sugary butter mixture to serve as our topping next you want to mix in 4 eggs 1/3 cup
of sour cream 1 tablespoon of banana extract slowly mix in our dry ingredients to the keto banana bread batter.

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Then we're going to add in a quarter cup
of finely chopped walnuts. Once your walnuts are combined, we're going to add
this into our loaf pans. I'm going to be using two small loaf pans. These are
around three inches by four inches long. You can use a large loaf pan if you want.
I just like the combination of the two because its portion control. Evenly
divided your keto banana bread batter into both these pans. Make sure you grease
them ahead of time or you can lay down a layer of parchment paper. Now going back to that sweetened butter
mixture that we reserved a little bit earlier. We're gonna add around a quarter
cup of chopped up walnuts to that and then spread it on top of our banana nut
bread. We're gonna pop this in the oven at 325
degrees and bake it for around 30 to 35 minutes you just want the banana bread
to be set and that's it it's super simple to make
and it tastes exactly like banana nut bread just without the bananas I hope
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