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POWER Popsicles Healthy Summer Recipes! – Mind Over Munch

Ugh. It’s too hot for coffee. Popsicles! Huh! My popsicle sense is tingling! Nooooooooooooooo! What the?!? Power Pop Girl?? Don’t eat that sugar-filled nonsense! Try… POWER POPS! My munchies! Hello…

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Healthy One-Pot Dinner Recipes! Pizza Pasta, Taco Quinoa, + BONUS Recipe! – Mind Over Munch

Are you tired of pasta steam burning your face? Too many dishes to wash after dinner? And your dinner STILL turns out soggy and lame? OH NO! Try One-Pot Pastas!…

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DIY Boba / Bubble Tea! Healthy Recipes – Mind Over Munch

Hmmmm… This can't be right! Hey, my munchies! I’m Alyssia if you are new, welcome! Today is a special day because I’m sharing BOBA recipes. I LOVE boba! If you’ve…

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Spaghetti Squash Boats – Easy Meal Prep Healthy Dinner Recipes! – Mind Over Munch

Mmmmm. I love spaghetti! But a serving size is… well… small. Who only eats THAT much spaghetti?! For almost the SAME amount of carbs and calories, we could eat an…

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Back To School Healthy Bento Box Lunches– No Bake/No Cook Recipes! – Mind Over Munch

Time to make my bento boxes! Broken?? Alright, I guess I could use the stove. No microwave AND no stove?! Hmmm… Ah, yes! The trusty oven! Looks like we’re gonna…

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Healthy $1 Lunch Recipes – Easy Budget Meals! – Mind Over Munch

Hey Munchie friends and welcome if you're new. We are continuing our budget meal series. You've seen one dollar dinners and breakfasts and today we are making my one dollar…

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1 INGREDIENT RECIPES! + free eBook! – Mind Over Munch

(upbeat music) – Hey, hey, hey, munchie pals it's Alyssia, and I'd love to welcome you if you're new. You all get excited for a lot of my videos, but…

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Healthy $1 Dinner Recipes – Easy Budget Meals! – Mind Over Munch

Hey munchers. Welcome back and welcome if you're new I'm Alyssia. About a month ago I shared a video for a campaign to help the American Foundation for Children with…

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Vegetable Packed Smoothies! Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes – Mind Over Munch!

(upbeat music) – Hey munchies, I'm Alyssia, welcome if you are new. You all want more smoothies, I get asked all the time But I don't love smoothies, especially regular…

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Low Carb Smoothies!! Keto Smoothie Recipes! #kickstart2019

(upbeat music) – Hey, Munchies, happy Monday. I'm Alyssia if you're new, and in case you haven't heard, I'm hosting new videos every weekday in January to kickstart your new…

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