Stuck on a Weight Loss Plateau? Try These Fitness Tips!

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This next question comes to us via Instagram what can you do if you're stuck at a weight no matter how much exercise you're doing? We always say change it up, keep your body guessing and that's all correct. I mean if you're doing slow steady stay cardio, sure throw in this HIT training, and you're gonna see your body influenced by that effect. But I will tell you nine times out of 10 it's food. People at this point when I talk to them, they're under nourishing themselves and your body, if it doesn't trust you meaning you're not gonna feed me, you're not gonna give me rest you're not gonna give me water? Well I'm not gonna drop the energy I need, and energy is stored as fat right? So it's gonna say screw you I'm not doing it.

So you think people are more likely to plateau if they're not adequately nourishing themselves? 100% and most of those times they're like, I don't get it Jen, I'm working out three, four, five times a week. I'm lifting, I'm working with a trainer. What's wrong with me? I go, there's nothing wrong with you, you're doing it all right. But you gotta feed yourself enough for that kind of workout. Plateauing in terms of weight loss. So many people get that, they set goals they want to get there but then they hit that plateau. I know it goes hand in hand with the exercise part of it you may hit a plateau but I think it's more what you're– But you've gotta reassess the numbers. So let's say I'm 200 pounds, and I lose 50 and my goal is 125.

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Well I'm not the same Jen, my body is different. I've gained muscle, my distribution of my tissue, the water, my metabolism. So maybe 150 is a perfect now, but I'm still telling myself it's not enough 'cause it's not the same number on the scale that I planned on, no way. Especially since muscle weighs more than fat. Well I'm 150 pounds right now. Yeah, maybe you're stronger but you've plateaued and you can't drop it because you're so much stronger. Yeah but muscle pays for the party, that how I can go get beers and pizza after this, it'll burn. You laugh I'm telling you. You really do have to reset the way you think about food, because you've gone from food being your poison in many ways to now your medicine.

In that way if you eat an extra 100 calories those are good 100 calories 'cause you're reteaching your body how to eat well. So if you eat an extra 100 or 200 calories and it's good food that's gonna help your body potentially move past this plateau..

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