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hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel today I am showing you three healthy 10-minute dinner recipes that
are delicious easy to make and of course quick perfect for lunch too
so let's go ahead and jump right in so the first recipe we are going to be
making is some cauliflower fried rice now this is a classic but I want to
include it because it's just so easy to do so I'm starting off with some avocado
oil and some garlic and a pan garlic is just a great main staple it's
antibacterial antifungal it's really great for your immune system so warming
that up and then I'm adding in the star of the show which is cauliflower rice
now you can buy cauliflower rice already rice or you can simply blend it in your
food processor then I'm adding in coconut aminos now you guys know coconut
aminos is a staple in my kitchen it's a healthier version of soy sauce and it's
really great for any kind of asian-inspired or any kind of stir-fry
recipes plus it's loaded with inositol which is great for your hormones as well
so I go ahead and I toss that together and then I add a bag in of frozen
veggies so this one has zucchini and peppers and a little bit of carrot and
green beans but you can choose whatever kind of frozen veggies that you'd like
throw together the cauliflower rice and saute it and then I'm adding in a little
bit more of coconut aminos you can just do it to taste but this is something you
can definitely get almost anywhere you can get at Trader Joe's my grocery store
has it I heard 5 marker all those places have
it and it's a great way to just make quick meals I'm adding in a couple eggs
into the center of it that we're gonna use for protein and I just kind of
quickly scramble them in it now I like this because eggs are super quick to
cook so we're not waiting you know 20 minutes for chicken or something eggs
cook super quick which makes it a good recipe for protein in a quick way you
can also add in any kind of leftover tofu or chicken that you have to just
make this a complete meal because without that it'll kind of just be just
veggies and you might be hungry in like an hour so by adding in the protein
helps to fill you up and then I'm garnishing it with a little bit of green
onion which is totally optional but I had it in my fridge and it adds some
nice freshness and flavor but any kind of herbs you have looks add a little pop
to it so I love this weeknight meal it's super easy to make and it also packs
well for lunches next up we're making these creamy pesto
doodles again avocado oil and garlic is kind of like my main way I start most of
my dinners just cuz garlic is so good for you and it's super affordable I'm
adding in some asparagus because asparagus is now coming into season in
the spring so it was on sale buying things that are in season is a great way
to stay on budget and be healthy and to enjoy a variety of different vegetables
throughout the year simply by buying what is going to be in season I'm adding
in some noodles these ones I did zuto myself
you can definitely buy them presume but it will be cheaper for you to just do it
on your own so I use two full zucchini then I'm adding in shrimp shrimp again
is a protein that cooks super quick three to four minutes and they're done
they just have to be pink throughout and they're gonna be done really quickly
then it to this I'm adding in some cashew cream cheese now I did buy this
one but I will leave my homemade recipe down below that you can definitely make
and keep in the fridge throughout the week but having little things like this
in your fridge ready to go for quick meals is one of my secrets to making
things that are delicious and tastes good just have them on hand and that way
like the coconut aminos the cashew cream cheese you could make delicious meals
simply by having these things on hand I'm adding in a little bit of pesto
again something I have on hand I combine that little bit of cream cheese that I
also use on my toast into this wonderful meal that I also use pesto and the pesto
can be used in so many things so like I said one of the things I really like is
just having these things on hand to build meals around so then I have my
veggies from the zucchini and I have my protein I have my healthy fats from the
cashews and we have a whole complete meal
that's delicious it takes less than 10 minutes to make and you can definitely
use another protein or if you have leftover chicken or another protein add
that in so a great thing to do there is just to customize it with your left over
protein and the last thing we're making our steak tacos which are so delicious
so I'm using some grass-fed steak something that is important when you are
buying me if you do want to get grass fed and grass finished I don't have it
too often definitely not every day but when I have beef and when you have beef
you definitely want to go for that adding in some healthy fats with some
avocado and some kale slaw on the top but again if you just have like the
tortilla shells and you're able to throw together
tacos you can do this with eggs tofu chicken a little bit of avocado for
healthy fats a sprinkle of greens on the top and there you go you have a taco
dinner that came together in honestly less than three minutes
I just assembled everything and you are good to go so it makes the perfect quick
meal so I hope you guys got some inspiration from my favorite quick meals
right now and don't forget to subscribe to see lots more healthy recipes because
I have got some great ones for you and I'm gonna leave my playlist with my
healthy dinner ones in the description so you can get lots more ideas I hope
you guys are all having a great day and I'll see you in my next video bye guys

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