Overcoming Eating Disorders, Laxatives & Drug Abuse for Weight Loss

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For years, Grace struggled with an eating disorder that included the abuse of laxatives and drugs. Now, with the support of her husband, Grace was able to drop 110 pounds with diet and exercise alone. Here is her transformative story. At my heaviest, I was 240 pounds. I always struggled with my weight. I remember being in high school and looking at all the girls and I always wanted to have the body that they had. I felt like I would just do anything to try to get skinny. I tried using laxatives. I would take up to 15, 20, 30 laxatives a night and I became bulimic. I'd asked a friend in high school, "Hey, like, "what is a drug that's gonna help me get skinny?" And I remember them saying meth and immediately, I was just like, "Okay, I'm gonna try it." For about two and a half years, I was basically taking it every single day.

I wouldn't get any sleep. I wasn't eating. I was just doing it for the results. I met Tommy in 2007. I remember two months in, I was gonna break up with him because I felt like he just deserved someone better. I said, "Well, I've been hiding something from you, "I was using meth to lose weight." I kind of thought that he would be like peace out, I'm leaving.

But, instead, he got really close to me and he said that he was gonna help me get out of it. Tommy and I got married in November 2013. On my wedding day, I weighed 235 pounds. I was tired of the quick fixes. I was tired of messing up my body and I just finally decided to just do it the right way. Gracie, come on out. (upbeat music) (audience applauding) So, what was the one thing that really clicked for you? Because I need to just mention to everyone, laxatives not only are incredibly dangerous, they are completely ineffective when it comes to weight loss.

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Obviously drugs, not the right way, but what was it that clicked for you? What really worked? Just eating healthy and exercising and my click moment was when I had to start driving about an hour away to stores and to the malls to go find plus size section and there weren't really the styles that I really liked and I wanted to be in little jean shorts and crop tops and they didn't really have my styles and I just wanted to just do it the correct way and just to keep it off finally.

[Dr. Travis Stork] And whatever it takes also, right? I think (audience applauding) the other part of your story that was notable is how you and Tommy stuck together through all of this and Tommy, I'm sure this journey has brought you two closer together. Oh, it definitely has. We do way more activities together. We cook together, we're having fun together. I'm just so proud of everything she's accomplished and I love her so much. (audience applauding) Well, you rocked it.
Thank you. Absolutely, best of luck..

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