Optimal Calorie Intake for Fat Loss – Fitness Tip # 1

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Hi guys, my name is Mindy and thank you for watching this video and welcome to my channel. As summer approaches a lot of us are interested in losing some weight so we can look good in that bikini when we go to the beach So, weight loss right? What is weight loss? Let's just first define the goal of weight loss. I don't know about everyone, but for me when I talk about weight loss I think about losing body fat not muscle weight. So in this video, when we define weight loss, our goal is to shed body fat, maintain muscle, or even gain muscle weight. Okay, and another thing that comes with weight loss that we may all know is as you lose weight your metabolism is gonna go down. So, another goal that in this video we want to cover is how to maximize your muscle and also maximize your metabolism while having weight loss, oh, fat loss is what I mean. Okay, so now we clarified our goals, So let's start. So, the number one step to figure out how to lose weight is calorie. So, unfortunately, to be able to lose weight, you do have to consume less calorie than you actually spend for energy in a day.

So, basically, let's say you burn 2000 calories Then you need to eat less than 2000 calories to shed some body fat. So, how do we find out how many calories we spend everyday? There are a couple of ways you can find out and there are a lot of formulas out on the web that you can find. One of the most popular ones is called the Harris Benedict equation.

So, basically, in this equation you need to know your weight, your height, your age, and your gender. There are formulas for men and formulas for women I will list the formulas up here All you need to do is plug in your age, your weight, and your height with the correct units. Then you will be able to get something called BMR. BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate, which basically means how many calories you burn while you are lying on your back in bed. I mean, sometimes we all wish we could, but I know most of us don't lie in bed all day. We all go to work. Some of us work out. Some of us have jobs that require us to walk more. You know? And so, because of that, after the BMR, you also need to, kinda take into consideration how active you are. There are activity factors listed right here So, if you workout more, or if you play more sports, you will have a higher activity factor. What you do to get your maintenance calorie is you multiply the BMR by the activity factor and so that becomes your maintenance calorie.

I would say this is a good way to start if you just want to get into a general ballpark. But, is this the best way? I would say no. The reason is that, you know, two people, they could have the same gender, they could have the same height, the same weight, same age, but they may have very different body compositions. Or, let's say even if they are both muscular, they may have different metabolism.

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They may have different body types. So it may be very different. One person with the same muscular composition and the same height and age may have very different calorie needs than the other So, one way we can actually skip the, you know, like playing, so you get the general calorie and then you can play around. One way to skip this step is you may need to do something at the beginning which is a little more work, but it really pays off in the long run is that before you start your weight loss journey or your fitness journey, you want to track your daily calorie intake and also your weight for at least, I would say a week, but I recommend you do it for two weeks. So you want to eat like you normally would, and the reason is that most of us, before we get on a fitness journey, a lot of us are actually very good at maintaining where we are.

So if you actually figure out how you normally eat and how many calories you take on average, for most of us it's pretty much our maintenance calorie So once you get that maintenance calorie, what you do is…So you can either go with step number one if you don't want to track for two weeks to track your daily food intake because when you do that you do need to be extremely accurate.

You need to track your coffee creamer. You have to measure your ketchup, because those things just add up. They can become 100, 200 calories. So, if you don't want to take the trouble and spend one or two weeks to accurately measure everything you eat or accurately weigh yourself every single day then you may just want to go with step number one. You know, more of a general ballpark. So, once you get the maintenance calorie what you want to do next is to create a calorie deficit to generate that fat burn, the fat loss. So here is the the thing that, for a lot of us, I understand, you know patience for a lot of us is not our virtue. We want to see results. We want to see the 10 pound weight loss on the scale. However, our bodies are not built that way our body are not feel that way You know, our body is not just a math equation I wish sometimes it was, but it's not. not inch so I'm seems have-we I'll go who are right him how fact and also I I no learn how to back is about thirty are carry you know Honda that a your entry you know how at all they have no by not accident her mesh so it so other one I'm not well of solid water down I'm so now oo ay Mac my alright minimize that of cash sorry that you watch cash he about money nasa calorie can him asshole and whose fast and Koch and because down we don't watch column 500 him we want to go with something more that so I'll just 100 count Howard range and he J that hey your %uh who is aware of y'all lighthouse ily so I Hari and foremost averaging 20 the personality current a usually don't so how do you how are you Outback I'm notice of notice actually no not hash harsh reaction firepower first hahaha Hari UK you can burned-out gallery I walking by clients for how p.m.

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