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[music] [music] Hi, I'm Christine Avanti,
celebrity nutritionist and chef and today I'm going to be
showing you how to make my 5-minute onion and
tomato scramble. It is protein powered,
it is good and it's easy. To make this simple, I'm
gonna break down the ingredients for you. We're gonna start with five
egg whites and one whole egg. I've got some diced tomato. These were organic. I bought them at the farmer's
market and my green onions. I've got some shredded low-fat
cheese and I'm gonna start out with putting a little bit of
olive oil in the pan, so a little extra
virgin olive oil. We love it, all right? So here we go. Just a little bit of olive oil. I do about 2 teaspoons of olive
oil, kind of move it around your pan.

Get that pan nice and coated and
oily and happy, ready to receive your delicious,
healthy breakfast. Some salt, just a little salt. Now, my husband's very specific
so we do eight shakes of salt. I already did three so
five, six, seven, eight. There you go. Eight shakes of salt. A little bit of
fresh cracked pepper. Wouldn't be the same without
fresh cracked pepper.

And I'm gonna start with just
putting my green onions in the pan and letting the flavors
of the green onions kind of permeate into my extra
virgin olive oil. I know it seems a little bit
kind of intricate, but it's not. It's really, really good
and easy and simple. Now, my heat is on like medium,
medium low, so you don't need to be going on fire with
this thing, okay? So you just want to
spread those onions out. Yum, they smell good. Kind of get the flavor
throughout the pan. Taking my eggs now, I think it's
ready for the eggs, pretty warm. I've obviously already cracked
these so I didn't have to put you through that drama. But really, this takes less
than 5 minutes, you guys. So go ahead and pour
those into the pan. They're happy little guys. They look good. Okay. And you want to keep
your egg whites happy.

You don't want to upset them by
burning them and singeing them and then you're eating brown,
yucky eggs in the morning. So you want to stay with this. You don't go check the
paper or check your e-mail. You stand here with this. It's only 5 minutes,
kids, a right? So I'm just kind of scraping
along the bottom as it cooks so that the eggs evenly cook. Super simple. All right, I'm giving a
little more fire there. It's kind of going slow. I gotta stick to my
word, it's 5 minutes. Okay, it's almost done. What I like about this is egg
whites have 3 grams of protein per egg white and then if you do
a whole egg, you get 7 grams of protein. So I love this protein source,
loaded with zinc, totally good for you, good fats.

I've got my olive oil. I've got one egg yolk in here. It's gonna keep you satisfied. All right, we're almost done. So now the eggs are almost
cooked and when they get just a little bit more cooked, I'm
gonna throw in my fresh organic tomatoes. And like I said, I bought those
tomatoes from the farmer's market, but if you grow your
own tomatoes, more power to ya. I wish I could grow
my own tomatoes. I don't have that much room
here at my house in L.A. Okay, almost done. And, you know, these people who
say, "Oh, I had two eggs for breakfast," oh, my goodness,
they're gonna be starving to death. So I really, you know, I use
quite a bit in here but it's only 22 grams of protein so– A lot of people who are into
body building, they want to eat more like 30 grams of protein,
but for us girls, I think about 25 grams in a meal
is more than enough.

Okay, now putting in my organic
farmer's market tomatoes. And honestly, I put in
probably about a 1/4 of a cup. Tomatoes are not
something to worry about. They're not high in sugar,
they're not high in calories, so you just put in the amount
that you like, okay? Just kind of mix those around. It's starting to look pretty. Okay, I'm gonna
turn the heat down.

We don't want burned eggs. I already mentioned that. All right, now a
little bit of cheese. I use about an ounce of cheese,
low-fat cheese, shredded cheese. Adds more protein, adds more
flavor and, you know, if you're making a breakfast that's just
plain egg whites with salt and pepper, I guess that's okay but
it has no flavor so what are you gonna make for your friends when
they come over for breakfast? You gotta make something
fancy and healthy. Oh, it smells good. Smells like breakfast. And then what I do, just to
top it off and be a little fancy–I'm gonna go ahead
and put this in my plate. I'm gonna have to move
this thing this way. Sorry, guys. My wrist doesn't–all right. So we've got our tomato
and onion scramble. Put that in the sink. To make it fancy, I'm gonna take
a piece of basil, okay, fresh basil leaf. I'm gonna roll it up
like a little cigar. And you can, okay, pretend like
you're smoking a basil cigar, just for fun, just to make
the morning more exciting.

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And you really want this puppy
rolled up and then you're gonna chiffonade which is this, just
simple little baby slices. You don't cut yourself
on the chef's knife and then look at
how cute is that. I'm gonna add some whole wheat
toast to this for a little bit of carbohydrate in my
breakfast and then it's done. I just spread the whole wheat
toast with some natural organic peanut butter and
we're good to go. A cup of green tea. Green tea is so
important, you guys. It has an antioxidant in it
called EGCG and it actually increases metabolic rate.

There's been plenty of studies
out there to prove that green tea actually boosts
metabolism so I'm a huge proponent of green tea. I make sure that my clients
drink 3 cups of green tea a day. When you add lemon to green
tea, it actually boosts the absorption of the
antioxidants in the green tea. So a little bit of lemon,
a little bit of green tea, you're good to go. You've got your proteins, our
carbs are in the toaster right now and we have a balanced meal.

In my book I teach–and in my
office, all my nutrition plans are based on what
I call a PC combo. It's a healthy carb
and a healthy protein. So the P being the healthy
protein, the C being the carb. And every time a client of mine
eats, I make them eat a PC combo because that stabilizes blood
sugar and it programs your body to burn fat and save muscle,
very, very important. So I'm also gonna add just a
little bit of berries to this meal just to pump up the fiber,
pump up the antioxidants. Strawberries are
super low in sugar. You guys, a pound of
strawberries is under 30 grams of carbohydrate. It's like nothing. So I kind of–I call this a free
food in my office and in my book I call it a free food. They're good for you so we've
got our whole wheat toast. We're good here. We're gonna get the
toast on to the plate. I've got some natural
organic peanut butter. I love this stuff. It's like candy to me. Maybe I'm crazy. I mean some people, new clients
especially, they're like, "Oh, organic peanut butter? That sounds terrible." And I'm thinking,
it's like candy.

It's my drug. I love it. I can't get enough of it. If I'm left alone with a jar of
organic peanut butter, well, I won't talk about
the results of that. Okay, so we've got the peanut
butter on one and I'm doing two pieces of toast to make
this a natural PC combo. This is a double fiber toast. I like these brands that a
coming out with double fiber. I love that. Great for digestion, great for
staying lean, great for reducing belly bloating.

Okay. And obviously, my natural
peanut butter is very oily. Okay, so. Don't–if you're gonna do one of
these meals, don't just make the eggs and not eat the toast and
don't just make the toast and not eat the eggs because if you
want to be fit and lean, you need to combine everything. This is how I lost 30 pounds
and it works, trust me. Okay, so we've got our toast. I guess it would be cute
if I would cut it, right? I'm a chef and I don't
even cut the toast. How bad is that? All right, here we go. A little toast. They're very happy and cute. You've got that, your PC
combo, got our green tea. We've got our strawberries for a
little bit more fiber, but not a lot of extra calories since
we already have our toast. This whole meal, 325 calories,
6 grams of fat and 22 grams of protein. Totally filling, you're gonna
stay filled up and feeling like completely energized for
about 4 hours after this meal.

So great way to go if you
want to get fit and lean. For more recipes like this,
check out bodybuilding.com. I'm Christine Avanti. Thanks for coming to my kitchen. CC by Aberdeen Captioning

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