New Weight Loss Pill for Obesity?

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A new weight loss solution is hitting the market and making headlines. The FDA recently approved Plenity. It's a gel capsule that, once swallowed, is said to absorb 100 times its weight in water forming this soft gel in the stomach that will reportedly bind and integrate with food, slowing its absorption. And of course also, that volume, as we know, can make you feel fuller. The FDA approved this for patients with a BMI of 25 to 40. And it is made of relatively natural things, cellulose, citric acid. And I guess you eat it 30 minutes before a meal. It's an interesting concept.
What do you think? I give it a thumbs up. Without knowing anything more about it.
Why are you hesitant? Listen.
I do not know the concept. Eat some fiber. No side effects.
Okay. You have to eat a heck of a lot of fiber. To do that? I mean, this thing, when you take this, it occupies a quarter of your stomach, meaning that it fills you up quickly. And it's referred to as a weight loss device, not a drug by the FDA.

I guess in the clinical trial the average weight loss was 6.5%. And the one thing I will say about this when I read about it that I found encouraging is a lot of weight loss solutions that involve procedures, they're permanent or semi-permanent. And without knowing more about this, you could theoretically try it. Let's just say you have a BMI in this range and your doctor, again your doctor says, "Let's try this." You could try it one time and hate it. And you could say, "Doc, I don't like this. "I don't wanna do it." As opposed to when you have a surgical procedure, which we've talked about balloon pumps, and many other types of things. Obviously complications, once it's there, it's not like you just take it out with no problem.

So, I like that this is not invasive. And I like it also because it is working on a theme that I know to be true and it's what I wrote my last book about. And that is how fiber can help you lose weight too. Because what does fiber do? It binds with water and food and it's not absorbed by the body. And so it helps you feel full and it prevents you from just absorbing all those calories in mass.

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And I think this is working along that theory and it makes sense. You like this combined with a balanced diet and exercise regiment? Absolutely! Look, if someone needs a jump start and this is a tool that can be used for a period of time to help with satiety for instance. And in addition, they're eating healthier foods, then it's a tool. It's not the solution, it's a tool helping to create a life long solution to be. Obesity's such a big problem. This is gonna make a solution available at a much smaller price too because some of the bariatric surgery procedures can be pricey.

So I like this option. Look, this is preliminary. We're not endorsing it. This is just the concept.
I was just gonna ask if you were gonna be the spokesperson. (audience laughing) Look, when I hear about things that make sense to me, I'm going to say so. When I hear about things that don't make sense, I'm gonna–
I'll pop one. You'll pop one.
I'll try. Drew's over here, "Call me." Call me. (murmurs).

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