My weight loss journey (Week 0)

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hi I'm Stuart my boss – Unwin is currently the temp of January 2016 and welcome to the star of my weight-loss journey well I sure introduction – to me 31 I'm from the United Kingdom in particular the city of Sheffield also referred to as the Steel City a massive film mahalik couple of my films especially science fiction and films based on true events I've got an eclectic taste of music open-minded when it comes to music love to have a game of pool or snooker and I do work for a living my job is an auditor in the automotive manufacturing sector so why have i decided to start this channel well I've been thinking about it for a good few months putting it off for quite a while and therefore sorry I decided to give it a chance and try a new method of losing weight I said I'm a point in my life where I have to do something drastic and I felt obviously by starting this YouTube channel documenting my weight loss program progress it would be a good kick up the backside kick up the bum for me a lot people who view my weekly progress or challenges of losing weight in some respects I feel obligated that obviously you guys want to see results so I see it is my way of pushing myself I want this or this this weight loss to be a safe and sustainable journey and it's not going to be a quick process they will find out later on in this video precisely how much I do way and I've not weighed myself for quite a while so what I think is gonna be a surprise to me and maybe you guys as well I am wanting to do this process of losing weight naturally I've got plenty of history of doing diets but only one of them in the past has been successful where I did actually lose a stone or equivalent of 50 kilograms or a hundred and twelve pounds in weight it took me two years I a hell of a grind but in my stupidity and I'm kicking myself right now I've regained all that weight plus a hell of a lot more and knowing that I've surpassed myself where I will start from last time they just putting me off from starting something the longer I'm keeping it from starting the new process the heavier I'm guessing and processes therefore it's also going to be much longer but I want it to be a sustainable weight loss I expect some relatively large amounts of weight loss to begin with to start the process and then I wanted to go to a sustainable 2 or 3 pounds per week which i think is a safe amount of weight to lose every week every Sunday I'm planning on posting a new video of my weight-loss journey hopefully obviously he will show that I've lost weight for that week but for those of you of got history of lose trying to lose weight or have lost weight you know that sometimes you just put the effort in and you just don't see the result that you're expecting I want to talk to you about the the challenges or the experience someone like myself sees or goes through on a day-to-day basis so obviously that's means from the losing weight I've got to think about two key areas reducing what I eat an increase in the amount of exercise one does every day now the exercise bit has always been the the problem for me obviously for those of you who are in a similar position to myself who do carry around a lot of weight and the exercise is a challenge it doesn't take long before you know you're breathing heavily or you're out of breath your muscles are aching but nevertheless obviously exercise and reducing your food intake his obviously the backbone of losing weight well according to the internet the doctors people should do 10,000 steps a day now my job obviously administrative base so my working week Monday to Friday I'm obviously mainly is sat behind the desk more than those times I'm actually conducting an audit so at the moment in time I don't hold much hopes that I get anywhere near 10,000 steps but for this next week to get a baseline of how many steps per day I actually do so I'm going to be using this pedometer help me track my daily steps I said I'm not hoping for much this first week as I understand a baseline these are my stats body measurements or I currently stand so this is the embarrassing part for me where you get to see exactly the body shape I am but this is me you my intention is that I'm going to take my body measurement readings every month because that could be a case I've probably lost weight or don't lose weight but I've potentially lost inches or centimeters from my waist or foot per arms or anything like this so that is the plan the dreaded part for me is the weigh-in you should also be able to see the weighing scales display unit as I'm getting weighed so this is so I weigh 245 point five kilograms that's a hell of a lot of weigh in that's 540 1.2 pounds or in my money 38 stone 9.2 pounds in weigh myself I've let myself go I know I know it though I say I've just been putting it off and putting it off and I've got to make a change because boy am I feeling this now carrying this amount of weight is hard work I would love interment long-term to be able to get down to 16 stone so that's equivalent of 101 kilograms or 220 224 pounds in weight so that means I've got to lose 143 kilograms 144 kilograms 317 Killick pounds 417 pounds or 22 stone in weight wow that's the other way to be a client is quite daunting if you put it into those figures 22 stone in weight I need to lose 22 stone in order to keep me motivated I'm gonna have to break that huge chunk weight down into smaller chunks to more achievable targets so what would be an achievable target how about 5 stone or 32 kilograms or 70 pounds in weight so nothing my first target what I'm gonna aim for not thinking about the big 22 stone yes that's what I wanted to get to but as an immediate first target achievable goal wish again I don't know how long it's going to take me to achieve to the loss of five stone but that's going to be my first target 5 star but what's also scary is if children forty five point five kilograms that means I have a body mass index of 71.7 a BMI of seventy one point seven oh dear me I say the BMI is a useful indicator so if you're a healthy weight for your height now according to the World Health Organization a normal range or a normal healthy range of weight is between eighteen point five and twenty four point nine and when you go overweight is when you go equal or greater than 25 but obviously well in the obese category and the World Health Organization states that obese class one is if you have a BMI of 30 to 34 point nine well I exceed that so so they say a B Class two is thirty five to thirty nine point nine I exceed that as well and finally the maximum classification that they seem to go up to is obese class three where is equal to or greater than forty three BMI now well I've smashed that that if I'm 71.7 and you're obese class three is 40 or greater well I've more than exceeded that target and to be honest is not a target which I'm pleased about breaking it's not one what would like to you think I'll pat on the back now what does this come what you know what does this mean having a BMI of not greater than the normal range especially my case of a one seventy one point seven means I've got a higher risk of the developing heart disease having a stroke developing cancer developing diabetes now I say all of these are scary thoughts and again I've been told all this obviously by by doctors in the past when I've gone for this normal checkup saying you know these this is what could happen here and I say for a long time I've just ignored it but still indeed down it's scary things you know it's a I wouldn't wish anyone to have or develop any of those illnesses but if in my case it's something that is preventable and therefore only thing what I need to do is reduce my eat and increase the amount of exercise I do easy well we'll see if you would like to hopefully see less of me why don't you subscribe to my channel okay I'll see you next Sunday

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