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So, how did I lose my weight? You want to know the secret, huh? Am I right? Hold on. I'll tell you. So, when I realized that I
had put on so much weight… I was very upset. I had to lose all that weight. But, how? So, what I did was, I
started looking around. And the knowledge that
I gathered back then… was to starve yourself. I mean, eat very little. So, I started eating really
small amounts of rice. Half an idli. I was following an extremely strict diet. I started dieting like that. Then… I started eating twice as
more as I normally wanted to. I started putting on weight even more. And the scary part was… I could not diet. This was the first time in my life,
where the situation was out of control. I could not control the situation. Thoughts about food were
attacking me throughout the day. If I'm trying to
concentrate on something… I'd suddenly think, 'Manju,
why don't you go eat that?' 'Manju, grandma made snacks. Go eat those.' Those thoughts were keeping me occupied. That was the first time in my life…

Where the situation
was not under my control. And I was putting on more weight. And I saw all these girls… Raveena Tandon… Shilpa Shetty… Karishma Kapoor… They had perfect bodies. How? How are they maintaining such great bodies? I just didn't know. And then, on top of that… My sister Bulli… She was a big fan of Raveena Tandon, okay? And she sticks tis poster in her room. I made really fun of her, you know. About sticking Raveena's poster and all.
But on the inside, I was so jealous.

How could my sister idolize
Raveena Tandon instead of me? That made me really upset. But, I made fun of her. Anyway, this one day, I was just
going through the Vogue Magazine. And I saw Cindy Crawford's picture. It was a picture in a bikini. It was the most perfect body. I looked at that picture and I was like… This is the kind of
body I should be having. And I wanted to have that body.

So then I cut that picture. I stuck it on my bedroom wall. Next to Mithoon Chakravarthy
and Kumar Dada's picture. Yes! I was a huge fan of
Mithoon and Kumar Dada. Anyway… So, I stuck this picture next to theirs. And my brothers, as usual, made fun of me. Made fun of that poster. But, what they didn't understand was… Mithoon and Kumar Dada's poster made sense. But why Cindy Crawford?
That also in a bikini. They didn't understand. But they still pulled my
leg and left the room.

Later, I just stood there
looking at that picture. I just looked at it and… just visualized my body like that. So, I had Cindy Crawford's
picture on my wall. Now, that's my secret. I know what you're thinking. 'Cindy Crawford's picture is your secret?!' Yes. Please! Just give me a minute.
I can explain, okay? So, when I stuck that picture on my wall…

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I started visualizing myself like that. Of having such a perfect body. I had a vision. A sense of clarity.
That's what I wanted. And… When I started visualizing… See, visualization can be
a very powerful process. It can be a very powerful technique. I'll make a whole video on this. 'How you can make a vision board…' 'Sticking pictures and
writing affirmations…' This is a really powerful practice. I'll make a full video on that, okay? So, when I started
visualizing myself like that… Your mind will tell your subconscious
mind that that's the kind of body you want. And when we put that out in the universe… Life sends it back to us. They say even a mother wouldn't
feed you unless you ask for it. So, you need to know what you want. That's when we can create it. That's when we can manifest it. Life will give it to you. So, visualization can be
a very powerful practice. We can all do with a great body.

With the perfect body. But, the sad truth is… Most of us are overweight. Why? 'Cause we're so busy, so overwhelmed. We don't have the time
to focus on our bodies. We don't even know what we want. When that's the case… How can we achieve anything? So, it is very important
to know what you want. You should have a
vision, a sense of clarity. That is the first step to
achieve anything in your life. Any dream is possible. But, you should know what you want. That's really important. With this clear vision and clarity… I figured out what I truly wanted. From there, I started working
really hard on my body. And lost all the weight. Got back to my original weight. And yeah, it was a process. I was just thinking, you know…

Now that I lost all that weight,
I should meet that friend again. Just to show off my new perfect body. But life doesn't work that way, does it? Anyway, it was a process
and it was not so easy. Yes! There is a lot more
to this weight loss journey… which I will be sharing
in the coming videos. Please hold on.
I told you it's a process, right? So just stick with me.
You'll get the entire story. Okay. This is all great. But before that, I have
some homework for you. Figure out what you want. What is your vision? What do you want? Like, what is the kind
of body that you want? That is your homework. What you have to do now is… If you're a boy, maybe
Mahesh or Hrithik Roshan…

If you're a girl, Katrina Kaif… You can cut out a nice picture.
It depends on the body type you want. Cut it out.
Put it on your wall. Under that, you could write,
'I have a perfect body.' By creating this, you get a clear vision. But, what I've realized
is that, sometimes… Instead of idolizing these
superstars and supermodels… it's a good idea for us to be practical. I'm more of a sporty girl. Later on, when I was
preparing the vision board… instead of taking supermodels… 'cause it becomes too
much pressure sometimes. Where are we?
Where do we want to be? If we aim for perfection… There will be too much
pressure and we could give up. So, be practical. Stick a very sporty picture. Something more practical. According to your height. Whatever the picture is,
make sure it's practical. Stick it on your wall. Create a nice vision board for your body. The kind of body you
want is really important.

Like I told you, if you
know what you want… You can achieve any dream. But the first step is to
know what you want. You're creating a vision
board and sharing it with me. Okay? That's a deal. I shared my vision with you, right?
Now it's your turn. Hope you like this video. If you do, please Like,
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