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Hello, I'm doing some meal prep, some cooking 
today and I thought I'll film it and show you guys   what I'm making it's all gonna be super yummy 
super easy and you should be able to put them   together without much fuss. I'll talk through the 
recipes as we make them together but I'll also put   some links in the description box if you would 
prefer to refer back to a written-out version.   Okay, let's jump straight into the first one 
this peach crumble pudding is actually a little   one from my new PCOS kitchen ebook. This one is 
great for a grab and go breakfast a quick snack   or an after-dinner treat and it will keep in 
the fridge for a few days but if you're going   to keep it in the fridge for longer than two days 
I would recommend separating out the bran cereal. I'm making two servings here but if you 
want to make one you'll need half a cup   of tinned peaches which you can mash with 
the back of a fork then to the peaches we're   going to be adding in a quarter cup of plain 
greek yogurt two tablespoons of chia seeds   and some vanilla extract and stirring it well.

I've had this one for breakfast for the last   couple of days and I've been really 
enjoying it so I made a couple more. Now I'm going to pour half the mixture 
into the bowls and then I'm going to top   with some bran cereal you can just use 
something like Kellogg's All-Bran then   I'm gonna finish topping it off with the extra 
chia seed mixture and I'm gonna place some more   peach slices and some fresh mint on top. If 
it's warm where you are right now this is   gonna be such a good go-to breakfast 
as well. Easy, sweet and refreshing. I'm just doing a little meal prep today 
because we're still in lockdown so i'm   just putting together four things.

The next one 
I'm putting together is a roast vegetable tray. I feel like you can never have enough of 
these all-purpose side dishes so these   caramelized veggies hold up really really well for 
reheating which is perfect for today's meal prep   and you can match them with heaps of 
different things just depending on   what you feel like. The vegetables that 
I'm using today is one medium zucchini,   five of these spud light baby potatoes, one red 
capsicum or bell pepper, one yellow capsicum,   half a red onion and I'm just gonna chop them up 
into pieces and loosely throw them onto a tray.   I'm using two trays and I'm gonna be baking 
it at 180 degrees celsius which is around   350 Fahrenheit.

I'm topping it off with 
a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil   some salt and some Italian herb seasoning. 
Make sure you leave the space in between. Now I've just pulled them back out after 20 
minutes and what I'm gonna do is put in some   cherry tomatoes. I'm using a whole punnet for 
both trays and you can either use fresh garlic if   you like but I had some garlic paste left in the 
fridge so I'm just gonna put some garlic paste on   stir it around and put it back in the oven for 
another 20 minutes at the same temperature. I'm not a huge huge fan of raw tomato but   baked cherry tomatoes like this I absolutely 
love and I feel like this dish would go so   well if you paired it with a protein and like 
some feta or something on the side, delicious. All week I have been so excited about sharing this 
recipe with you it's my protein macadamia slice   it's like a dessert level snack.

I'm actually 
making it because we got a zoom birthday party   to attend and I wanted to have something 
sweet. It tastes like skillet roasted, warm   cozy nut butter and it's drizzled with smooth 
dark chocolate so what I'm going to do first   is take half a cup of old-fashioned rolled oats 
and blend them up then in a pan I'm going to cook   my macadamia butter and some honey but you could 
also use a sugar-free maple syrup if you prefer.   I'll leave all the exact quantities linked 
in the blog post if you want to get it gram   for gram. I'm mixing my blended oats with some 
quick oats and some low sugar rice crisp cereal   and I want to say thank you to ATP science for 
sponsoring this segment of the video.

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I've been   loving putting together some new recipes with 
their no way collagen protein and because it's a   collagen protein it actually makes it very highly 
biologically available which means the proteins   already been broken down into an absorbable 
form. Better absorption is always a good thing   from your protein powder and now this is a no-bake 
recipe but the best form of protein to cook with   is actually collagen protein because it gels when 
it's mixed with a liquid so this makes the protein   an ideal healthy thickener that can be used in 
tons of recipes also means that the protein won't   denature when you heat it up. I've tried the 
vanilla and the chocolate so far and they've   worked great. I do have a link for you that you 
can use if you'd like to try it out and I'll leave   it in the description box. I'm mixing the protein 
powder with the rolled oats, the rice crisp cereal   and the cooked nut butter and honey mixture and 
I'm just going to make sure that it mixes really   well.

If you're having a hard time getting it 
to come together put in a few drops of water or   if you want to you can put in a little bit of 
extra sugar-free syrup or some honey and then   I'm melting one tablespoon of dark chocolate chips 
and I'm using a fork to drizzle that over the top Definitely keep them in the fridge. Can't 
wait until I can hang out with my friends   again in person and bring a big old tray 
of these I know they're going to love them. Now I'm prepping sesame chicken I'm just gonna 
be prepping the protein portion of this dish so   I can mix and match it with different things 
later. It's so easy the delicious sauce only   takes a few ingredients all of which you can 
keep on hand and you can even make the sauce   and just keep it in the freezer if you want it 
quick and easy to grab later.

So I'm cutting up   600 grams of chicken breast and with that, I'm 
combining some chicken stock about half a cup,   a third of a cup of coconut aminos, two 
tablespoons of sesame oil, a teaspoon of arrowroot   or you could also use tapioca flour to thicken it 
and now you can put this mixture with the chicken   in the fridge to marinate for a little bit or you 
can just cook it within the next five minutes. As I'm cooking it I'm also going to add in 
some red pepper flakes but you can season   away to your heart's desire.

Then when I prep 
it out I'm just putting two with some fresh   veg that works well reheated like cabbage, 
carrot and a mixture of things like that   and then the rest I'm putting in a bigger meal 
prep container. So I'm serving it up with some   brown rice and those veg which reheat really well 
and you can also top it with some sesame seeds. Okay, everything is linked in the description 
box for you. I can't wait for you to try them.   Let me know if there's one which you're 
planning on making I'd love to hear which   one you go for because that helps me choose 
what kind of recipes to make more of and   I hope you're well, I hope you're looking 
after yourself and I'll see you next time.

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