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on today's episode of what's for keto dinner we're 
actually not making dinner at all we're making   side dishes and desserts and meal prepping for 
thanksgiving and actually you could use these   recipes for any time this holiday season but i'm 
going to share with you guys my make ahead recipes   and i'm going to be making everything up ahead of 
time that i could possibly make up ahead of time   for this thanksgiving and i'm hoping it'll 
give you guys some tips all right so this is   what we're making today so again make ahead side 
dishes and some holiday meals first up i'm going   to prep a pie crust a keto pie crust because i 
want to make some pecan pie but i need to make   this up first and it has to refrigerate for 
like about an hour before i fill it with the   pie filling next we're going to make my recipe 
for the best ever keto rolls so we'll do that   and then we're going to make up some sugar-free 
cranberry sauce and then finish up the pecan pie   i'm gonna attempt to make a cornbread stuffing and 
a cauliflower graton and then we're gonna finish   it with um prepping up breakfast for this week 
i'm going to be making some breakfast burritos   and for the breakfast burritos it's going to 
be super simple i'm going to be using some eggs   probably some red bell pepper and then i'm going 
to use a new product that accompanies shipped me   they actually sponsored this video today it's 
called carne sekei from dania blanca i i don't   know if i pronounced that right it's probably 
don don it has a little squiggle over the end so   i think that's dania blanca um anyways i'm super 
excited to try it this is it right here so a carne   aseca and it's basically they say it's basically 
like jerky but shredded and the cool thing about   this is that it's kept at room temperature and it 
expires after a year that it's packed so it's a   really good option to keep on hand um that you 
could use any time especially when the stores   start to run low on meat with just um being 20 20 
and everything that goes on that comes along with   that um so yeah this is a really good option and 
it's great they say it's great in like omelettes   or quesadillas or just like breakfast burritos 
would be good too it's zero carb you can see   zero carb and just tons of protein in it they are 
a texas based company so if you're in texas you   can find them at heb grocery stores i'm over 
here in the pacific northwest so i don't know   if it's pronounced heb or h-e-b you guys let me 
know in the comments but you can find them there   you can also find them on amazon and walmart 
too and i'll have all their information listed   down below in the description box definitely 
check this out because i think this is a really   cool product and something fun to play with i 
already did my grocery shopping we just got back   and i've separated kind of everything out 
into trays because i am prepping a lot today   so i have like my cranberry stuff here this is 
my stuff i need for the cornbread stuffing it's   not everything i still have to get stuff 
out of my pantry but this is all the stuff   that we bought from the grocery store um the 
cauliflower and then the breakfast burritos   and then everything else i should have in 
my refrigerator or pantry already all right   first i'm making that keto pie crust this is 
a an easy recipe it's nice because it's a roll   out pie crust too so it's not one of those that 
you're pressing into your pie pan i do have that   recipe on my website too i'll have it linked down 
below it's delicious it's more of a shortbread   type crust so it's kind of on the sweeter side 
it pairs well with like a cream pie like i use   it on my banana cream pie and it's excellent so 
this one doesn't have any added sweetener so it   works really good with like a pumpkin pie or a 
pecan pie plus you can roll it out and make the   crust really pretty on the edges and of course 
i have my thanksgiving shirt this is here to get   basted because we're making all of these recipes 
for thanksgiving everything is going to be going   into a food processor to make this crust if 
you don't have a food processor you could   use either just a pastry blender which i'll show 
you what that looks like in case you don't know   because when i first started out cooking i 
didn't know what a pastry blender was either   so this is a pastry blender and you can find them 
at any grocery store we'll have them if you don't   have one of these you could actually use a fork 
too just put everything in a bowl and you're going   to be cut they call it cutting the butter into the 
dry ingredients and so that means that you're just   getting it in like small little chunks so it forms 
like a coarse they call it coarse crumbles so it's   like a crumbly coarse mixture and that's going 
to be your pie dough and you want your butter as   cold as possible so i usually when i'm making 
pie dough i will put my dough in the freezer   and get it as cold as possible just because 
you want these chunks of butter in your dough   because as it bakes those little 
chunks of butter are going to melt   and just create these air pockets and steam's 
going to release and it's going to get nice   and flaky it's okay if your butter accidentally 
melts during the process it still works out it's   just not gonna be as flaky as it could be we're 
gonna start by adding one cup of almond flour   and then a third cup of coconut flour we're 
also going to use a teaspoon of xanthan gum   and the purpose of the xanthan gum is it's 
just going to provide some structure and it's support of what will help 
hold your pie crust together and then a little bit of salt so you could 
do a quarter teaspoon i'm just going to do   a hefty pinch of salt but you do want salt in 
here just because it helps give it some flavor now you can spin this if you want 
to which i think i might give it a   good spin just to mix up all of my dry ingredients well that broke   and then next we're going to add in our butter 
and then i'm going to be using cream cheese too   so we need an ounce of cream cheese and then 
you'll need a half a cup of very very cold butter   and you want to cut this into cubes because it'll 
make it easier to chop up in the food processor do all right so now my butter is chopped up 
into little cubes we're gonna add it in here   and then give it a good pulse until 
we get that coarse crumble consistency okay i think we're there so you want it to 
look like this so you can see there's chunks   of butter in here just bigger chunks of butter 
you really don't want to overwork your dough   because like i said that's gonna just make it 
more prone to melting in there and it's gonna be   more like i don't know like a tougher pastry than 
it needs to be instead of like light and airy   so next we're gonna add an egg and 
this will help bind everything together   so one egg is going to go in here and to give 
it some flavor we're going to add some vinegar   now you can use whatever type of vinegar you 
have whether it's white vinegar apple cider   vinegar or in my recipe i use rice wine vinegar 
rice vinegar um i'm just gonna use apple cider   vinegar today because i wanted to try that 
instead kind of like the flavor of apple   cider vinegar so it's gonna be a one and a 
half teaspoons of the apple cider vinegar and i'm just gonna eyeball it all right pulse it again until everything is 
just combined again don't overwork it there we go so as soon as it 
starts to form that dull ball   that starts to spin around that's going to stop then we're gonna take our dough 
out this is what it looks like   i can see chunks of butter i kind of wish it was a 
little bit chunkier i might have overworked it but   that's okay still gonna be delicious even if you 
don't have like flaky pie crust it's still good okay so i get everything out because everything 
is golden we want to maximize our pie crust when   we're making pie and then i'm just going to put 
this on a sheet of plastic paper flatten it out   and store it in the refrigerator for an hour 
the purpose of storing in the refrigerator is   twofold one we want the flavors to melt 
together and two we want that butter to   resolidify when we go to bake it that's what 
will help get it to be that nice nice flaky consistency all right so while that pie crust is doing its 
thing in the refrigerator we're going to move on   to something else i want to make up those rolls 
and get them all baked because i'm going to need   my oven space later on we're baking the pie and 
i'm going to also need it for the graton bakes   in there and the cornbread stuffing um the rest 
of it is gonna bake in there so i'm gonna need   that oven space so let's get going on those rolls 
and get that done this recipe is super easy it's   on my website i also have a video on it here 
you can click up here to watch the whole thing   the whole tutorial but these rules are great like 
they taste like real dinner rolls there's a secret   ingredient inside which i'll let you know what it 
is it's either you could use buttermilk or yogurt   but it just gives it that real um good like 
authentic uh dinner roll flavor surprisingly   and um also those ingredients 
help it levitate too levitate like love it's a leavening agent when you combine   that with like the baking powder it 
just helps them rise and get fluffy   so i've added three cups of mozzarella cheese in 
here and also four ounces of cream cheese we're   gonna melt this in the microwave so while that 
is melting in the microwave i'm gonna mix up   the rest of the ingredients just add them to my 
food processor so it's two and a quarter cups of   almond flour and then a quarter cup of coconut 
flour then we add our leavening agents which is   the baking soda baking powder and then we're gonna 
add some salt too to finish up the dry ingredients   and then we're adding in a quarter cup of i'm 
going to be using low carb yogurt if you don't   have that you can use buttermilk you can make your 
own buttermilk too just by taking some heavy cream   and adding some vinegar to it and letting it sit 
sorry the microwave's done we'll get that in just   a second so you could that's an option too you 
could try sour cream that would kind of give it   that sour flavor as well so any of those are going 
to be fine and then we're also going to need two   eggs to go in here my cheese is all melted so 
we're going to add that to this mixture as well okay that looks like it's all mixed up and 
it is and it's beautiful now this dough is   very sticky so i recommend when you go to work 
with it and put it into its dough ball shape   that you wet your hands with some water or just 
put some olive oil on them and then they're   they'll be easier to roll in your hands that way 
so i got my wet hands and now we're ready to roll   so it makes it so much easier when you pick them 
up like this with the wet hands i actually think   i'm gonna divide my dough because this will make 
12 rolls and so i want them evenly shaped so i'm   just gonna eyeball divide it here let's take out 
this paddle attachment but they are basically   gonna be around like two and a half inches in 
diameter when you make these and so we're just   going to roll them out into a ball and place 
them evenly on our parchment lined baking tray someone did ask if you could freeze this 
recipe like this dough ahead of time   and the answer is yes you could freeze the dough 
um and just store it in your refrigerator not   refrigerator freezer that makes no sense store 
it in your freezer until you go to make them and   then just unthought and then bake once the dough 
is unthawed i'm actually gonna try to bake them   ahead of time and then freeze them because 
i actually haven't tried that yet and i know   that's been a question that you guys have been 
having so i'm gonna experiment with that because   um it's a little bit too soon for me to make 
these if i wanted to serve them on thanksgiving   so i don't really want them to dry out so that's 
why i'm gonna attempt to freeze them and we'll see   how that goes all right into the oven these go 
at 400 degrees and we're going to bake them for   13 to 18 minutes it kind of just depends on how 
thick they are but you'll start to notice when   they get golden brown and they kind of spring 
back a little bit you could even slice into one   two to test it but you'll know it's done but yeah 
13 to 18 minutes in the oven up next we're going   to be making the cranberries so i have a couple 
of different recipes for sugar-free cranberry   sauce on my website i'll have them both linked 
down below one is a vanilla cranberry sauce it's   really good sweet pairs perfectly with turkey and 
the other one is more of like a spicy citrusy type   it's a jalapeno lime cranberry sauce and it's 
it's good you can make it as spicy as you want   it has jalapeno on it of course and a little bit 
of chipotle pepper so like i said not chipotle   cayenne pepper so you can pump up the heat if you 
want to or just dial it back but it both options   are excellent in turkey and i'm going to show 
you how to make the jalapeno lime version today   and i'm going to use this entire jalapeno too 
and the reason why is because i love spicy things   with my meat so like christmas time we'll do prime 
rib and i love side horse radish on there like the   spicier the better and then thanksgiving i always 
like to have cranberry sauce so just to punch it   up a little bit make it a little spicy add some 
heat i'm going to add an entire jalapeno to this so in goes our washed 
cranberries with one cup of water   and then i'm gonna add in my jalapeno and then for 
sweetness i'm gonna be adding in a half of a cup   of monk fruit but you can use swerve if you like 
the erythritol instead i'm gonna stir that oops   one got away and then just to give it that nice 
holiday spice i'm gonna add a cinnamon stick oh and some whole cloves let me go grab some 
of those because i forgot the whole cloves   if you don't have whole cloves you could use just 
like clove powder if you wanted to so just like   three or four of those are gonna go in there um 
you can take them out too like after this cooks   i'll take out that cinnamon stick because it's 
really there just for flavor again if you don't   have a whole cinnamon stick um just use powdered 
cinnamon it works well too so i'm gonna let this   simmer we're gonna get it so it's nice and bubbly 
i'm gonna heat it over it's over medium high heat   we're gonna get it um bubbly and simmering i want 
those cranberries to burst so it'll take like four   or five minutes for this to happen but once those 
cranberries burst and the juices get released   um that's when the syrup will start to 
thicken up and it will become delicious   and we'll remove it at that point and then after 
we remove it from the heat i'm gonna add in   my lime juice and my cayenne pepper the rolls i'm going to let cool completely 
before i put them in some plastic a plastic   bag a freezer safe bag and then we'll put them in 
the freezer to freeze until i want to have them   and then when we do have them we'll just saw them 
out in the refrigerator or at room temperature   while my cranberries are busy bursting and 
doing their thing i'm going to separate   some egg whites from the egg yolks 
so pecan pie requires six egg yolks   egg yolks because it's a custard-based pie but i'm 
going to save the whites for my breakfast burritos   that i'm going to make so we'll throw those in 
there because we don't want to waste anything all right these cranberries are bursting and it   smells amazing you guys i 
wish you could smell this   it's just going to be a half 
of a lime squeezed in here   and this is just going to help balance 
out that sweet along with the spice at this point i'm going to taste it too just 
to see how much cayenne pepper i need to add   yeah so i just wanted a little bit spicier 
i can taste the spice from that jalapeno   um so i'm thinking maybe like a quarter teaspoon 
of cayenne give it a good stir and then this is   just gonna get poured into a mason jar and we'll 
store this in the refrigerator until thanksgiving   so it's been about an hour since my 
pie crust has been in the refrigerator   now it's time to roll it out and press it into our 
pie plate and then we'll finish up our pecan pie now the easiest way to roll out keto pie crust is 
um not on a lightly almond floured surface because   that does not work um you want to roll it 
out in between two pieces of parchment paper   and to keep the parchment paper from sliding 
around on your surface a viewer gave me this   idea and that's to lay down a wet piece of 
paper towel and this will help it cling to   your surface so it's not sliding all over the 
place as you try to roll out your pie dough and then using some firm but gentle pressure   you are going to roll this out into a 
circle shape going in all directions until   um until it's about like an inch larger in 
diameter than or one to two inches larger than   in diameter than your pie plate but it needs 
to be around like a quarter an inch to an   eighth of an inch thick i said that backwards an 
eighth of an inch to a quarter of an inch thick and it's important to go in all directions just 
so that it's going to form a circle and not a   square or an oval or a triangle you're want to 
circle because you need to maximize your dough   now you can see the little chunks of butter in 
here that's what we're looking for and luckily i   achieved it and didn't screw this dough up which i 
have sometimes basically how we're gonna flip this   over is we're gonna take our pie plate and this 
one is a nine inch pie plate and we're gonna place   it on top of our dough slide your hand underneath 
the bottom of layer and then gently flip it over   now if you were using this crust recipe to blind 
bake which is where you're just pre-baking your   pie crust which is great for doing like custards 
custard or cream based pie not custard to be   cream-based pies that don't require baking 
you're going to want to blind bake your pie   crust which is where you bake it on its own and 
you can definitely use this recipe to do that you   just want to make sure that you have some pie 
weights in it or some sort of a device to do that   and so i'm just going around the edges and just 
kind of crimping it to make it all pretty if you   have areas that have like excess pie dough you can 
tear it off and then move it around to areas that   don't have enough pie dough and as you can tell 
i'm no baker so i'm just an amateur baker so don't   laugh at my pie pie pretty one of the what i even 
call this pie making skills dough pie crust skills   because yeah i don't know what i'm doing 
maybe one of these days i'll take a course   all right so we go around and we just kind of 
crimp the edges until it looks nice and pretty in   like whatever design you want it to there's some 
areas i just totally messed up on but that's okay   because i'm all about the flavor okay so you can 
see it's perfect now i'm gonna refrigerate this   while we move on to making the rest of our pecan 
pie filling just because i don't want that dough   to melt or the butter to melt in there to 
this saucepan we're going to add a half of   a cup of heavy cream and then a half of a cup of 
sugar-free maple syrup and the one i'm going to   use is by chalk zero i'll have a link down below 
that you guys can click on and if you use my code   keto focus at checkout you'll save 10 off every 
order um you can use whatever flavor they have   actually that take that back please don't use 
strawberry mango peach banana although banana   might be kind of good um what else chocolate 
actually chocolate might be good too um or coconut   um i would recommend using either the maple pecan 
which is what i'm gonna use today or the caramel   syrup would work their vanilla syrup will work and 
their maple syrup will work i'm kind of curious   about the chocolate i think that that could be 
a chocolate pecan pie which might be fabulous   and we're going to add a half of a cup of 
this into here and we're going to heat it over   medium-high heat and let it cook for just until 
it's warmed basically this is a recipe i made for   chalk zero and i just used an entire bottle of 
the syrup but today we're experimenting because i   for those of you that don't want to spend all 
the money on syrup or sugar-free syrup i just   wanted an option for you guys so we're going to 
also use a half of a cup of golden monk fruit   sweetener you could use whatever sweetener you 
wanted even if it was just regular sweetener   regular like monk fruit or swerve or something 
like that you could use that in this recipe and   you could use like i said any sort of sugar-free 
maple syrup would work now i don't know about you   guys but one of my favorite pies is pecan pie i 
love pumpkin pie around the holidays too um and i   always have to have a slice of that but i love the 
flavor of pecan pie i hated it as a kid i think it   was because of the nuts and it didn't look good um 
but i tried it for the first time i think i was in   my it was either late 20s or early 30s and it was 
a pioneer woman recipe and i don't know if you've   ever had her pecan pie before you went keto it's 
amazing it is so so good um i think she calls it   the pecan pie so it's so good it'll make you cry 
or something like that and it really does it's   so good um so if you are ever off the keto diet 
and want to try it you should definitely check   out her recipe but you know stick with your 
goals stick with your keto goals especially   this holiday season because you want to feel 
good that's the whole reason why i'm coming   up with these recipes because i mean i've 
been there i've gone off the diet before   during the holidays and um after a while you 
just start to feel it you feel miserable so   i really highly recommend you sticking to 
eating sugar-free gluten-free and keto foods   um not necessarily gluten-free because 
people can tolerate gluten just fine   um but just through the holidays you continue 
to feel good all right so that's heated up and   now we're gonna remove it from the heat and 
we're gonna stir in some butter and some salt   so i'm gonna add in four tablespoons of butter 
just gonna whisk that in here until it's dissolved   and then it's going to be a half a teaspoon of 
salt did i say dissolved i meant melted you guys   probably know me by now i always say the wrong 
things like i love to say unthaw is one of them um   some people say i say pasteurized eggs it's 
really pasture raised eggs but i think how   i say it i say it really fast that people think 
i'm saying pasteurized eggs but no it's pasture   raised eggs even though that that doesn't make 
sense either eggs from pasture-raised chickens that's what i'm trying to say anyway my friends and family 
always make fun of me because like   most the things i say don't make sense 
but they know what i'm trying to say so here's our egg yolks i'm just going to 
kind of lightly beat them a little bit just to   get them all mixed together and then 
we are going to whisk your egg yolks   into your sugary syrupy cream mixture do a little 
bit at a time just in case your make sure it's   still kind of warm you don't want to cook those 
egg yolks so just doing a little bit of time just   kind of cools it down i think it's also called 
tempering your egg yolks all right perfect now   it's time to pull back out that crust add our 
pecans pour this in here and we'll go in the oven okay at this point we are about halfway done with 
all of our prep work so we've done the pie crust   we've done the rolls the cranberries and we 
finished the pecan pie it's bacon in the oven   now let's finish the rest of our recipe so i'm 
gonna be working on two sides the first one   is a cornbread stuffing and then we'll also have 
to do our cauliflower um great gratin graton   i don't know why i struggle with that 
word it's like the theme for today   and then last i'm gonna prep up breakfast for 
the week so it's just gonna be a super simple   week for me why well because i actually have to 
work all week long which is not cool so the only   day i get off is thanksgiving so um that's why i 
want to get all this stuff done ahead of time so   that i don't have to think about it i can just 
enjoy the holiday and enjoy the time that i do   have off so let's get started with the cornbread 
stuffing first um so the cornbread stuffing i'm   going to be making up my recipe for cornbread 
if you guys want to see that then you need to   click down below i think i did a video on it too 
but it was a video along with some other things i   meal prepped so um just click down below in the 
description box i'll have the full recipe link   there this is actually a very simple cornbread 
recipe that you can make and i mean we're keto   so there's actually no corn in it or cornmeal 
that's fine it's gonna taste like cornbread though do for the rest of my stuffing i'm gonna be cooking 
up some thick cut bacon in a skillet along with   some chicken gizzards because gotta have the 
chicken gizzards or just the chicken organs in   your stuffing it makes it so tasty and i just feel 
like really levels up your dressing i'm actually   gonna cook up this entire package of bacon 
and the reason why is because i'm gonna use it   well i could use it in my breakfast burritos 
if i wanted to but actually i'm gonna add it to   that cauliflower gratin and naturally i chose a 
really tiny skillet i'm going to cook the bacon   let it get all nice and crispy we're going 
to remove it from the frying pan i'm going   to keep the grease inside i'm going to cook up 
the gizzards remove those and then cook up my vegetables and i'm going to be using fresh herbs because i 
think you just got it around this time of year   but if you want to use dried herbs you could 
too i'm going to use a little bit of sage   some thyme and some parsley oh and i think our 
pecan pie is done it can go a little bit longer   while i chop up some of this sage so a couple 
tablespoons of sage a couple teaspoons of thyme and then we'll need a half a cup of chopped parsley okay i'm gonna set this aside 
and then let's add in our cornbread   i'm gonna cut this up into chunks and like i mentioned you have 
the option of toasting these   if you want or you can just 
throw them all in there and let's stir everything together when you go to 
cook this you do want to make sure that you add   some moisture because you can see it's really kind 
of dry looking and i only suggest adding this like   maybe right before you cook it so if you leave 
it in the refrigerator if you are just going to   make this ahead of time just like this mixed up 
yeah it can get soggy but if you add any sort of   liquid right now it's really going to get soggy 
so i would suggest you do it before you bake it   and you have a couple of different options i'm 
going to use some chicken broth you can use beef   broth you could use water you can use heavy cream 
you could use a nut milk like a macadamia nut milk   use regular milk if you wanted to anything 
just to add a little bit of moisture to it smells so good stuffing is one of my favorite 
recipes around this time of year it's one of   my favorite things to eat so that goes in 
a 325 degree oven for around 20 30 minutes   all right this is the pecan pie it's beautiful 
i probably should have taken it out a little   bit more well it's kind of spongy you kind of 
want it to be a little wobbly in the surface   and it will continue to set while it cools so 
i'm just going to cool this at room temperature   for a little bit and then we'll pop it in 
the refrigerator and that's really going to   set up the custard the next side dish that i'm 
going to make for you guys to go on your keto   thanksgiving table is a keto cauliflower gratin 
graton greyton i don't know how to pronounce it   i don't know if i ever will i've always 
pronounced it wrong so i always pronounce   it all three ways just in case i get it right um 
this is not my recipe um i've added to it though   this is from my friend emily and she is keto 
underscore chef on instagram you guys should   check her out because her recipes are delicious 
but i got this recipe from her i made it a few a   few years ago and i loved it it was so good so 
i've just kind of changed it up just a little   bit i'm going to add a couple different types of 
cheeses and some fresh herbs in there since it is   thanksgiving and we're gonna add some bacon too i 
also think that adding in some diced ham would be   delicious in this even goat cheese would be good 
too but i'm gonna use a sharp cheddar cheese and   then greer cheese to go in there the first thing 
we need to do is cook up our cauliflower florets   and i like to keep things simple so i just got 
a bag of cauliflower you could get a whole head   of cauliflower if you want that's much cheaper 
and um much cheaper but this is more convenient   so we're going to steam these in a stock pot 
with some salted water and then let them dry   and then we'll finish up the rest of the recipe 
while that's steaming we are gonna make up the   sauce to go on our cauliflower so i'm gonna need 
some butter so it's three tablespoons of butter we're gonna be making a roux out of that and a 
little bit of almond flour once your butter is   melted we're gonna add in around three tablespoons 
of almond flour stir that until it starts to   thicken or the butter's glopped onto the almond 
flour and then we're going to whisk in some heavy   cream now this is thanksgiving so we're going full 
blow out on all of the heavy creams and delicious   fatty stuff so if you don't want to use all 
heavy cream you could cut it with some nut milk   like a macadamia nut milk or even um some chicken 
broth would work too at this point we're going to   season it too with some salt some garlic powder 
some onion powder black pepper and that's it then we're going to spread some sauce down 
into my cast iron skillet and then top   with a little bit of the cauliflower 
and then add some more sauce on top all right so this is going to bake in the oven 
it's going to bake in a 375 degree oven for around   a half hour 25 minutes half hour just until the 
cheese is melted and it starts to bubble next up   i'm going to be making up those breakfast burritos 
so we could have these throughout the week i'm   going to freeze these too and i'll give you some 
pointers on how to freeze these so i'm going to   heat up some oil into a skillet and then i'm going 
to add in some diced up bell pepper and then that   carne seika the thing that is super cool about 
this stuff is that it's dried beef and so once you   add it oh it feels so cool really it's just dried 
dirt jerky so once you add it to your skillet and   heat it up either with just like a little 
bit of liquid or some oil it reconstitutes it   now it's time to assemble our breakfast burritos 
i'm going to be using um i'm going to use two   types of wraps for this i did get the mission 
carb balance wraps these do have gluten in them   so if you're trying to avoid gluten um then i 
would not use those the other one is um i found   these at the grocery store and they're egg white 
wraps and i already tried one they look like a   regular tortilla i'm quite amazed i don't know how 
these are going to freeze but we're just going to   experiment but they look like a regular tortilla 
they're kind of the texture is a little chewy   but super good though so that's a 
good option if you are gluten free   the thing when it comes to making up some 
breakfast burritos and definitely freezing   them is that you want to add your cheese down 
first otherwise when you reheat it it gets the   tortilla gets super soggy so you don't want to add 
the egg directly to the tortilla the other thing   is make sure all of your ingredients are cool 
before you assemble too because that way it's not   going to make the tortilla super moist and soggy 
so cheese down first then our beef and egg mixture now when it comes to freezing these you just wrap 
them in tin foil and then put them in a ziploc bag   in a single layer and then freeze them and then 
when you want to reheat them you can reheat them   in the oven or unwrap them and heat them in the 
microwave i hope you guys got some great ideas   from some make ahead side dishes and holiday 
meals this thanksgiving and christmas i love   all of these recipes once again full recipes will 
be down in the description box below they're on my   muslim or on my website and be sure to check out 
the carnosica from dania blanca thank you so much   for sponsoring this video these little breakfast 
burritos are going to be awesome this week and   save me so much time when it comes to having 
to work and deal with other thanksgiving menus you

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