Magic Diet Soup – The In-Between Soup # 1 – Weight Loss.

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Hey ! Welcome back to my Kitchen, Today we are going to do number 3 Magic Diet Soup. I already put two out now people are say " I like your soup I really enjoy it But we need something else " So what I will be doing here Those other two soups are low GI this one is going to be medium GI and I will tell you why. I have been a good boy and kept my weight in check So what I am going to do is I am going to add carrots. To this soup but i will be making it on a base of mushrooms So ! If you want to keep it low GI just admit the carrots and add some more celery.

So it is up to you. And this is what I call my alternative Magic Diet Soup because the other one I will do it for about a few days and this one is going to be about a day a day and a half Basically I will have this tomorrow for Lunch Dinner then I will have it again the next day for Lunch and Dinner. So this is like my little " catch up ". So if I eat that big Dinner or I put on some extra weight I will have this one in between. So ! Let's get going with this awesome Magic Diet Soup. So here we are this time I will be making a little bit less I have a smaller pot So I will add about 2 tablespoons of olive oil, No more then that, Wait for it to get hot. And we drop a piece of onion here So it is starting to sizzile.

We take 1 Medium to large onion Let this go for a couple of minutes until it turns light in color. Ok ! Alright It is ready. And now I add 1 red sweet pepper. Diced, can be red or yellow it really does not matter. Add that. And we are going to add 1 small celery stalk, you can add 2 if you are not going to add the carrots. To keep it a lower GI. And here comes the carrots Now like I said if you want this to be a lower GI not a medium GI Do not add carrots just add more celery. Move that all around. How is that starting to look. And 1 medium to large tomato. And now we are going to let this go for 2 to 3 minutes. Now how is that coming, really good. Now add 2 tablespoons of white all purpose flour 1 and 2 Move that all around get that well blended in. And I am adding 3/4 of a teaspoon of paprika you can add more if you want. And add 1/2 kilo (1 pound) of sliced mushrooms and stir that, let that go for about another minute.

Now we are going to add water right up to the veggie line. Now increase the heat. Add now a little bit of fresh ground pepper, about 1/2 teaspoon, or how you like it. Add 2 veggie stock Now to let you know that these the low sodium type. So ! just drop those in there. If you want to add a higher content of sodium that is up to you because this is a diet soup i try to keep the salt to a minimum. But I noticed that there is people out there that can not just go without a bit of salt. inside there soup, so It is up to you. Okay now it is starting to boil Boy ! does that look great. Now. I want you to do is I want you to cover it lower the heat to medium low take your handy dandy chicken and mark about 20 minutes and we shall be back. And here we are let see how it looks Its been about 20 minutes Does that ever look good. Now at this point if you want you can let it cool and put it into the blender and you take out a couple of cups and you can blend it and make it more thick.

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I like it this way. So it is up to you, so what we do we take about 2 tablespoons of tomato paste put that in put more if you want or less. And about 1/3 cup of green onions just to give it some color and looks. And about 1/4 cup of of parsley, you can use any type and Now mix the soup with parsley will taste more awesome look at those colors, awesome. Now you could dice the mushrooms more smaller if you want I like it chunky but this is the way I like it. Now ! here comes the taste test and remember this is for you not for me. Just look at that sauce. For me It is perfect but If you want you can add more paprika you could add some oregano or basil or whatever you want to add to this.

Just to make you happy. Now you can add more salt if you want but remember this is a diet soup so we try to keep the sodium almost next to nothing. So all I can say now is Thankyou for allowing for me to share this recipe with you. and I hope that this go between " Magic Diet Soup " will keep your weight under control Thankyou very much from Tony and Cookingaround And I will see you again on my cooking series.

Bye now.

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