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hey everyone is welcome back at to my channel and welcome up to a new video if you are the new my name is Liv and I make lots of healthy recipes and lifestyle videos on this channel so make sure you hit that red subscribe button so that you don't miss anything from me in the future in today's video we are making some healthy recipes for when you're lazy or just don't really want to cook that much and you want something quick so that's also going to be healthy and you're not just like eating a bag of chips all night watching Netflix they're quick they're easy and they're super yummy don't forget to enter the giveaway I have going on this month and that all the stuff will be in the description bar below the link to enter the rules and everything like that and don't forget to head over to my Instagram there is a giveaway going on this week or it's already up by the time this goes up and i also like talking to you guys on there so if you tell me you're coming from this video I will spam you guys like I will also have a a playlist of all my healthy recipes you can get all your inspiration it down in the description box you can watch them all we've got breakfast snacks lunches dinner like anything you could want and yet let's get into the video ok guys to the first thing we're making is loaded sweet potato plate so I'm starting off with some spiralized sweet potato that I got the grocery store because this is a lazy video so we're buying it pre-cut and then I'm adding in a little bit of olive oil and pink salt and then we are going to lay that on a greased baking sheet and just pop that into the oven at 400 degrees fahrenheit for about 10 minutes or until crispy while that's cooking we're going to make a quick little avocado sauce type thing for it and I'm just cutting it up and slicing it into a little ramekin and then I'm going to be mashing that up with a fork until it's kind of smooth and it's not chunky anymore then I'm adding in the splash of apple cider vinegar and olive oil and just stirring that around and then I'm going to be adding that on top of this fire life sweet potato once that's done and topping it with a little bit of green onion as well as some purple cabbage I think this gives it a great color and a nice crunch to it as well and there you go those are your loaded sweet potatoes you can add beans to this chicken whatever you like whatever veggies you have but the guac is so necessary next up is a lazy breakfast porridge which is actually grain free which is so fun I've been into like experimenting with grain free things lately so I'm using three-quarters cup of almond milk you can use whatever kind of note that you like oh no I'm using cashew that's okay cashew milk and then I'm adding in 3 tablespoons of almond meal which is going to give us the basis this is a great healthy fats and protein going to keep useful along with one tablespoon of hemp seeds and one a tablespoon of chia seeds lots of omega-3 is it's going to help keep useful as well and the sum of ground flaxseed great for balancing your hormones and just full of a fiber too and then we're going to stir that up until everything is nice and combined and then I'm going to be adding in a sprinkle of cinnamon you guys know how much I love cinnamon because it regulates blood sugar lowers cancer risk and all that kind of good stuff popping that in the fridge overnight and then you're lazy breakfast is good to go and through the magic of YouTube I have one already already and so are we putting that into the bowl this would be like the next morning and then you can top that with whatever you want so I'm just slicing up some a banana but you can do whatever kind of fruit that you like and I love this because you don't have to spend time like cooking porridge in the morning over the stove you can kind of grab it throw some fruit in and then head to school or you can even put the fruit in like the night before but I wanted to make it a pretty Bowl a little bit but you can totally have the fruit in beforehand so I'm putting some cacao and some blackberries and it's just a really great overnight porridge that's not like overnight oats and it's still really yummy and green fries and lastly we're making this super quick speed up kita really good birth snack or like alongside a meal so i'm using a pita and a couple of tablespoons of this plain tomato sauce it has like three ingredients so important to read the ingredients guys you only want like a couple things in your tomato sauce you don't want sugar in there that's for sure to double check for that use what like tomatoes and like salt basically a little bit of salt not too much so I'm spreading that on the pita and then I'm adding in some chopped veggies that I had bought and that words in my fridge basically throw on whatever veggies you have you can do fresh you can do frozen this is really quick and you don't have to make dough or need though you put on whatever you want and your tomato sauce and I also threw on some spinach just to get some greens in there and it does kind of cook down as well the spinach is really good hot some other greens are not so good hot put spinach is and then I'm speaking this for about 10 minutes and there you go you have your pita pizza it's done it's crisp you can load this with whatever you want and it's a super quick healthy meal to have or a small snack if you want as well I love doing this I love doing this with hummus basically whatever i have my fridge is the perfect lazy meals kind of throw on a pita bake it up and you're good to go ok guys so thanks for watching if you enjoyed it don't forget to give us that good ol thumbs up and leave me a comment down below what your favorite thing to eat when you're lazy is healthy or not I won't know mine is if I'm super super lazy I have to smash up an avocado like for some healthy best and i eat it with like tortilla chips or like low salt but that's like my go-to if I'm super super lazy like literally don't want to move so let me know what yours is and yeah I will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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