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one of the best things about being on
the keto diet is there's always recipes that are gonna fall into that category
that'll kind of get you over the hump when you got that sweet tooth one of the
things I'm gonna make today is going to be a keto walnut cookie recipe the
ingredients on this are gonna be pretty simple and I'm gonna have the
ingredients in the description below but here's the ingredients we have some
almond flour we have some Splenda a lot of people like using swerve or $0 or
however you pronounce that I like the taste of Splenda a little bit better we
have some salt and baking powder some butter vanilla heavy cream egg and then
I have some chopped walnuts those are the ingredients really although we need
to do is kind of blend these things up and hook it up into a batter so let's
get started with that now you could do this with a hand mixer
but as I've said in other videos I just went out and bought this KitchenAid
stand mixer so might as well put it to you so we're gonna go ahead and hook
that up now pull this blade off right quick I'm gonna add our dry ingredients
and kind of blend those in so they get mixed in together so that was our almond
flour our Splenda the salt and then the baking powder just gonna blend that up
right quick that's good to go and I'm not gonna
overthink this you can get into it and be like add these ingredients at these
points we're just gonna throw everything in so we got our butter our heavy cream our egg and our vanilla the only thing
we're not adding right now it's gonna be our walnuts and we're gonna kind of fold
those in down all right that's blended up enough
really what it looks like is a cookie dough so if you've ever bought the
little rolls of cookie dough that's what this looks like let me just turn this
back on so I can spin the remainder of this dough off of here all right we'll
remove that blade I'm gonna remove this from here and then we'll pick it up once
we start forming these cookies dough I'll blend it up now we're gonna add our
walnuts and this is going to be personal preference so I'm gonna add a little bit
at a time probably about three ounces at a time and stir and kind of see where
we're at as far as my personal taste preference and you know what that's
about three ounces I think that looks good to me set this off to the side now
we're gonna do is form them into cookie balls and just get them on a sheet pan
these cookies shouldn't stick so I'm not using parchment paper I'm just using an
aluminum foil so I'm gonna just pour them into a ball put them on the sheet
pan and then just kind of press down on them gently all right so that's six
cookies this this recipe is probably going to yield about 12 cookies I'm
gonna cook these in two different batches you could obviously get into the
sheet pan and put them in together we're gonna throw them in the oven 350 degrees
for 15 minutes see you back then what they look like
after coming out of the oven after 15 minutes at 350 degrees one thing I did
do before I put him in the oven was I did use some of those walnuts that were
in that bag that I had and just pressed them on top of each of these cookies so
there's some walnuts on top of that I'm gonna let these things cool down we're
gonna get into a taste test and see what's up all right unless you were set with these
kiddo walnut cookies see this right here makes you not even worry about your regular sweets or
anything like that this right here is the bomb give this recipe a try for sure
I'm serious anyway I'd like to thank you guys for
stopping my nose EP BBQ I appreciate it Ketogenic low carb Diet recipes

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