Keto Snacks: Not a Good Idea!

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hey i'm back and today we're going to
talk about snacking when you're doing keto
you don't want to do it and i want to talk about why
okay so we're going to talk about keto snacking tell you so many people are
messing up on this one and everyone now is creating these keto
snacks so you have the beef sticks you have the protein
bars you have the keto bombs you got the keto
cookies you got the chocolate you got the nuts
you got a keto ice cream berries and cream etc etc etc
here's the problem guys um and girls it's going to decrease your results
significantly you're not going to get results you're going to plateau
what is the goal of keto it is simply to decrease
insulin that's the main goal to help normalize insulin and
i'm assuming you know this but i'm just going to assume that you don't know this
right now every time you eat anything of
significant calories you will spike insulin so
insulin is increased when you eat carbohydrates
and when you eat anything so what does that mean it means that the
more frequent the meals the more the insulin the less progress
you're going to make not just with weight loss
with your overall health i had this person recently
contact me and they just don't understand why their blood sugar is high
in keto and then i find out they're doing quite
a few snacks and but it's everything's keto so
that's where the real problem is so anything that you eat now let's say for
example you eat something low with low calories like
vegetables that would be something that would be
okay it's not going to spike insulin too much
especially if it's like filled with fiber like leafy greens
so that would be something as an exception because it's low
calories now the other point i want to make is this so let's say you're doing
intermittent fasting and your first meal is at 12 noon and
the second meal is at seven o'clock in the evening
but you have a snack and you know what you might say this is my eating window
so i can pretty much graze or eat or snack within this period
of time i don't recommend it i don't recommend
eating anything within your eating window other
than the first meal and the second meal okay
now what's going to happen after the second meal is you don't want to snack
after that you want to let yourself fast from that
point all the way to the next morning to the next meal i
would recommend that you work up to an 18-hour fast to really see some
significant and changes some people need to go up to 20 hours
some people need to go up to about 23 hours of fasting
that's going to produce some major major results all these keto snacks
and the keto bombs a lot of them are okay
just eat them as a dessert or during the meal okay thanks for watching
hey we're back with another amazing recipe no grains
no sugar totally keto there's no suffering in keto
absolutely not karen and it's an immune system builder
absolutely you have to check this out i think you should hurry up
watch the recipe and make it yourself it's just so easy to be keto
but is it simple it's super simple we hope you enjoy
making it as much as we are enjoying eating it

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