Keto Pulled Pork and Keto Coleslaw

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– Today on "Low Carb With Jennifer", I'm going to show you how
to make keto pulled pork and keto cole slaw. Hello, hello. Welcome back to "Low Carb With Jennifer". Today, we're making a keto
pulled pork with cole slaw. It is one of my most favorite
things to eat on keto. I just love it so much. So we're going to start with
our dry rub for our pork. So we're starting with a quarter of a cup of Swerve brown sugar,
and we're going to add a tablespoon of chili powder, two teaspoons of smoked paprika, two teaspoons of garlic powder, two teaspoons of onion powder, one teaspoon of ground mustard powder, one tablespoon of salt and two teaspoons of freshly ground black pepper.

So we're just going to mix this all up. This is a good homemade
rub because most rubs that you buy in the
grocery store have sugar. This one, we make keto friendly
with the brown sugar Swerve. Okay, we got that all mixed up. So we've got two pork tenderloins here. You can use a pork roast, any kind of pork roast that you like. This is just what the grocery store had. So I'm going to rub this rub all over my pork tenderloins, and you may not use all of it just depending on the
size of your pork roast. Both sides, I'm just
going to pat it in there before I flip it. Okay, pat it in there. Okay we are going to
cook this in a crock pot. And if you're, you love to
make your pulled pork in a, on a grill or in a
smoker, you can do that. That's perfectly fine,
but I liked the crock pot because it's easy and it's hot outside.

I don't want to go outside
with my grill. (laughs) So I'm just going to put
these pork loins in there. I'm just going to dump this
excess rub in the crock pot, just so we can get all
that flavor in there. Okay we've got our pork in the crock pot. We're going to cook this on high, just so it's done as quickly as possible. It's probably going to
take two to three hours. That's about it. So I'm going to set this
aside and we can work on our coleslaw because we want our cole slaw to be able to marinate
while our pork is cooking. Okay we've got a super
simple keto cole slaw recipe. I'm starting with 14 ounces
of chopped coleslaw mix. It was just the bag cole slaw mix. You can chop up your own
cabbage if you want to. So to this, we're going to add, to this we're going to add
a 1/2 a cup of mayonnaise, one tablespoon of granular sweetener, keto friendly sweetener, and a 1/4 of a cup of pickle juice.

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And this is what makes my
coleslaw recipe so interesting. I love to add pickle juice. It gives it such a good flavor, and we're also going to
season it with some salt and you want to season
it to taste for you. And some pepper. Okay that's it for this. We just need to stir it all up and then we'll just let it
hang out in the refrigerator while our pork is cooking. And you can just cover this with a plate or you can cover it with some plastic wrap and stick it in the refrigerator. Okay our pork is ready to
go out of the crock pot. So I'm just going to
chop it up with my knife.

Chop it up and if, if yours is pullable, I don't like to get mine
so dry to where it pulls like a pulled pork. I just like to get it perfectly cooked and then chop it with a knife. But you do you. Okay we've got a portion of this ready. So let's put some on a plate. Tops with some barbecue sauce. This is G Hughes Sugar
Free barbecue sauce. It's the best. Then we've got our
delicious cole slaw here. I tasted this for seasoning.
It needed a little bit of salt. So I added some and now it's perfect. So we'll just top it with that. How amazing does that look now? Now you know I got to test it
out, make sure it's delicious. (upbeat music) I love it. That's my
favorite flavor combination. You are going to love this recipe.

Be sure you check out this recipe for some keto chocolate chip cookies that will be perfect for
your summer barbecue. Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time. Bye..

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