Keto Hostess Cupcakes & Twinkies for ONE! Single Serve Recipe | Real Marshmallow Cream

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i just dropped my kids off to school that i 
made their lunch this morning and it got me   thinking about all of those delicious snacks that 
my mom used to pack like the treats like a hostess   cupcake or a twinkie or like those little debbie 
cakes god i so miss them and i used to eat a lot   of them when i was pregnant too it's probably why 
i gained a lot of weight when i was pregnant um   but the host is cupcakes that's what i would have 
for lunch and like some doritos was so healthy   back then i really really missed that especially 
like the hostess cupcake with the chocolate   on top and you bite into it and has that 
marshmallow cream center and the twinkie too   so i'm like why can't i just make that make a keto 
version and i know that there's recipes out there   but i don't like making a huge bunch of stuff 
like i want something that's like single serve   mostly because like i don't want to be tempted 
by having like a bunch of different treats around   but also it gets tiring after like a day or 
two and you're just like nah i don't really   want any more so i don't really want to waste 
all those ingredients so i thought let's make   a single serve keto hostess cupcake and a twinkie oh and i'm going to tell you guys what the macros 
are like so we're going to go over that at the end   and then i'll give you some tips too on how 
to make these extra authentic and delicious   we're going to start with my favorite which is 
the hostess cupcake now this is going to make   two cupcakes so one for you and want to share or 
one for you and one for you later if you don't   want to share and this recipe can be made in the 
microwave or in the oven i'm going to show you   the oven version but i'll have instructions on my 
website if you want to make this in   the microwave which is done a lot quicker that's 
really good if you are craving chocolate now we're   going to start by adding three tablespoons of 
almond flour to a small bowl along with one   tablespoon of monk fruit sweetener or you could 
use a sweetener of your choice and one tablespoon   of unsweetened cocoa powder make sure you get the 
100 unsweetened cocoa powder because it will have   the less carbs in it you'll also need a quarter 
teaspoon of baking powder and a pinch of salt   mix that together until everything's combined and 
now we're going to add in some wet ingredients you're going to need one 
tablespoon of butter that's melted   one tablespoon of heavy cream and crack in 
one egg mix that together until it's combined next we're going to pour this into our muffin 
tin so i am using a large muffin tin if you have   one that's smaller cavities that's fine too i'm 
only going to be using two of these cavities to   make these but that's fine because it's going 
to make clean up so easy make sure you grease   the inside i'm using some avocado spray here and 
then equally pour in your batter into each cavity we're going to bake this in a 325 
degree oven for around 15 to 17 minutes   you'll know it's done because it when 
you push down on it it kind of sponges   back so that means it's ready pull it out 
and just kind of let it cool i like to   loosen around the edges with a butter knife 
just so it doesn't stick to the edges of it   and then once it's cool and you can get 
it to come out then take out your cupcakes so while our cupcakes are cooling let's make 
our creamy marshmallow filling now this is a   little tricky so if you want to if you want to 
make this as simple as possible then just go   ahead and go with getting some whipped cream 
maybe like a sugar-free canned whipped cream   and just squirting that inside if you want 
to do that but i really wanted that authentic   marshmallow cream flavor that goes inside 
hostess cupcake so i'm going to be taking   some sugar-free marshmallows and i'll have these 
linked down below on where you can purchase these   and i'm going to melt them in the microwave 
for around 10 seconds you just want to get them   melted and i'm going to add in 1 teaspoon 
of butter mix that until it's combined and   then i'm actually going to take some of that 
sugar-free whipped cream that you can get in   the can you don't have to use this if you 
don't want to you could just regular you   could use like regular heavy cream if you 
wanted to but i like to use this because i   feel like it already gives it kind of like that 
puffy appearance and just gently fold that in we're gonna set that aside while we carve out our 
little centers of our cupcakes because this is   where our cream has to go so just carve it out 
with maybe if you have like some sort of tulle   i tried using like a cannoli mold and that really 
didn't work very well so then i just took a spoon   and just kind of carved in the inside i like a lot 
of cream inside mine so i carved a larger cavity   and then we're just gonna spoon our 
marshmallow cream mixture inside you can either just leave it like this or you 
can take some of the parts that you carved out   and place it back on top but it will get covered 
when we put down our sugar-free chocolate ganache   which is the next step so to make that i have 
one tablespoon of sugar-free chocolate chips in   here and i'll have mine linked down below for 
you guys i use the chalk zero brand you can   save 10 off your order when you use my code keto 
focus at checkout you want to melt that down the   microwave at 30 second intervals stirring in 
between until it's completely melted and then   i'm going to add in a teaspoon of heavy cream this 
will make it more of a ganache so that it hardens   stir that until it's mixed and then we're just 
going to lightly spoon it on top of your cupcake   the next step is to make that beautiful white 
little swirl that goes across the top of your   hostess cupcake to make this we're gonna add 
one tablespoon of powdered sweetener i'm gonna   be using powdered swerve but you could use monk 
fruit too if you wanted to like a monk fruit blend   and then we're gonna add in one teaspoon 
of heavy cream now this all it kind of   depends like you might need a little bit more 
heavy cream you just kind of want to get like   a thicker icing consistency you don't want it 
to be too thin because then it's going to run   around so you might have to play with either 
adding more cream or more powdered sweetener   so mine i needed around like a teaspoon 
a half of heavy cream but then i ended   up having to add more powder so just get it 
to like a nice thick frosting consistency now once your chocolate ganache on your keto 
hostess cupcake has kind of set a little bit   now we're going to take a piping bag 
and add in our white frosting and then   gently pipe those little swirls on top if you want your chocolate to set and look like 
it does when you take out a hostess cupcake from   the package just pop it in the refrigerator or 
the freezer and that top ganache layer will set   and harden these turned out so good the cake is 
chocolaty and spongy and the inside layer of that   marshmallow cream is so creamy and delicious and 
it pairs perfectly with the chocolate and that   chocolate ganache that top layer is so good 
you guys i am so happy how these turned out let's move on to the twinkies first and then i'll 
go over the macros for both of them at the end the   twinkie now this is going to be a similar recipe 
but a little bit different on the ingredients   because the colors were not adding chocolate we 
will be making two twinkies once again one for   you one for you later or one share if you're in 
the giving spirit to make the twinkie we're gonna   start by adding a quarter cup of almond flour 
to a small bowl you'll also need one teaspoon   of coconut flour and two teaspoons of a sweetener 
of your choice i'm going to be using a monk fruit   blend and then you'll also need a quarter 
teaspoon of baking powder and a pinch of salt   mix that together until it's combined and then 
we'll add in our wet ingredients crack in one egg   and then we're also going to add in a teaspoon 
of sour cream trust me on this this adds   really good flavor to your white cake and then 
you'll also need a quarter teaspoon of vanilla   mix that together until everything's combined and 
then we're going to add it to our pan so for this   recipe i don't really have a microwave option for 
you guys because i don't really know if there's a   silicone mold out there that you could use to 
make like a twinkie shape so i went with like   the whole baking method and this is the pan i used 
i'll have it linked down below there's a twinkie   in there already um so i'll have this link down 
below for you guys on where you can purchase this   you could also probably just maybe even make 
like a roll cake and lay it out on a baking   tray and then roll it i don't really know how well 
it's going to roll because i've never tried that   but that's an option or you can just put it in 
like a little mini loaf pan and it will be square   instead of a twinkie shape so same flavor just 
looks a little strange so once again you just want   to spray some cooking spray into two cavities and 
then equally fill the cavities with some batter we're going to bake this in a 325 degree oven 
for around 15 to 17 minutes just until it's set and then you're going to pop these out and they'll 
look like this and while these are cooling we'll   move on to our creamy marshmallow center now the 
recipe is pretty much going to be the same that   we used for the keto hostess cupcakes we're going 
to be using those sugar-free marshmallows again   along with some butter and then i'm going to add 
just a little bit more of the whipped cream here   in this recipe once again just use heavy cream 
if you want to i just really want it like creamy   and thick consistency rather than a runny one it's 
just to let it set because as it sits a little bit   that marshmallow will start to solidify again so 
just you gotta have to play with it and see okay   this is the perfect consistency let's insert the 
sucker now now for injecting our cream typically   when you see people do this either with a recipe 
or i think this is how twinkie does it too   hostess does it they do three little holes in 
the um like one in the center and two and the   ends to inject the cream so that's what i'm going 
to do here you can either maybe go on the side and   inject it or just kind of carve out the middle and 
squirt it all in whichever way you want to do it   is fine i'm going to be using this nifty injector 
that came with my twinkie pan set but feel free   just to use like a piping bag with a tip that will 
work too insert that in you can let these set for   just a little bit just to have that marshmallow 
cream solidify too and they are perfect   bite into them and they'll be at this nice creamy 
center once again if you just wanted to use like a   canned whipped cream and just insert that 
in go ahead and do that that's a lot easier   i'm so surprised at how these turned out 
like it looks like a freaking twinkie it   smells like twinkie it tastes like a twinkie that 
marshmallow cream inside is super good i actually   kind of wish i had some more marshmallow cream 
in here i think maybe next time i'm going to   carve out the whole center and add more in 
there just because that's my favorite part but let's go over the macros to see 
how keto these are to see if we can   eat these on a daily basis or is it just 
kind of like a one time thing when you're   craving like hostess twinkie or 
cupcake so let's look at that now   for our hostess cupcakes and remember this 
makes two hostess cupcakes so i'm just gonna say   one cupcake is one serving so one serving 
on the hostess the keto hostess cupcakes   it's 241 calories 22.5 grams of fat 6.3 grams of 
protein there's 7.8 total carbs but the net carbs   per cupcake is only 2.2 net carbs that's fabulous 
the twinkie guys is even better so once again it   makes two servings because there's two twinkies um 
there's 227 calories per twinkie 20.3 grams of fat   6.7 protein the total carbs is only 3.8 grams 
of total carbs and net carbs is being only 1.9   grams of net carbs that is so good like you could 
really probably have two of these if you wanted to you

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