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hey guys Suz here welcome back to
another what's for dinner on keto easy keto dinner ideas video we make these
videos every single Sunday to give you a little motivation to get in there and meal
prep and get your keto batch cooking on we usually try to cover four new recipes
every week we did cheat a little this week on the fourth recipe but stick to
the end so you can see that really convenient meal we threw together if
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you're a returning crew member welcome back we appreciate you so much let's get
into it first up we made some low carb garlic
chicken I will link the recipe that I have based this off of down below of course
as always have changed it up some but I'm taking a 9 by 13 baking dish and I
am liberally applying butter to that just some that I had sitting out at room
temperature and then I'm gonna be using chicken leg quarters for this recipe
instead of just drumsticks these were on massive sale for a 10 pound bag so just
got a huge bag and separated them out and I'm gonna be using 3/4 for this and
I'm just kind of lining them up in my baking dish and I'm going to use some
sea salt make sure you wash your hands real good after touching the chicken and
before grabbing your salt which I did and then I am putting some sea salt on
there I'm having to do with my hands cuz I changed brands and got some Kirkland
sea salt this time and it just doesn't come out of the dispenser very well so I
won't be doing that again adding some ground black pepper to that as well
always like a lot of black pepper on any type of baked chicken that I make
after that I again this week's video trying to clean out my cabinets and
freezer a little so I had a little remnant of rotisserie chicken seasoning
in a container so you can see I'm getting the very last bit of that out
and just tossing it on here as well very unevenly now I'm squeezing some
lemon juice concentrate I had kicking around in my fridge over the chicken of
course it would be better if you used fresh lemon juice for this part and then
I'm adding two tablespoons of avocado oil the recipe called for olive oil but
I'm using avocado because we're gonna be cooking this at a high temperature in
the oven and avocado oil has a higher smoke point just drizzled that all over
my chicken and then I'm gonna add about a tablespoon and a half of minced garlic
and just kind of putting that on top of the chicken quarters into that I'm gonna
add a half a cup of chopped up Italian flat-leaf parsley and I just buy this in
big bundles at the grocery store I could have probably chopped this up a little
bit finer but it worked just as well for this recipe I was a little worried that
it would get burned in the oven but I just watched it really carefully so just
putting that all over the chicken now I'm just gonna pop this whole thing in
the oven at 450 degrees for 30 minutes and then I turned the heat down to 325
for another 30 minutes and here it is all done and plated up I just served it
with some petite long stemmed green beans that I steamed in the microwave
and just seasoned with a little mrs.

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Dash table blend seasoning and some
Kerrygold butter of course my husband loved this as he's a huge dark meat fan
me not so much but him and the kids yes next up this awesome broccoli
cauliflower sausage gratin oh my god deceptively simple such a complex taste
to start with I put together a little cream sauce of a cup of sour cream 2
tablespoons Dijon mustard in a dish mixed that together really really well once it's all incorporated and smooth I just stuck that to the side got a large
saute pan over medium heat and a smaller one over medium heat got
both of them going at the same time on the stovetop added a couple tablespoons
butter to one and to the other I'm adding a pound of pork Kielbasa and I just
buy this in a huge huge pack at Costco and then separate it out I cut this
Kielbasa into about one inch chunks and I cut it at a slant and I'm
just using my hands to kind of arrange it in there so it can get nice and brown
now I'm adding the tiniest Vidalia Onion ever seen to this pan of butter and I'm
adding one leek now I only used the bottom portion of the leek for this
recipe I almost left it out and I'm so thankful I didn't because I really think
it's what gives this dish the really distinct awesome flavor that it has if
any of you have never cooked with the leek before this is my first time
actually buying a whole one and cutting it and doing it myself
there are tons of videos on YouTube on how to do it but if you would like for
me to make one comment down below and I will do that as well for you guys but
I'm just cooking that up until those onions and leek start softening and my
sausage gets a little brown to that I'm adding some cauliflower and some
broccoli I cheated with this part I used frozen cauliflower and broccoli of
course and probably about six to ten ounces of cauliflower thawed that nuked it
in the microwave for a second but didn't cook it all the way and it was already
in small pieces and then I used a pound bag of the kirklands organic broccoli
and it's always in big huge florets you know so I did the same thing thawed
nuked in the microwave and then I just broke it apart with my hands and took
kind of one-inch chunks on that as well and I'm just cooking these all together
in the butter until they are kind of softened and just kind of turning this
sausage with my hands and I'm using my hands just because it's in large enough
chunks that I can do that without burning myself but ahm you know I should
have probably used tongs but just keeping it real over here now I'm
getting a 9 by 13 baking dish and I'm just gonna add my veggie mix to
the baking dish and then I'm gonna pour that sour cream and Dijon sauce that we
made on top of it and then mix that together really well once I had it mixed I
used my spoon to kind of place those big broccoli chunks evenly and then just
kind of patted it all down little sea salt and some ground black pepper and
now I'm just gonna add that Kielbasa straight to our veggie mix and again try
to you know place this in there evenly as possible and now for this part
I'm using a little bit of fresh thyme now I wouldn't normally use fresh thyme but
my husband picked it up and he just picked up a plant and it's almost time
to plant things outside so figured I would do it the recipe calls for four
tablespoons fresh I did not have the time for that I might've done a tablespoon
guys now I'm adding cheese I did a half a cup of the mozzarella
pre-shredded from Costco and then I'm also adding a half a cup of extra extra
sharp cheddar cheese that I had shredded myself to save on carbs and I just
pulled it out of the fridge and I'm gonna put the whole thing in the oven at
400 degrees for 15 minutes actually I cooked mine for 20 because I you know
like to do overkill this is what it looks like when it comes out guys this
was SuperDuper delicious again I will link the recipe I based it on down below
here it is all plated up put a little bit more fresh thyme on top of it this
was such an easy keto meal idea keto recipe to make for weeknights stores and
reheats super well and like I said the taste is so complex I think really the
leek is what did it but definitely try this one out guys next up I made an
awesome slow-cooked keto pork roast with some creamy gravy served over
cauliflower rice this one took a long time because I did it in the crock pot
added a three pound pork shoulder that was in the bottom of my deep freezer and
a half a tablespoon salt to that cup of water and then about this much
peppercorn just tossed it in there two teaspoons of ground thyme and a bay
leaf and I cooked this on high for four hours and then because we've had the
sickness wrecking our household constantly I accidentally I turned it to
low and then accidentally cooked it for another three to four hours so it looks
a little dry on top but it was totally moist and awesome on the inside now
after I got done cooking that in a dish over here I did about a tablespoon of
fresh minced ginger I would have done more but that's all I had left in the
fridge a heaping teaspoon of minced garlic a tablespoon of plain paprika a
half a teaspoon of ground black pepper and a tablespoon of avocado oil and I'm
just using my fork to mix that all up until it makes like a nice paste to rub
over our roast so I just took the pork shoulder when I took it out of the crock
pot all of the fat and stuff I went ahead and removed and I am just using my
hands to rub that paste all over the roast and I picked it up you can see
where I removed all of the fat off of the roast and just rubbing the paste all
on there as well and once I had that seasoned well I am
putting it into a 450 degree oven for 15 minutes just to cook that paste in now
we have a sauce pot on the stove I'm taking a sieve and pouring our pork
droppings you can see all of that fat left in the crock pot pouring that
through there to get all of those solid chunks out and now I'm going to boil
these pork drippings and reduce them by about half and of course I ran out of
patience and I didn't reduce it all the way because I was in a hurry at this
point I'm slowly adding a cup and a half of heavy whipping cream that I've had
sitting out at room temperature and I'm whisking that in and then I'm bringing
this to a boil as well now this didn't thicken up quickly enough for me so I
did end up going ahead before simmering it for about 20 minutes added 1/2 a
teaspoon of xanthan gum to that to just let it thicken up more quickly to what I
needed for it to be you know wanted a little thicker gravy consistency and
because I like to be able to see the dark spots of pepper in my gravy any
kind of gravy I went ahead and added some ground pepper to that and whisked that up and of course I took
my pork out during this and let it rest and then I shaved it up and into thin
slices steamed some cauliflower rice with a liberal amount of Kerrygold
butter and pepper put my roast over it and spooned that gravy on it this was
delicious I thought I was eating rice and gravy it was so good I highly
recommend trying this out lastly kind of a cheat meal this is some North Atlantic
Pollack served over a salad now this is from Costco it's been in my freezer for
a while it's wild-caught Pollack and it's pre seasoned and when you turn it
over macros look good the seasoning looks good except for this pesky
ingredient canola oil now I do not eat canola oil I think canola oil is
horrible for you that's my personal opinion
so I will not buy this again but because I had it in the freezer kicking around I
did go ahead and pull it out to use in all of the the pieces of fish of course
are vacuum sealed so just took all of those out after it was thawed took a
cookie sheet lined it with some nonstick foil and I just followed the directions
on the box and baked this from thawed for 20 minutes at 350 degrees
did put a little salt and pepper on it also then I topped it with this probably not that
healthy either Walden Farms Italian dressing but it is keto friendly and
then some shredded Parmesan cheese and oh man this tasted so good it's
it could change my mind and and convince me to buy that fish again so
anyway super quick quickest meal of the week
hope you guys like this week's what's for dinner on keto easy keto meal ideas
video to give you some inspiration to keep going strong in your keto diet
living your Keto lifestyle if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up
and comment down below any ideas that you have for future recipe videos or any
tips and tricks that you have while you are following your keto diet we do make
these videos every single week and they usually um you know are a better mix of
complex versus super simple keto recipes I had to keep these as easy as possible
this week as we recently put our two toddlers in pre-school / daycare we are
currently on week four of Kiddie viruses so there you go guys I'm gonna get back
to taking care of my sick kids please come back next week subscribe see you
soon bye guys music music

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