Keto Diet Cookbook for Beginners (TOP 3 KETO RECIPES!!)

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[Music] today on a real kitchen we're gonna be baking recipes from the complete keto diet cookbook for beginners hashtag 20:19 Pokeno for ketogenic diet is super popular right now and there are so many cookbooks on the market well I decided to try one of the newer one and it's called the complete keto diet for beginners hashtag 20:19 author Mandy cook struggled her whole life with her weight and when she started three years ago on the keto diet her whole life changed [Music] and this is her recipe collection today I am making for the first time the rich double cheese stuffed meatloaf and the easiest brownies ever this will be not only my honest review of this cookbook but each recipe if you are on the keto diet what are some of your favorite foods or recipes let me know in the comments below so what are we waiting for let's test this cookbook so I'm going to be telling you how long each recipe really takes from start to finish and that includes prep time because unless you've got a sous chef prep and everything for you I mean come on this is a real kitchen and I have to prep everything for myself I'm not gonna have it in those cute little bowls I'm gonna be prepping it for the camera so you see so for example this first recipe says it's going to take one hour to make does that include prep time I don't know let's make it meatloaf [Music] jalapenos Oh Lord okay make sure you take all the seeds out the seeds is where the heat is that took about seven minutes just to prep the vegetables 100% cheese no fillers half a cup of this now this recipe is calling for a quarter pound of bacon need to whisk our 1a [Music] no shakes look at the color of that yoke oh my gosh now one of the things that I'm very confused on is it calls for one tomato pureed I don't have a tomato puree so I am just gonna chop up my tomato and just kind of squish it push it with my hands I mean if it wanted pureed Tomatoes you can always buy a can of pureed tomatoes good lessons need to do is mince that two cloves of garlic [Music] you're almost ready to start the actual cooking process okay so after about a little bit of 15 minutes or so in prep time we are gonna get started with everything first thing that we're gonna do is saute the onions the peppers and the garlic so let's get our half a cup of onions what's it to add in a little bit of sunflower oil he'd get the garlic out of the bowl he'll be spatula and the peppers and I have my oven preheating right now at 300 degrees and we're going to be sauteing these until they are really aromatic and tender that's about five minutes I'm going to remove this now in the Heat Incentive it's our while we prepare the meatloaf put the beef into the bowl and add the bacon both cheeses egg oyster sauce and some salt and pepper and now we want to mix this together so now it looks like everything's combined I've got my loaf pan here so you know how we just sauteed all these vegetables it never says in the recipe what to do with them so obviously I must have to put them in here [Music] I'm gonna put this until a loaf pan a whole lot of peppers but if you like peppers you're gonna like this and now the last thing that it tells us to do is to take our pureed tomato and then also a little bit of mustard over the top and now just kind of spread this over the top we're supposed to cover this with foil and we're going to cook this for 50 minutes in our ovens okay the meatloaf is done and this is what it looks like basically Manny's recipe had me at brownie but then she threw in the words easiest ever so I gotta try this because I consider myself somewhat of a brownie expert while eating them that is so when we take a look at first glance it says are gonna take about an hour and I don't have any problem with that but to me when you have easiest brownies ever this is a lot of steps and then the one thing that I think is very interesting is I think this is definitely a typo it's calling for one vanilla extract what the heck is one vanilla extract I'm sure it's supposed to say one teaspoon of vanilla extract but you know I don't know I guess maybe I'm too strict or whatever but you need to have specific measurements so I don't know how this is gonna turn out but let's give it a whirl [Music] please together [Music] and our one vanilla extract which I'm assuming it is one and now we're gonna mix this together with our electric mixer anytime anything might make a cloud you just kind of cover it with a towel so it doesn't go everywhere okay everything looks really well combined now a microwave thankful we're gonna melt some coconut oil and the chocolate I need a half a cup of coconut oil go get our unsweetened baking chocolate it doesn't say to do this but you definitely want to break it up make sure it melts just a little bit quicker and I'm gonna set the microwave at like 30 second intervals okay so our chocolate is melted our chocolate and coconut oil together and now you're going to put that into the rest of the ingredients that we have over here and let's just mix these together normally bake my brownies in an 8×8 that is what I'm doing is putting it in an 8 by 8 brownie pan I have my oven preheating at 320 degrees and we're gonna bake this for 50 minutes five zero first we're going to is try our meatloaf and here you have the meatloaf right here the 3 cheese meatloaf said it was gonna take about an hour to make in the cookbook and by my calculations this took me hour and 45 minutes are definitely longer than the hour because that definitely includes the prep time but let's give it a taste I do add some ketchup to the top because it just looked like it needed a little bit more moisture you definitely want me to like red peppers in order or red pepper bell pepper whatever kind of pepper you put in here because it's a little bit strong with the whole pepper in it and the jalapeno I would probably put in a little bit less bell pepper but that's because I'm just not the biggest bell pepper fan but if you are a big bell pepper fan then you're gonna absolutely love this I do like the double cheese flavor really is very nice the ketchup that I put on top really made a big difference I guess I'm pretty stripped as my meatloaf I've had so many different types of meatloaf recipes throughout my life this one is just okay so one and a half whisks so the next recipe that I'm we're gonna try is we're gonna try these brownies the easiest brownies ever do you think I did to them is I add a little bit of dark chocolate drizzle over them because they just look like they were a little bit dry and they needed something so let me give these a taste okay guys so I'm gonna be a hundred percent honest with you this was a myth they are very very dry I'm gonna give this like I have to whisk or even a quarter of a whisk I'm so sorry Marcy I'm so sorry but that's my honest opinion I would love to hear from you if you're watching this on what I possibly did wrong or any alterations that you might have discovered while you after you made this eluting prep time it took me about an hour and 25 minutes so I think like cookbook authors really need to do is they really need to take into account that we are prepping the ingredients on our own which one of these keto recipes do you think you will try let me know in the comment below so with regard to the the complete keto diet cookbook for beginners hashtag 2019 so Mandy you did give a very short introduction and I understand why you started the keto diet and you went on the keto plan and so glad it worked for you but I would love to understand a little bit more about what makes one person feel that they can't publish a cookbook I could not find a publishers house so I believe that the Mandy self-published this another thing I think I talked about was not a single one of the recipes in here has a picture the first cookbook that I reviewed in my series I'll link it here almost every single recipe had a picture I happen to be a very visual person and I know a lot of my friends that love their cookbooks the recipes have pictures it's so great to know what it's supposed to look like now a big plus is the nutritional information is listed here below so you've know exactly what the calories the fat the carbs so that is wonderful there are a total of 75 recipes in here another reason that I also purchased this cookbook is because it has very high ratings on Amazon that I saw on customer ratings was that they said it was a great starting or a great beginner cookbook and then I have to agree but I really feel like the recipes need to be delicious as well so if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and share it with anybody that you feel would enjoy it and make sure that you smash that subscribe button below so you'll be notified every Tuesday and Thursday when I post new videos and also make sure that you're following me on Instagram add a real kitchen and please don't forget to comment below for any cookbook that you would like to see me review next well thank you so much for watching I will see you next time bye [Music]

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