#keto CLOUD BREAD only 3 ingredients! ☁️☁️☁️

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hey YouTube I'm prepping for some cloud bread right now and I just wanted to say thank you to the few of you who have commented on my Instagram post and have subscribed and liked my videos it helps to keep my kitchen clean it gives me motivation thank you so I've lined the two pans with parchment paper and now I'm going to preheat my oven to 300 degrees so you're going to need like this is two bowls one ball is going to be for whipping the egg whites with baking powder and the other Bowl is for the cream cheese and egg yolks so for this recipe I only need three ingredients and one of them is cream cheese leave 3 tablespoons and I hope I have three tablespoons left in here that's probably the rest of it it's best to do it with room temperature cream cheese but I want to get this recipe going while the baby's sleeping also going to need baking powder one teaspoon and I'll just put that in the fold it up with my egg whites in and three eggs so first separate the yolks from the whites and make sure not to get any yolks into the whites mixture and you're also going to need a hand mixer so I think I'm going to do the yolks first because you got to do this part the the whites right away where you have to be quick after you do them so they so they don't deflate Oh and start whipping my my whites I don't like the chunky parts of the eggs my ground I used to always get mad at me when I'd spend the time to take out the yucky white parts there so girls my mom always took them out I'm just not used to them you want to whip it till it stands up there you go pretty cool huh since I used 12 old cream cheese not room temperature it's still really grainy so I'm just just going to use a spatula to kind of smash it all together and smash in here for a couple minutes and looking better but I'm just going to start mixing in to the egg whites now before they start to D fluff and you want to fold it in gently so you don't lose too much of the air seek the large parchment paper line just tray and dollop some on there I'm going to try and get it all in one pan they cook better and in one layer rather than putting two trees in the oven at one time we'll see now they don't spread out too much so you can get them close together let's see if I can line up four of them I don't know if I can fit it out on here see let's do it it's okay if two of them stick together I'm going to check the time it's 5:35 no 635 6:30 and when I've been making them I haven't really been checking the time or keeping time so I'll let you know how long it takes after these ones are done because I'm just going to keep my eye on them and for like the last minute or two before you take them out you want to turn it to broil just to brown them up alright see you in like maybe 15 minutes right there's so much better than the ones I made yesterday they look like actual bread rolls look like actual clouds don't you look some cloud bread yeah I guess she'd rather have an orange thanks for watching hey Roger

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