Keto Chocolate Coconut Fat Bombs Recipe

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nope I'm gonna count to three one two
three hey guys in this video we're gonna what
nothing okay you're good hey so what are we making today Karen
okay so this is a combination of all good things this has got chocolate
peanut butter and coconut and it's a little more dense it's a fat bomb right
keto bomb this is good to help tied your your hunger over and give your body some
healthy fat it's got coconut oil in it and it's got
some hemp seed in it so it's not as just fatty as a lot of fat bombs are this one
has a little more to it and a keto bomb is something that you would keep in the
freezer so you don't like you got to let it thaw a little bit but these are great
to have right after a meal so you can go longer to actually hide your fat in a
little cookie that's right that didn't come out right but let's show you how to
make it okay


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