Keto Big Mac Salad | Low Carb Hamburger Salad Recipe

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you know Big Mac salad is there such a thing there is today I'm our machine my block is to see was calm and I'm gonna show you how to make a Kido Big Mac like salad now of course because this Kido there's gonna be no bread for you but you will also not care so let's get started the first thing we want to do is we want to get our pot heating so essentially there's gonna be three stages to the salad the first thing you're gonna do is you're gonna Brown the ground beef while the ground beef is Brooke is browning you're gonna make your a Big Mac sauce your not-so-secret sauce and then while all of that is coming together you're gonna go ahead and chop up your lettuce and your pickles and cheese and all of the other things that are actually going to go into the subway here's I've got this pan relatively hot what we're gonna do is we're gonna put in our ground beef and we're gonna let it cook let's get everything together for the sauce Mayo we're gonna put in mustard we're gonna pour it and vinegar about a tablespoon dish we're gonna go ahead and add one package of Splenda we want to see how sweet that's gonna get it and let's mix this up and then I'm gonna be chopping up some onions and pickles and since they're both gonna go on at the same time and they don't need to be diced about the same like really tiny dice I'm just gonna mix it all in one one kind of work make little matchsticks and then flip the mastic on their side and top it up a little bit this beep is not going to have much in it we're just going to put a little bit of salt and we have our mustard mayonnaise vinegar and a little bit of sweetener in here I'm gonna add the chopped pickles and the top onions to this okay this is gonna be our sauce and we're gonna mix this up now the original sauce is a little bit red they get that red I think through a French dressing my combination honestly I'm not sure you need it if you don't like the aesthetics of this and you wanted a little bit redder go ahead and put in paprika fully optional it's not going to change the face that much to be honest you might even make it a little bit better and that might look you know more like what you're accustomed to meanwhile my brownies are done so I'm gonna turn this off and I'm just gonna let it sit here over half a minute while I finish doing what I'm doing here this is a really good time to taste it make sure everything is good so let's do that that's really good and now we are gonna chop up our iceberg lettuce you can use romaine but as you know that's not what you get when you go to the fast-food restaurant so we're gonna use whatever they use you know I you could you could tear it I'm just gonna chop it because I love my lettuce kind of fine you guys shredded really and then what I would suggest to you is that you get a nice glass bowl translucent on the side and layer it so that it's gonna look all pretty and you can see all the different layers in it now the other thought I have for you on this one is that you can always make this into a mason jar salad to work the next day you need to leave it out for long enough for the beads to come to room temperature if you're going to do that but let's say that we put our lettuce in at the bottom here the next thing we're gonna do is sprinkle some cheese okay you want that hot ground beef to go on top of the cheese because you want the cheese a little bit melted not totally but you do want a little bit of a heat to get into it okay some slices of onion on top of this I have some hamburger dill pickle slices which you could either make whole but I feel like whole is gonna be a lot of subtle flavor in there it's gonna be a big mouthful of it so I'm just gonna cut mine just a pad that's put that on it now we're gonna take and we're going to drizzle some of our sauce on this okay what you're doing this in a mason jar be sure to use this ordering of stuff you what you don't want is you don't want the dressing and the lettuce to touch until much later okay and there you have it I want you to look at from the side look how pretty it is and when you're ready you can just mix it up and have a taste mmm oh my god you guys this tastes exactly like a Big Mac I'm not kidding you you know when things are Kido you expect them to taste a little bit different this one does not taste different so here you have it a very simple keto Big Mac like salad I'm reversing my bloggers to Swedish comm I hope that was helpful and if you found this helpful please share this video thanks for watching

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