Insulin Resistance Symptoms (WHY YOU CAN’T LOSE WEIGHT!)

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in today's video we are talking about
insulin resistance and signs and symptoms to look out for
insulin resistance is thought to affect over half of the
u.s population with a lot of these cases being
undiagnosed being insulin resistant is a problem because
it can make it very difficult to lose weight it increases your disease risk
and it often leads to type 2 diabetes so this is
not something to take lightly the good news is that
insulin resistance is not a life sentence and it can be reversed
in today's video i'm going to give you 9 signs of insulin resistance to watch out
for and what you can do if you are insulin resistant hey guys welcome back to my channel if
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share new posts every single day as i mentioned at the start of this
video insulin resistance is not something to take
lightly and although it is entirely preventable
it is also extremely common but before we get ahead of ourselves
let's quickly recap what insulin resistance is
insulin is a hormone that is responsible for blood sugar management when we eat a
meal containing carbohydrates these carbohydrates are broken down into
glucose and your blood sugar rises as a result of this rise the pancreas
releases insulin into the bloodstream to shut all the excess sugar to cells
throughout the body and bringing your blood sugar level back
to baseline but sometimes the cells stop responding
to insulin and do not accept it this leads to blood
sugar levels remaining high and more insulin being secreted as a
result so now you're in a situation where your
blood sugar is high and your insulin is high now insulin is
also known as the fat storage hormone when insulin is high
this means you have a surplus of glucose in your blood which is energy
because you have this energy there is no need to use your stored body
fat for energy and because your insulin is always
elevated when you have insulin resistance
this can make it very hard to lose weight but anyways let's get into the
nine signs that you might be insulin resistant
number one abdominal fat if you carry a lot of
weight in your midsection this can be a sign of insulin resistance
when you're insulin resistant fat gets stored in places that it
typically wouldn't such as around our organs in our abdomen
this is called visceral fat and it is directly related
to insulin resistance number two swollen ankles one of the
other rules of insulin is telling our kidneys to retain water
and sodium if insulin is not being responded to
properly as is the case with insulin resistance
fluid can be retained unnecessarily causing ankles to become
swollen number three hunger after eating are you
one of those people who can eat a meal and still feel hungry afterwards
unfortunately this is a pretty big indicator that you
are insulin resistant insulin resistance means your body is
not regulating blood sugar levels properly
the cells in your body are not able to absorb the glucose
and use it for energy so you are eating and the energy is there
but your body can't use it number four sugar cravings this one ties in with the
last point if your body is not able to use your
blood sugar efficiently this essentially leaves your cells
starving and this can lead to cravings for
carbohydrates and sugar even if you have just eaten number four
dark skin patches high levels of insulin in the blood can trigger the appearance
of dark dry patches of skin usually these will
appear on skin folds so your armpits neck and groin
number five frequent urination if you always have to pee this can be another
sign because insulin is not regulating blood
sugar correctly the kidneys have to make more urine to
pass the sugar from your blood and this also ties in
with the next symptom number six extreme thirst of course if
you are flushing all of the water out of your body you're
gonna be more thirsty number seven a regular menstrual cycle
this one obviously only applies to women high insulin can cause the ovaries to
make more male hormones this imbalance of hormones can
cause your period to become irregular if your period is inconsistent if it's
very long or if you do not have a period at all
these can all be signs you are insulin resistant
usually this hormonal imbalance is characterized as
polycystic ovarian syndrome or pcos pcos and insulin resistance go hand in
hand and many women find that when they
address their insulin resistance issues their pcos symptoms improve number eight
skin tags tags of skin on your neck or armpit can also be an indicator of
insulin resistance number nine elevated blood sugar if you
have a blood sugar meter measuring your blood sugar around
meals can be a good way to test your insulin
sensitivity of course you can use it to measure your
fasting blood sugar in the morning usually around an hour after you wake up
and see where you're at but you need to
remember that this is just a snapshot in time
and there are several factors outside of diet
that can impact your blood sugar exercise for example
can cause a rise in your blood sugar taking a hot shower
that can do it as well and diet of course
what you really want to test is your blood sugar response when you eat
measure your blood sugar before you eat and then 30 minutes after you eat
and again two hours later two hours post meal
your blood sugar levels should have returned to baseline
if they haven't this can be a sign of insulin resistance
and those are nine signs you might be insulin resistant
now as i said at the start of this video insulin resistance is not a life
sentence and it can be reversed so we know that insulin resistance is
characterized by our cells not responding to insulin correctly
but what causes this insulin resistance is a vicious cycle
we start by eating foods that have a high insulin response
and then we eat more of these same foods before our insulin levels have a chance
to come back down and it is this overproduction of insulin
that originally causes our cells to become resistant
there's just too much for our cells to accept
and once this happens your blood sugar remains high
even more insulin gets pumped out and the problem worsens
like i said it's a vicious cycle so what's the solution there are
two main things you can do to increase insulin sensitivity
number one eat less foods that have a high insulin response
and number two eat less frequently out of the three macronutrients
fat protein and carbohydrates fat has the lowest insulin response
barely triggering its release at all protein is slightly higher
and carbs are the highest most foods have a combination
of these macros but if you're insulin resistant
as much as you can you want to be limiting carbohydrates
several studies have shown a very low carb or keto diet
to be effective in reversing insulin resistance for this reason
generally if you can stick to under 50 grams of total carbs per day
this will make a huge difference i have a whole video on the top foods you can
eat to reverse insulin resistance so if you want to know what you can eat
exactly you can check this video out after and the
second part to this is to eat less frequently stick to your
meals and don't snack in between snacks are
what cause our insulin to remain elevated throughout the day
and we want to give our insulin a chance to come back down
intermittent fasting is also something you can incorporate
which has been shown to be extremely effective at improving insulin
sensitivity as well now one last thing i want to add
before we wrap this video up is that there are other factors besides
diet that can contribute to insulin
resistance just one night of poor sleep has been shown
to make you temporarily insulin resistant
the following day and this is one of the reasons why i prioritize my sleep
so much sure a poor night's sleep here and there
that's not going to affect you too much in the long term but if you are
chronically sleep deprived that will definitely have
a greater effect if you have trouble falling asleep or
staying asleep i highly recommend blue blox's sleep plus
glasses these glasses block 100 of the blue and
green light that has been shown to negatively impact our sleep
i put these on at sunset and wear them until i go to bed
they really help not only my sleep duration but also
my sleep quality anyways guys that is all i have for you today
let me know in the comment section down below if you have been diagnosed with
insulin resistance and the steps you are taking to reverse
it if you like this video you might also like my video on the top foods you can
eat to reverse insulin resistance you can check it out here you can catch
up on my most recent upload right here and if you
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