Insanely FAST Keto Chocolate Lava Cake in a Mug PART 2

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hello and welcome back today we're going to be making a second edition of the chocolate lava cake that you saw yesterday so I'm gonna wine two ramekins with some coke and I'm going to go ahead and melt that in the microwave for about 10 seconds to kind of just you know add a nice layer of coconut oil so as you can see the coconut oil has melted evenly all over the Ramkin here now you're gonna add your batter and it's the same exact batter I made yesterday no changes and you're going to add it equally to each ramekin now that I have equal parts of the batter in the ramekins two halves I'm going to go ahead and microwave it microwave time it may vary depending on your microwave so now I've removed the two halves from the ramekins and they look like this and we're going to go ahead and make our chocolate lava cake we're gonna start by layering these I'm gonna put 1 square here 1 square here here are one of the first players out of being in the microwave you can see the chocolates slightly melted on there I'm gonna go grab the second layer there it is right now and I've added the second layer as you can see some chocolate on the side here some chocolate on the top chocolate in the middle so let's do a little taste test definitely a win

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