I Walked 15,000 Steps everyday for 30 days | Skinnier thighs? Weight Loss?

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You know those moments where you feel like you're at your absolute low and even when you pick yourself up to workout, you just feel like you're still gaining weight yep that's me over the last two months I'm bloated all the fricking time, and all I want to do is just binge eat and I'm craving for everything but I can't even do that because even drinking water gives me cramps I guess I've been a little bit depressed lately because of my health.

So over the last month, I've decided that I would stop working out completely. But I still wanted to do some sort of activity that wasn't as intense, something that wasn't going to strain my body while I’m trying to heal, so I didn't want to do weights or intense cardio so I decided I'm just going to walk. Now, an average human being walks about 3000 to 4000 steps a day and that's about two miles(~3.2km). I decided I'm going to triple that and aim for 15,000 steps a day and see how it goes. 1) I was curious how realistic it was to walk 15000 steps a day and 2) How many calories it would burn? 3) If I could maintain my weight, and 4) What about my legs? Am I going to get skinnier thighs? And what about my calves, are they going to get bigger? So, yeah I thought it would be an interesting challenge.

So here's my starting weight I was 48 kg day 1. So, let's talk about day 1 I tried to do 15,000 steps. It was really tough. I did 14,000 which I think was pretty good. It took me about two hours The surprising thing was that my shins and my calves were quite sore, especially my shins. My legs were feeling a little bit wobbly from walking 14,000 steps My HIIT workouts or my leg workouts don't do that to me but walking does?? Like, really? So, it was a new experience, so on day 2 I took it easy because i literally couldn't really walk.

So I did like 1,700 steps which I think was pretty ok. *laughs in pain* It was really bad *ok* So, on day three onwards I strategized better I did two sessions I split it into two sessions, so for each session I did about 7000 steps, and for the rest of the day I was hoping that I could just satisfy the thousand steps from just like, grocery runs or just chores at home. So yeah I did that. And on day 3 I think I did about 16000 steps which was really amazing but my shins were killing me like my shins were so sore, like shin over here not the calves like my shin was super sore from walking maybe because I don't use my shin muscles that much at all That went on for a week like the first week was really tough on my legs like my calves and my shins.

My thighs, not so much. Like my thighs were not really feeling sore. It was a little bit tiring, but not too bad Now, I soon realized that it got really boring walking the same trail every day. So I basically explored every single park around my home and on some days I just went to the gym because it was either very hot or just rainy so it was better for me to just go to the gym to walk but I don't really like walking on the treadmill because it just – doesn't give me that full range of motion for my legs.

Like I just feel restricted with that movement Other than that, I would go to the mall if I was just not feeling it, if I was just feeling like ugh I don't want to walk, don't want to go to the gym I would just go to the mall and walk for two hours, mostly window shopping because I mean, seriously if I were to shop every time I go to the mall I would be broke. So now for food. Should I eat, y'know, clean, based on what's good for my gut health? Or should I just eat whatever I want? So I was waiting for my test results to come back ,and everything I ate bloated me anyways, So I decided, to hell with it! I had my pizzas, my Korean food, Japanese food, but I had a lot of Mac's a lot of ice creams, a lot of chocolate, just tons of food that I was craving for because I couldn't eat them when I was on a gut protocol.

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So I was really curious whether I was going to lose weight or gain weight, or maintain my weight because I was walking at the same time. So I was burning calories, but I was also ingesting a lot more calories than I burned. I also took some time off from YouTube, social media in general. If you noticed that on my channel like I stopped posting as frequently. I still tried my best to post, but y'know, mental health comes first. I just, I was really trying to take the time to heal myself. Sometimes taking a step back is good for anyone, and I really needed that at that point so, off social media! So yeah, 30 days flew by pretty quickly, actually not really because I was so bored of it by the end of the challenge like the 30 days.

But yeah, I couldn't give up. I needed to finish this challenge, so on the last week I actually did pretty well. My average steps were definitely 15,000 steps But I know on week 2 and week 3 it was not like exactly great. Like on week 2 it was maybe 10,000 steps. But the point is, I tried okay! I tried and on week 4 I did really well so I'm proud of myself. So let me summarize how it went and the results. So overall it was actually really difficult to hit 15,000 steps a day. You need to dedicate yourself like two hours a day of walking So if you don't have time for that, then, just y'know, cut it down to maybe 10,000 steps or 7000 to 8000, steps. Now, let's talk about calories burned so 15000 steps a day burned about 400 calories for me sometimes a little bit more depending on how fast I walk If I walk a little bit faster then I'll burn a little bit more so some of you guys might burn like heaps more like double the calories or some a little bit less so 400 calories for me is actually a lot because if I were to go for a late session or just a short HIIT workout it could be just 200 calories so realistically 400 calories is definitely going to be able to help me lose weight or maintain weight BUT I was eating like crap everyday for two weeks so two weeks in I decided to weigh myself and I gained 2 kilos like I was like damn I knew I gained a little bit of weight because I felt some fat rolls behind that makes sense because although I burned 400 calories a day I was eating a lot more; I was eating pizza so frequently and so much Chinese food and i was getting so much water retention from all these food as well so that made a lot of sense so i decided to eat a little bit cleaner, i did not stop my chocolates and my ice-creams i'm still having them but i'm just having less so for the next 2 weeks i tried to eat a little bit cleaner no surprises here, i lost the weight back to 47.6 kilos which is my current weight so i guess the conclusion is that nutrition plays a very important role when it comes to losing weight you cant just workout and expect to lose weight if you eat like crap like if you are having pizzas everyday and you tried to like do like lots of workouts and it does not work? i mean unless you are eating less than you burn you are still gonna gain weight so basically If your calories in Is a lot more than your calories out You are still gonna gain weight Regardless of what you are doing I feel like I could do better, but I really needed to take some time off And just enjoy my life And not worry about every little thing And now let’s talk about my legs because I was really curious about what would happen to my calves because I’ve never walked that much In my life before.

So My measurement of my calves before I started my walk Was 12 inches – I’m gonna measure my calves . Let’s just measure them right now. Okay let’s check the measurement on my On.. my.. my tHigHh. When I Started it was 20 inches and now it’s 19 and a half so I lost So I lost a little bit on my ThiGhS The other side is also 19 and a half Inches So I guess like, you know there’s a lot Of ideals of how you can lose your thighs by walking, so I guess that’s kinda true..

NOW lets measure my calves because I kinda feel like my calves have gotten bigger Like it’s ROCK solid right now So my calves is like 12.3 inches Or it is 12.4 inches now so My calves have grown, DAMN so Walking definitely grows the calves guys Like because I guess 15,000 steps is a lot soo And this thigh is 12 and a half inches Wow..

Damn I’ve grown half a inch on my calves from walking But you know what These muscles are not gonna stay if you stop working them so I’m pretty sure that my calf muscles will shrink If I stop walking as much To wrap this off I guess I just really wanna say It is totally fine to give yourself a break That’s what I did and I am glad I did because I feel better now I think I feel better now 100% like the break from social media The break from working out Um really helped me to recover To recover a little bit better when it comes to my mental health And also my physical help, I think, I hope I mean I’m still bloated all the time but It’s getting better, it will get better Also you aren’t going to lose everything Just because you start working out, you’re gonna gain back your strength Once you get into it, you’re gonna get back in shape once you get into it Sooo I seriously can’t wait to get back Into working out again because I know..

I know working out – doing HIT workouts is my only way to get back into shape So yeah, right now I’m working on my new program which is coming out on the first of January So if you wanna get back in shape with me, the first Episode will be coming out on the first of Jan The second episode will be out on the second of Jan sooo Mark your calander because we are gonna be working out together So that’s all for today’s video, I hoped you enjoyed it Merry Christmas and Happy New Year If I don’t post before then And I’ll see you in the next video BYEEEEEE *blows kiss*

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