I tried a WEIGHT LOSS SUBLIMINAL for A WEEK (lose weight fast?)

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this little piggy went that wasn't mine hey guys 
what's up welcome back to my channel hope you guys   are all doing well um so cut take two hey guys 
what's up welcome back to my channel hope you guys   are all doing well if you're new here hi i'm gigi 
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can see i'm not in my usual filming corner   i'm actually at one of your favorite 
people's house tanisha assange photography there's just too much going on at home it was 
just easier to film here so tanisha has graciously   gracious graciously allowed me to film here for 
you guys so go follow her okay so in today's video   i'm going to be testing out subliminal messages 
so in today's video i'm going to be testing out   subliminal messaging for weight loss in a way uh 
more specifically audio subliminal messaging for a   curvier waist so if you're like me and you're new 
to subliminals i'm going to give you guys a little   bit of background subliminal messaging is defined 
as sensory action and response that can only be   picked up below conscious perception meaning 
that subliminal messages can only be caught by   the subconscious mind subliminals can be visual 
vocal or audio messages that are only subtle   so you don't have time to consciously process them 
so can subliminals really help you lose weight i   mean i've heard of brainwashing or hypnotizing for 
things like quitting smoking weight loss if you   want to be more confident basically just anything 
really but subliminals were new to me i had heard   of subliminal messaging but i never really thought 
about using it to manifest things like career core   or a job or whatever there are actually so many 
different types of subliminals out there which is   crazy to think that you can basically just train 
your mind to change your behavior to give you what   you want i came across across this video from the 
youtube user eggtopia great name by the way titled   curvy core intense slim ways plus ab workout 
subliminal listen once a lot of these subliminal   videos say listen once but i did a little bit 
of digging and research and while they do say to   listen once you can actually speed up your results 
by listening multiple times a day the reason this   piqued my interest is because as you guys know 
i struggle with chronic bloating it's a problem   that i've had for years and for the last two and a 
half months it's been a real problem and literally   nothing has helped so i was like okay i'm 
interested i listen to this for seven days three   times in the morning when i wake up and three 
times when i go to sleep this particular type   of subliminal a weight loss subliminal focused on 
a trivial core was reading through the comments   and first of all these subliminal communities 
seem so supportive and so nice to each other and   i'm just like oh my gosh i want to befriend all 
of you guys yeah like i said i was reading the   comments and people said that you could actually 
speed up results by also exercising with them   or listening to them while you're exercising 
because i go to the gym regularly anyway but i   wanted to kind of test if this would work without 
working out so i can attribute my results to the   weight loss subliminals rather than the workout so 
basically i just wanted to see if i could watch tv   eat snacks and sleep all day while listening to 
the subliminal and still wake up with a flat tummy   i did this for seven days and here's what 
happened hey guys it's me um who else would   it be you dumbass it's day two and it's 
my birthday so i'm gonna be eating a lot   of treats today so i don't know if my subliminal 
mind will slim my waist but this is the ultimate   test i don't think i'm gonna measure my waist 
every day i'm just gonna do like the beginning   and end because i don't think it's healthy to 
check that every day okay yeah day stay tuned hello okay so it is day four last two days i've 
been eating really bad and like overeating but   it's okay because it's my birthday weekend um so 
i don't know how or if that's gonna impact this   but yeah so probably just go back to eating 
how i normally eat i'm gonna make breakfast now   which is probably just gonna be some oatmeal 
so for breakfast i just made oatmeal it's   just instant oatmeal i added crushed almonds 
crushed walnuts chia seeds and then i usually   like to add some fruits like sliced bananas or 
blueberries but today i just didn't feel like it   so instead i had this really delicious watermelon 
on the side good morning it is day five i probably   sound so tired in all of my morning updates 
because it's like right when i wake up i'm like   but it's day five that came so quick about 
to listen to the subliminal usually i listen   right when i wake up i just put it on and lay 
in bed for a while but this morning i just   i don't know i just wanted to sleep i could not 
get myself to wake up and really have to force   myself so i just like got up washed my face and 
now i'm filming this and yeah i'm gonna listen   to the subliminal to be honest i don't know like 
right now i'm not really feeling any different   i don't feel like i look very different um 
but i'm hoping to see results at the end of   these seven days but we'll see so stay tuned look 
how tired i look look at these bags under my eyes   disgusting hey guys day six okay this is crazy but 
i actually feel like my waist is not smaller but   it actually feels flatter which is really cool 
because for the last two two and a half months   i've been struggling with heavy heavy bloating 
like my waist was bigger than it's been in like   years like and it was really getting to me but i'm 
kind of confused confused because i haven't really   done anything different besides adding these 
subliminals in i did stop the gym which is weird   you'd think that my stomach would go flatter when 
i was going in the gym but it's flatter today   i'm not going to show you guys yet because i want 
to show you guys tomorrow but i've also not been   eating very well which is the funny thing because 
okay look at my late night snack last night here's   my little corner of shame just kidding guys don't 
be ashamed of having snacks it's okay um yes last   night i polished off this bag of crispy mini mint 
i wouldn't want to say mince but it's crispy minis   and then this is like i pour the the chip crispy 
mints into this plate because i just don't want to   reach in the bag that's why there's these little 
dust but i also before i had the consumers i had   a slice of apple pie okay 1.5 slices of apple pie 
and then it was my birthday weekend so like i was   eating a lot of sweets and just like not the best 
food for you but like and i don't know i it could   just be in my head like i could look exactly the 
same for somebody else but in my head i feel like   oh like i look better but yeah so that's my little 
update show you guys what i'm gonna have for lunch   today and then day seven tomorrow and we'll see 
if anything's actually changed for lunch i made   a little stir fry using some leftover brown rice 
i fried up some tofu mixed vegetable vegetables   like broccoli carrots green beans edamame and 
then there's also some potatoes which actually   didn't cook that well so i didn't end up eating 
those it was really good i fried it up with some   olive oil and some flax seed oil for some omega-3 
and yeah it was really good i very much enjoyed it   here's my stomach on day seven it is a lot less 
bloated and actually starting to look toned again   so that's pretty exciting so today is day seven 
i updated you guys this morning on how i felt and   how it was looking so here are my results in these 
seven days i lost drum roll please half an inch   off of my waist lucia is shocked she's in how many 
days seven days what but i feel like that's pretty   normal and like a healthy amount to lose however 
i don't know if it was from the weight loss   subliminal because i just feel less bloated 
like i don't feel like i lost weight i feel   less bloated i feel less tightness in my stomach 
now i could say that maybe the subliminal help me   to eat better but as you guys saw in my last video 
i ate a lot of sweets and oily greasy food on my   birthday and to be honest i haven't been eating 
well i kind of have for like the last two days so   i'm gonna go ahead and say yes it was from the 
subliminal because i've been really bloated for   like two and a half months and nothing has helped 
and then i suddenly add the subliminal into my   routine and i feel less bloated but it could also 
just be like from taking a break from the gym   i don't know i think i'm going to continue on 
with this though for like a full month and see   if i see any more drastic results i think it's 
cool i think subliminals are very cool you can   use them for all sorts of things besides weight 
loss um yeah let me know what you guys thought of   the videos have you guys tried subliminals comment 
below have they worked for you or have they not   worked for you that's all for today thank you so 
much for watching i hope you guys liked the video   if you did please be sure to give it a big 
thumbs up and see you guys in the next one bye booty pop i can't i don't 
have one everyone has a booty   all booties are beautiful all booties 
are beautiful oh that was a good one

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