I Tried 19 Shocking Canned Chickpea Recipes | PART ONE: Lunch + Dinner

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– I don't know guys, this
is, this is a weird video. You gotta give it to me. So, we're just gonna roll
with the punches here. Today we are gonna be
cooking so many recipes with canned chickpeas. Available everywhere,
at almost every store except that one that I went to
that did not have chickpeas. I'm gonna be trying to
make at least 15 recipes and uh, we'll see which ones taste good. It's amazing. Oh my God. I mean, at this point I'm
just trying to convince myself that I didn't (bleep) up but I did.

We'll see which ones will
end up in your recipe book. I have like, you know, a baby's worth of dried chickpeas at all times but we're gonna be using canned. They're more convenient
and they're available pretty much everywhere. The world's our limit. No, the universe is our limit. No, there is no limit. – The limit does not exist! – First recipe of the day,
General Tso's Chickpeas. This one goes out to you, Chelsea. First things first,
we're going to crack open a can of chickpeas and we're going to be draining out the liquid
and reserving the liquid because we're just gonna
do some experiments with the liquid so… (upbeat music) Can number one. This shall be my chickpea liquid jar. So into our bowl we're just going to go in with about a tablespoon
of soy sauce, vinegar, and sriracha. Gonna give it a whisk. (whisking sound) Then we're gonna pop in
our chickpeas, drained. Give it a toss. And just let it sit for about 10 minutes to let this flavor soak in.

In the meantime, we can make our sauce by grating some ginger
and garlic into the bowl. We're gonna go in with about
two tablespoons brown sugar, one tablespoon hoisin, two
tablespoons rice wine vinegar, a tablespoon of sesame oil,
and some chicken broth. (pouring and whisking sound) And then we're gonna drain
the chickpeas right over. (pouring sound) So that we're not wasting
any of those (intelligible). Set that aside. To your lightly seasoned chickpeas we're just gonna add some corn starch and we're going to toss
it until it's well coated. Give it a nice shake. Make sure everything's even. Let's go in with our chickpeas. (sizzling sound) (upbeat music) Once they look deeply golden like this we're just gonna transfer
them out, put them in a bowl. (sound of bowls clacking together) Then we'll cook our broccoli. (sizzling sound) Garlic, pepper, little bit of our sauce. (sizzling sound) Once the broccoli looks nice and tender, we're just gonna go in with our chickpeas and with the rest of our sauce.

And we're just gonna let it cook until the sauce is nice and sticky. (sizzling sounds) (upbeat music) Shall we have a taste then? Mmmm. Holy crap. Broccoli is super tender. The chickpeas have turned
into this very like, mushy but slightly chewy
exterior with all that spices. Yes, a hundred time, would make again. Broccoli is tender but still crisp. That flavor is just soaked
throughout the entire chickpea. It's amazing. You can call it mushy or
you can call it creamy. Doesn't matter what word
you use, it's just good. Ten out of ten. Gonna get moving now. Are we ready for recipe two? We're gonna make some meatballs. It's gonna be a tomato sauce. It's gonna be like normal
meatballs except no meat, just chickpeas and rice and mushrooms and spices and delicious-ness, duh.

(clattering sounds) Oh my god. We're gonna go in with
some onions, garlic, and mushrooms, and fennel seeds. Season with a little bit of salt. Then we're gonna dump in our chickpeas. We're gonna let it cook
until the mixture is fragrant and all of our vegetables
become a little bit golden. (sound of pepper cracking) The reason why we wanna
cook the chickpeas off a little bit first is because it's canned. It has moisture. I don't want our meatballs
to be like, pure mush. I want there to be a
little bit of texture so this is a good way to get flavor in there while drying it out a little bit.

So that you get a nice
little fancy meatball. Going in with soy sauce. Our rice. Maybe about a quarter cup of parm. A lot of parsley. A little bit of red pepper
flakes- that's too much. Some smoked paprika. Let's mash. (upbeat music) Smells like a meatball. So I think this is gonna
yield about 11 meatballs. About ye big. (upbeat music) Gonna put a little bit
of salt on each of them. And just be patient until
that golden crust forms. (sizzling sound) If you feel like your meatballs are flattening out a little too much, you can use tongs to
kind of shape them back into a taller ball. So what happens when you get too impatient and too perfectionistic and you move your meatballs way too much, way to soon is you get
these nice little snacks.

It pays. It pays to be perfectionistic, you know? Once your meatballs are nice
and golden on all of the sides, transfer them off and let
them rest for a little bit. Sauce is gonna be really simple. Olive oil, some onions,
whatever spices you want, a little sugar. (sizzling sound) (upbeat music) You can put in a little
lemon zest if you want to pick up that fresh
flavor of the tomatoes. Turn off the heat. Let's add back our meatballs. I'm gonna keep one just for extra crisp. (upbeat music) Alright guys, time to taste test. Smells divine, because
all I smell is Parmesan. How could you go wrong with Parmesan? (classical music) Okay, the flavor is not bad. The texture though? It's a bit mushy. I don't know what I expected
out of canned chickpeas but would I eat it? Absolutely. Would I go through the trouble
of making it into meatballs, searing it, taking it out
of the pan, making a sauce, putting it back into the
sauce like I would treat a normal beef meatball? I don't think so.

So, I'm gonna give this one
a six point five out of ten. It tastes great but it's
just a little lacking on the texture front
which I can't blame it. It's chickpeas, guys. Delicious though. I did save one meatball that
I did not immerse in the sauce and I just wanted to taste
it on its own 'cause it's got a nice golden sear on the outside. Mmm. Okay. If you don't put it in the sauce, it tastes more like a meatball. I think that tomato sauce
is a little bit overpowering and it brings out the earthiness of the chickpeas more for some reason. But if you just have it on its own it kind of tastes like a chicken meatball. It is delicious though. It is. Okay guys, next up – tacos. Super simple. Drain the chickpeas. Heated skillet. Spices. (sizzling sound) (whispers) It's singing. Maybe a little bit of
ketchup and Chipotle sauce for that barbecue-y type flavor. Mmm. Cook it until it's nice and glaze-y and a little bit charred
and crispy on the outside. (sizzling sounds) Then we're gonna wrap
it in a flour tortilla.

Top it with some toppings, maybe a little avocado crema. Okay, crema, super simple. Garlic, we're going to
grate it right into there. Juice of a lime, some yogurt, an avocado, and blitz it until it's smooth. (blending sound) (upbeat music) All the good stuff, you know the deal. Tacos. The moment we've all been waiting for. (upbeat music) Oh my God. It's like, four different layer of flavor and they're all good.

First there's that creaminess
that hits with the avocado. And then you have like,
a layer of sweetness, I think both from the brown
sugar and the chickpeas and from all of the vegetables
in here like the radish. The yogurt and the avocado
crema is also very sweet, and then the flour tortilla
is also very sweet. Bomb, it's just bomb. I think I could have gone spicier.


Maybe a tablespoon more chipotle. But right now, seven out of ten. Not bad. Want some tacos? – Yes, thank you love. – Allright guys, I think we're
ready for some cool ranch roasted chickpea snacks. This recipe will be in
two steps, super simple. You're gonna take your chickpeas, you're gonna drain them, you're
gonna pat them really dry. Soggy chickpeas do not lead
to crunch roasted chickpeas. Put them in the oven at
375 and let them dry out for about eight to ten minutes
just until that exterior starts to turn matte and
it doesn't feel sticky or wet or moist anymore. We're going to add some oil, just a touch, to coat all the peas, and
then we're gonna toss them in some ranch dressing powder seasoning. And then we're gonna return it to the oven and let it bake for about half
hour to forty minutes more.

And I'm thinking in the
meantime, we make pizza. Chickpea pizza. Maybe we'll throw some cool
ranch chickpeas on top? I don't know guys, this is
a- this is a weird video. You gotta give it to me, so- we're just gonna roll
with the punches here. I'm thinking in this case,
using mashed up chickpeas, combine it with maybe not an egg because it's already pretty wet. Just with mozzarella, some seasoning. (upbeat music) (blending sounds) (upbeat music) Nice.

Shouldn't stick to your fingers. Nice and smooth. Pat it into a crust, bake
it, see what happens. (clacking sounds) (crunching sound) Snacks, my favorite. Crunchy. Cool ranchy. Objective. There are some pieces that
get a little bit toasty. Just keep turning them
to get even heating. Keep an eye on them. Maybe every ten minutes
or so, check up on them. I love these. Do me a favor, if you make these, make a double or a triple batch because this is gonna be gone in no time. Seven out of ten. Alright, we're gonna
get a move on our pizza. We're gonna set our oven to 400 degrees and we're gonna bake it
for about 10 or 12 minutes, depending on when it gets golden. (sounds of bowl clanking) (upbeat music) Let's go in with our sauce,
our cheese, our toppings.

(upbeat music) More cheese. (upbeat music) Looks pretty beautiful. But more cheese cannot hurt. (rustling sound) Chickpea pizza. Let's have a bite. To be honest, I can't taste
the chickpea very much. I put a lot of cheese on this. And that nice, crunchy
onion-jalapeno combination is super super good with that
almost like, creamy crust. It's definitely golden on the bottom. It's not quite crispy, but the crust is. Not bad. Eight point five out of ten. I'm pretty impressed. I think the flavors go really,
really well together here and just keep putting
on the cheese, you know? What if we went rogue and
put our roasted chickpeas on our pizza? (crunching sounds) Ranch chickpeas on chickpea
pizza is the way to go. I'm just like, a little tired of chickpeas but we have one more savory recipe to go and then we're onto desserts so I'm looking forward to some sugar.

But also chickpeas, oh my God. Okay, so our final savory recipe is gonna be chickpea gnocchi. Originally I thought, put it in a blender, but then I realized my
blender will not blend with that small amount of chickpeas in it with that little liquid in it so I'm just gonna try to mash it by hand. And we'll see how it goes. We're gonna drain our
chickpeas, mash it all up with a little bit of salt,
a little bit of pepper. Getting there! We're gonna add one egg
yolk for that richness and that mouth-feel.

We're gonna drizzle in a little
bit of olive oil for flavor. As soon as that's smooth as mud, we'll start adding in our flour. It might take us a while. What can you do? Again, if you're using normal
chickpeas, not low sodium, just make sure you're tasting as you go. I had some leftover cheeses from our pizza so I'm just gonna dump it all in there.

So we're just gonna gradually add flour, I have about a half cup here, until the dough feels like it's workable. I would recommend that once you have your dough into a rough ball, it doesn't look like
it's that sticky anymore, go ahead and just pop it in the fridge and let it rest for about an hour. (upbeat music) Add a little flour, give
them a little shake. Make sure they're not
sticking next to each other. (upbeat music) I don't know, looks pretty good to me.

Alright, time to give it a try. I mean, it's a gnocchi. It's got more of a teeth-sink
into the little pillows of goodness more than your
traditional gnocchi may be. The earthy flavors work so well with the pesto and the cheese here. Probably could have taken on a little bit more black pepper but as is, I'm gonna give it like a
seven point eight out of ten. Coming to you from the future, (gasps) we're chopping this video
into two parts for you. It's way longer than we anticipated so you just watched part one, all the savory chickpea recipes. Make sure you tune back
tomorrow for part two where we make all the chickpea desserts. Some of them are failures.

I feel like you are going to wanna see all the failures as well. So hope to see you there, and uh, join me in the future, will ya? (upbeat music).

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