I made KETO boba with brown sugar substitute (tastes amazing!)

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Hello, this is Lucia. Welcome to my channel When I started working from home, I wanted to say that it was the best time to lose weight because it didn’t take time to commute So I have more time to cook healthy food and exercise But it turned out that when I started working from home, I spent about 23 and a half hours sitting on the bed every day Before I realized it, I had gained 3 pounds So today I decided to restart my weight loss plan Let's make some sugar-free brown sugar pearl milk tea (I'm making a cup of milk tea, and then put it in the refrigerator to cool down) (You can make your favorite tea or milkshake) (Water + brown sugar substitute sugar, roll it a bit. I like the brand Swerve quite a bit) (Add sweet potato powder to the conditioning machine) (When mixing, add the brown sugar water just now) (The dough should be a bit sticky, but not really sticky) (First take a small piece out, and wrap the rest with plastic wrap so that it will not dry out) (Knead the dough into small balls) (Sprinkle a little sweet potato powder to prevent sticking) (Boil until the middle is cooked through, about 30 minutes) (Rinse the pearls from the pot with cold water, it will be more chewy) (Boil water and brown sugar substitute sugar, add pearls and turn off the heat) Um…

This tastes normal milk This tastes like a normal pearl The first cup is too hard This one is softer, so this cup is better I like this cup, it's chewy. How much do you give for 1~10 points? A: 8 points L: 8 points? What about another cup? 5 points (During this period, I took many online courses) (Today is a flower arrangement) (Food with flowers) (This course is broadcast live on Zoom, so if you need help, you can ask the teacher questions) (It was sent to my home the day before class) (Now editing the video, I found out that I forgot to tear off the size sticker on my clothes😂) (The flowers are a bit dry because of the sending, but it’s okay to wait for them to become very energetic) (Cut a bevel to allow more area to absorb water) (Drink my sugar-free milk) (After a few hours, the flowers are all opened and become very energetic) (Hi, it's five o'clock) (I changed my trousers) (Andrew and I are going to volunteer to rescue rabbits) (There may be mosquitoes or other small insects outdoors, so I think it’s better to wear long pants) (We brought some masks to other volunteers) (House rabbits are not like wild rabbits, they don’t have the skills to survive outdoors) (Gosh, there is a rabbit over there, have you seen it? It's over there) (It's so cute, it should have a beautiful home😭) (Abandoned rabbits usually starve to death slowly) (The veterinarian found that there were glass shards in the rabbit's belly) These bushes are super thorny! One of the rabbit’s ears was wounded and bleeding Really distressed😭 (Disclaimer: We work with the manager here and the animal shelter) (Try to catch the rabbits and put them in the cage) (Andrew has some scratches on his hands) This is the rabbit with the wounded ear.

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It doesn't matter, you are safe now. (We set up a food station so that the rabbits have clean water to drink) (The shelter can only have two new rabbits every week, so we will come back next week) Hi, update We chased the rabbit They are now going to the vet They can be opened for adoption after ligation I am very happy that they are safe, they will go to a good family! ! Thank you for watching, see you next time👋.

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