How to Overcome the Weight Loss Plateau

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Sheri has a question for you, and you're a fan of Jennifer's advice, right? Very, very much. I started following her on Instagram two and a half years ago, and that was when my weight loss journey started. This summer I followed one of her challenges about keeping yourself accountable for your nutrition, and this summer I lost 18 pounds so for a total of 38 pounds. (applause) I'm so excited for you to be here. I'm so happy to hear you. What is your question for me? I still have 13 more pounds to lose, and for the past four to six weeks, I've been pretty much at a plateau.

So I was wondering if there's something that I can do to jumpstart my weight loss so I can get down to my goal. When it comes to the plateau, we have to just assume we're all gonna hit those plateaus, and how do we overcome them when we do hit a plateau? That's my best advice for that. First, look at what you're currently doing.

Look in your training program, how can you modify it? So the moves you're performing, maybe change their intensity, the reps, the tempo. Maybe try something new. Maybe try a dance class. Throw something new, shock your body. Then look at the nutrition once more because as your metabolism rate changes, because you're losing quite a few pounds. And then last but not least, recovery and rest. People overlook this one. Make sure you are programming rest and recovery. For the movements, I'm gonna show you some moves right now, do you mind?
Okay. All right, let's come up here. I'm trying something– Sherri, you didn't realize you were getting a workout today, did you? No. No time like the present. Are you a fan of boxing?
Yes. Okay, boxing, great. To do this anywhere anytime, let's perform shadow boxing.

So are you left or right-handed? Right-handed. Step your right foot back. Go ahead and make fists right next to your face. All right so your first punch is your one, that's that lead jab. And then the two you're gonna pivot through the back foot, that's your cross. So let's just go through that. Jab, cross. Now as you develop this skill here with the shadow boxing, we can start to increase the intensity.

So one, two, one, two. I recommend working in about three minute rounds, take a minute of rest, kind of bounce through the balls of your feet like the boxer avoiding the punches. And then as you want to increase that intensity and turn it into a hit workout, you can, you start to throw those punches with a lot of power. You wanna try it? Okay. Ready, one, two, go, let's go.

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Real hard, real fast. And it starts to accelerate your heart rate, gets your body moving. Really important to get your body moving in a different way, especially a different plane of motion. So the next tip I would give is to increase the intensity of a strength training move you currently are doing. Do you currently do maybe squats, lunges? Squats, lunges. Before adding weight, a great way to increase the intensity and make sure we're engaging the right muscles, making sure we're performing these moves with proper form is to use some sort of resistance.

This is a great tool right here; it's a glute band. It engages all the muscles around the hips, the glutes. So I'm gonna have you step into this. Go ahead and step in. I'm gonna place this glute band right above her knee along her thigh. So go ahead and position it how you feel comfortable. All right, so step your feet out shoulder-width apart. And I want you to perform squat, a body weight squat. As you lower your body down, you don't have to go too low for this to be effective, drive the knees out into the glute band and then drive back up. So for somebody who's doing squats, and you can easily do 20, now we've increased the intensity, gonna strengthen those glutes, those legs, and push past that plateau. How's that feel, Sherri? Okay.
Yeah? Feels good.
More intensity, right? Without adding more impact to the body.

So that would be something I would easily put into your training program to increase the intensity. (applause) I love, Jessica, how your tips don't involve some fancy gym. They just involve bands, body weight. Sherri, you're not gonna get all the advice you need today. We acknowledge that. But I think there may be a surprise in store for you. So because of your strong desire, I'm so inspired by it. I wanna offer my services through the J method to take you on as a client for the next 30 days, get you past this plateau and get you towards your goal. Thank you. Yeah?
Yeah. (applause) A huge thank you to Jennifer.

Keep us posted, Sherri, and I think sometimes all you need is the motivation. And if you ever hit a plateau, there's always a way through it. And I can tell how excited Sherri is to get through this plateau. (silence).

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