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Hi Welcome to Ammu's Yummy Kitchen Today I am going to prepare Kothipori This is my grandma’s recipe My first YouTube video is about this recipe, but sound clarity not good in that video So I thought to make it again Let’s how to prepare tasty and healthy Kothipori Ingredients as follows Matta Rice – 2 cup For Kothipori, Matta rice will be best option, other rice will not give give you that much taste Soak Matta rice for at least 6 to 8 hours Fenugreek Seeds – 2 teaspoon Soak fenugreek seeds as long as you soaking Matta rice Dry Red Chili – 3 If you need more spicy, add more dry red chillis Cumin Seeds – 1 teaspoon Small Onions – 4 Curry Leaves – few Salt – As required With these ingredients, let’s see how to prepare kothipori Let's grind in two batches Make sure you are not grinding the rice finely Let me show you I am going to add rice to the blender I have added half the rice now Add dry red chilis to the jar Add 1/4 cup of water We don’t need to grind it finely Let’s see how we can grind it First batch has been grounded as shown.

Its half grounded Its not grounded as paste This is the right consistency Let’s grind remaining ingredients Let’s add remaining rice to the blender Add rice Add fenugreek seeds Add small red onions Add curry leaves Add 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds Add required salt Add 1/4 cup of water and grind it I have grounded both batches First one with rice and dry red chillis Second one with rice and remaining ingredients Let mix these both Mix it well I have mixed it well.

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Let’s see how to prepare kothipori now Add oil to a pan Once oil warmed up, we will add the mix to the pan Oil has warmed up, add the mix to the pan I have added the mix. Lets keep it like this, the bottom side should fry a bit, before we turn it over Bottom side has fried a bit, Turn it over Other side has fried a bit, now start stirring without taking the spatula out It will come like uppumavu It will be tasty and healthy too This is my grandma’s recipe Stove should be in medium flame while stirring Rice needs to boil enough, so stirring process will take some time Stirring process will take 10 to 15 minutes After 15 minutes of stirring, kothipori is ready now Rice won’t stick to the pan Rice will be very soft This is the consistency Kothipori is ready now, let’s change this to a serving plate Easy and tasty Kothipori is ready now Don't forget to like, share and comment on my video This is my grandma’s recipe This good for travel, It is healthy too, good for breakfast or dinner Subscribe to my channel to get notification on new uploads See you on next video, Bye Thank you for watching Ammu's yummy Kitchen

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