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Hello Food Tubers, Mr. Oliver is here. Well, today we're going to make porridge because everyone loves it. Today I will teach you an easy recipe I will start with the traditional recipe for porridge, I think it is the most delicious recipe compared to the quick recipes that exist today. And also, I will present five ideas to apply so that you do not feel bored! We want a thick bottomed and high rim cooker. We will put it on a medium heat. I will use a large cup of traditional oats. It is really better than this type which is more famous because it is quick to cook.

Well, I'll use the traditional kind because I think it tastes better.
One large cup is enough for four people. I will add three cups of water. This is one, two, three. Leave it to cook on a low heat.
If you want it to cook quickly, add a pinch of sea salt, very important. This is
the traditional Scottish way of doing it. The amount of water is three times the amount of oats.
Also, I will use the back end of the wooden spoon.
I'll hold it like holding a drum stick.

They think it's a decoration, but in the end they will.
And stir it like that all the time. It's a little thicker than the spurtle.
Well, I'll stir it to a boil. When it comes to a boil to lower the temperature, we don't want it to cook too quickly.
I will leave it on a quiet fire for 10 to 15 minutes. Instead of raw oats, we will get a thick homogeneous porridge without lumps.
A lot of people like to cook porridge with milk. Milk or cream burns quickly and sticks to the bottom of the pan.
It also boils quickly and explodes on gas, and it is difficult to clean it, and the smell of burnt milk reeks in the house. Look, it only boils for five minutes, at this point it's gone from husks and water to porridge and the flakes are starting to break.

Look at it, it's the reason our parents have loved it for years. It is beneficial for health and burns quickly in the body.
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It's been 13 minutes and nothing is stuck to the bottom of the pot. If you want to add butter, you can do so. But I don't like it.
Some old recipes put butter. If you want to add milk you can add a little more
now, it will thin the thickness of the porridge. In my view it should be thick but still homogeneous. Keep it thick. Depending on your desire, you can now add a little honey or a little sugar, you decide. This is a spoonful of honey.
It's really beautiful. This is the basic porridge.
We put it away from the fire. It's thick I'll show you how to combine mixtures with porridge.

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What happens in Oliver's house, either we put brown sugar and if you put brown sugar and leave it for one minute, it melts and becomes a kind of caramel so leave it for one minute before serving.
And here we will put golden syrup. And you can get it in a number of countries around the world.
It's really British. Well, we'll add poppy seeds, desiccated coconut, a pinch of cinnamon, not too much, and a little banana puree.
Very nice. Stir it well and put it here and we can finish serving it with some bananas and a little honey. Very nice. One of the things my wife does is
cook a little fruit on the fire. Put a handful of berries in a saucepan on the fire. And add a little sugar.
If the fruit is good in season we need to use it. If it is sour, add a little sugar, mash it to get the juice in it.
Good, it looks beautiful. You can use any kind of fruit will be fine.
Make a hole in the porridge and put the fruit in it, look at this delicious juice.

We have more than one way.
Hot chocolate, not a lot of it by weight I'm mixing a little cocoa with my porridge.
And this is the porridge with chocolate. And I'll put a little sour and sweet jam. (marmalade is a jam made from citrus peels). It's beautiful! If you look at the classic porridge (which we put brown sugar on) I'll cut it like this into lanes and then add milk, the milk has permeated the lanes.
And then, at that point, he'll greedily eat it. My friends, this is the way to decorate the porridge.

I wish you a happy time cooking porridge.
You may now think that is nonsense. My recipe is the best. Everyone should know about it. My friends enjoyed this recipe.
Lots of love until next time.

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