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(happy music) – Hi everyone, welcome to my channel. If you're new here, my name is Alyssa. Today I have got a video that is all about one of my favorite breakfast foods, and that is chia pudding. Today we are going to
be making chia pudding six different ways. So essentially, I'm just
gonna show you how to make traditional chia pudding, and then we're gonna make it in six different flavor combinations. I'm also excited to be
bringing you today's video in partnership with my friends at iHerb. If you are unfamiliar with what iHerb is, they are an online retailer that sells over 30000 natural products, everything from pantry
staples, to supplements, beauty products and more, and they also ship to
150 different countries, which is absolutely amazing. So if you aren't in the U.S., you can still shop on iHerb
and get natural products delivered right to your door. So, we are using a bunch
of their different products in today's video. Two types of chia seeds, actually that you can find
both on iHerb, black and white, and I'll share how we're
incorporating those. And I've also included all of the links for all of the products that
I mentioned in today's video down in the description box below.

I've also included a
full blog post tutorial that outlines every single
recipe in today's video, so if you want to learn more, make them, anything like that, you can find that down below as well. I think without further ado, we should just go ahead
and dive right in to our… So if you've never made
chia pudding before, essentially it just is chia seeds and some sort of liquid,
stirring them together, and then it turns into a gel, and then you can add any
flavors that you want. So that is what we're gonna be doing here. We're doing three tablespoons
of chia per serving, and three quarter cups
of liquid per serving, and then swapping things in and out for different flavor profiles. So let's go ahead and
dive in to our recipes. The first one is gonna be banana bread. We're gonna start half of a banana that we are going to mash in our bowl. To that you'll add your chia
seeds and some cinnamon. And for this you can
get the black chia seeds and the cinnamon on iHerb. And then top that with almond milk, or whatever unsweetened milk you'd like.

Give it a stir until
everything is combined, and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes until it thickens up. Once it's thickened up,
you can give it a stir, and if it's too thick, you can add a splash more
of liquid if you need it. And then we will assemble
our chia pudding. So we're gonna start by adding some chia pudding in the bottom, then I like to do a layer of banana, then I do the rest of the pudding, do another layer of banana, top it with some crushed up walnuts. And these walnuts are actually raw walnuts that I get on iHerb,
they're a great price, and they are the perfect
addition to this one. And that's the banana bread, and what's great about this one is it doesn't use any extra sweetener. Our second flavor is going
to be lemon raspberry. We are actually gonna be using white chia seeds in this recipe, just 'cause I think it
looks really pretty.

So we'll add our white
chia seeds into the bowl, followed by some maple
syrup and some lemon zest, and of course your milk. And for our ingredients in this one, you can get the white chia seeds and the maple syrup on iHerb. And then you'll stir that
together until it's combined, set it aside, let it gel
for about 10 to 15 minutes. Once it's thickened up, it should look a little bit like this.

Again, if it's too thick add a splash more liquid if you'd like. And then to start this, we are going to actually mash
up some fresh raspberries into the bottom of our serving container, whatever you're using. So it's about a quarter
cup of mashed raspberries. And then I like to do the layer
of the lemon-chia pudding. And then to finish this recipe off, we will add on some
more fresh raspberries, and garnish it with some lemon zest. And that just gives it a
little bit of brightness. And what I love about this one, it's really tart and tangy, and it just kinda tastes
like fresh and delicious. (fun music) Our third one is a vanilla coconut cashew. We're gonna start with
our black chia seeds. Then we're gonna add some maple syrup. We're also gonna add some vanilla extract.

And then we're gonna use
some full fat coconut milk. And here you can get all four
of these ingredients on iHerb. Stir it together and let it
sit for about 10 to 15 minutes until it thickens up nicely. If you do want to reduce
the calorie of this, you could just use like coconut milk instead of full fat coconut milk. Once it's thickened, give it a quick stir, and then you will place it into your jar. And to top, I like to do
some raw cashew butter. Again, I get this on iHerb, it's the Artisana brand,
I'll link it below. And finish it off with
some coconut flakes. And this one is actually pretty basic, but it tastes so good. You could totally add some
fresh berries or something if you wanted some fresh fruit, but it is really really, really delicious, and really full of healthy fat, so it's nice and filling. Our forth one is gonna be
our chia spice chia pudding.

We're gonna start with black chia seeds, as well as some coconut sugar. And then the spices that we're using, are cinnamon, ginger,
cloves, cardamom, and nutmeg. And you'll just add that
directly into the bowl. And you'll finish it off
with your milk of choice. Again, you can get the
spices, the coconut sugar, and the chia seeds all on iHerb. And once it's all stirred together just like the other three
that you've seen so far, just set it aside and let it gel. And you actually can do this overnight, if you want to make it the night before. Once it has set, you can stir it together, and it should be all nice and thick. Then you'll just transfer that
into your jars or your jar, whatever serving container you're using. And then to finish it off, we're gonna do some raw almond butter, but you could use any of the nut butters that you can find on iHerb,
they have a huge selection. And then we're also gonna
do some chopped up pecans, and just to finish it off
and make it look pretty, a little stick of cinnamon.

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And this actually, the longer it sits it infuses more in the chia pudding. And I swear this tastes like
a chia latte, it is delicious. And then our fifth recipe is going to be our dark chocolate chia pudding. And we're gonna add black
chia seeds into our bowl. Top that with some raw cacao powder, as well as some maple
syrup and our almond milk. And again, you can get all
of those dry ingredients on iHerb. Give it a quick stir. This one you might want
to use a whisk for, just to get all of the cacao
powder balls or clumps I guess, evenly incorporated into the mixture. Once you have it evenly
incorporated though, you can just again set it aside and let it all gel and come together.

It should take about 10 or 15 minutes. Once it's gelled, give it a quick stir to make sure it's evenly combined, and then we'll transfer it into our jars. And for topping, I really
like to do something creamy, so I did a dollop or
two or coconut yogurt, and then I finish it off
with something crunchy. In this case we're gonna
do chopped hazelnuts, as well as some mini chocolate chips. But just check out the
iHerb grocery section, and you can get a ton of
different topping ideas there. And this one's great because
it tastes like dessert, and who doesn't love chocolate
for breakfast, right. And our final recipe is going
to be strawberry cheesecake. We're gonna start some white
chia seeds in this recipe, and then we're gonna use
some vanilla extract, as well as some full fat coconut
milk and some almond milk. So this is way to make
it really creamy tasting, but still keep it on the lighter side.

Again, white chia seeds, vanilla, and the coconut milk can
all be found on iHerb. Give everything a quick stir. Once it is combined, you can let it sit and it will thicken up really nicely. And then for our serving purposes, we're gonna do a layer
of the chia pudding, and then we're actually gonna
use this strawberry jam, which is made from 100% fruit. You can get it on iHerb. It is so delicious, I love
this entire line of jam. So, the strawberry one is awesome, but also, like all the
flavors are delicious, so check out their
selection that they have. You'll do a layer of that, then you'll do another
layer of the chia pudding, and then to finish it off, you are gonna use some
fresh chopped strawberries and some chopped up almonds,
or some sort of nut.

And this one, well honestly it tastes like a bite of
strawberry cheesecake, it is so so good. You guys are gonna love it,
it's probably my favorite. (fun music) And there you have it my friends, I hope you enjoyed our chia pudding video. I can't wait to hear which
flavor you're gonna try first. Make sure to leave a comment
down below and let me know. I also want to thank iHerb for
joining us in today's video. As mentioned at the beginning, all of the products that we used today are linked down in the
description box below for you. And I also just want to remind you, they have a huge product
catalog to choose from, over 30000 products. They ship to over 150 different countries, and their customer service
team is on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they service in 10
different languages.

I really hope you enjoyed today's video. I love making these types of recipes, where you can make them a
bunch of different ways. This is meal prep friendly,
high fiber, vegan, delicious, you guys are gonna love it, so you gotta try them. Thank you so much for being here. Thanks for tuning in today, don't forget to subscribe before you go, and I'll see you in the next video.

Bye guys. (fun music).

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