How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way – #1 Principle

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what's going he was another fighttips quick tip so the question today is Shane how can I lose weight what's the best most most healthy way of losing weight so guys obviously there's a ton of different diets exercising is important but let me give you a pretty simple basic understanding of how you can how you can lose weight so BMR is basal metabolic rate that's how much you were how many calories your body burns just to sustain life alright grow your fingernails your hair you know when you're sleeping when you're in a comatose state for your body to survive that's how many calories that your body needs so once you start exercising then that's that much more that you're that you're burning so let me give you an example mine is a little over 1,600 so just throughout the day my body just to survive just for my heart to beat it's burning 1,600 calories then I'm working out I'm usually burning up to about a thousand calories all right so that's 2600 so now that I'm eating you got it you got to figure out how many how much calories how many calories you're getting throughout the day because the chews are going to be about the same if you're gaining weight then you're probably adding adding calories we're getting older what you need to do is figure out how many calories you're burning so like I said mine's about 2600 right so if I want to lose weight then I have to eat a little bit less than 2600 calories a day alright not too much less you don't want to be too too drastic with it you want to make sure that you're getting enough calories you don't want to starve yourself you want to have enough energy to workout perform daily activities right so if you want to gain weight then obviously you're going to eat more than the 2600 calories there's a link in the description below for a BMR calculator check that out figure out you know get it get a ballpark idea of what your BMR is figure out how often you're working out there at the day start calculating your your macros throughout the day how much protein how much fat and carbs you're eating you'll get a better idea and better understanding easiest way to lower your BMR instead of you know start dieting doing crazy diets portion control alright if you normally stack your plate up with a ton of food put a little bit less on and you might still be a little bit hungry try to eat more greens try to drink more water okay stuff like that fill up your plate with more leafy greens and vegetables then you know the big steak or starches or macaroni and cheese or something like that I just make the smart healthy choices hopefully this answers your question and if you do want those specific recipes and examples make sure you check out my fight gym we have coach Hallie on there who is our nutrition coach and she will write up a custom plan for you check it out links in the description below make sure you follow me on twitter at fight tips send me some questions so you get featured in a video like this a quick tip and subscribe to get the fight tips before your opponent does until next time I'm staying with fighttips self defense for the underdogs

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