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– What's up? Elite THENX athletes. It's Chris Heria and Gabo Saturno. Today we're gonna show you
guys how to lose weight fast. Let's do it. (trap music) (calm techno music) Alright, so let's get started. So today we're gonna be showing
you guys how to lose weight. And this should be a very simple process, so we've broken it down into three main components. The first thing is desire. You guys need to want to change. Not because someone's
telling you to do it, but actually want to. Actually personally want to. Develop that desire of wanting to train just as bad as you wake up in the morning and wanna brush your teeth. And the next one, is start eating healthy. If you're not eating healthy,
you're not gonna get in shape. You're not gonna lose weight. You need to be eating nutritional foods, not just food that's
just gonna make you full, but food that's actually gonna
have nutritional value to it. And, if your doctor allows it, you should be on a caloric deficit. Exactly. And being in a caloric deficit doesn't mean that you can
eat whatever you want, because food quality also matters.

And your own hormones matter. Even though you are eating less calories than you are burning, if
you are putting a piece of, a slice of pizza that is 250 calories, it's not gonna be the same as
a chicken breast and a salad which is the same 250 calories. – Yeah. – You won't feel the same on your body. – No, it's true. You'll eat that pizza,
and you'll feel like crap. Yeah, you'll just feel so slow and you'll feel mentally fatigued as well. You eat some complex carbs, some good nutritional valued food, you're gonna feel like your
brain is actually energized.

And some complex carbs
that I choose to eat, and this is like the daily basis for me, is spinach, asparagus, broccoli, I always, those are my go tos. And I always stick to – And if you want extra energy,
maybe brown rice or quinoa. – Yeah, for sure.
– Have your carbs. – Have your carbs. Yeah,
for sure. For sure. Normally I stick to the lighter carbs, but those are perfectly fine as well, as long as you're under
that caloric deficit, you're gonna be losing weight. – Also, I'm sorry to interrupt you. Make sure you're eating your fats too. So protein and carbs are important, but make sure you're getting
your healthy fats too, for your hormone production. So, avocado, olive oil. – So true.
– Nuts. – Yep. I actually took cook
with peanut oil instead of like – That's really good. – olive oil and stuff like that.

And you wanna stick to lean
protein, white proteins. – To keep the calories low, basically. – Yes. Basically you wanna
keep those calories low. A lot of red meat is not
good for you, of course. – And also make sure it's
organic and grass-fed. 'Cause meat in the United States, I don't wanna talk about it. – It can get a little crazy
out there, we all know that. And the third main thing that
you guys need, of course, is good training and rest. You need a good training regimen, and specifically you need
to be training cardio and high intensity training.

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High intensity interval training. And when you're training high
intensity interval style, you're gonna be creating
an after burn effect that's gonna have you burning fat after you're done working out. And rest. Rest is super important. When you rest, you're
actually burning fat. So the longer you rest, the more fat you're gonna be burning. – Exactly. Most people
think that they burn fat while they're working out. But actually, if you weigh
yourself before working out and after working out, your
body will not weigh the same. Only is you're losing some water weight. So, you need to sleep basically. That's when you lose fat.
– That's so true. So you guys do not wanna
overcomplicate this. You guys wanna keep this
simple. Three simple rules. (techno music)
Now we're gonna show you a high interval training workout that's gonna melt the
fat off of your body.

We're gonna go for 45
seconds on, 15 seconds off, of high knee jump ropes, burpees, switching lunges, switching mountain climbers,
seated in and outs, seated leg flutters,
bicycles, in and outs, and then we're gonna
finish off with planks. You ready to do this? – Let's go. – Let's go for it. – Alright, speak soon. – Let's go. – Ready? Let's go for it. Just to mess around. That's a last one for good luck, huh? – Alright, what do we got next? Switching lunges. Let's go for it. – [Voiceover] Switching mountain climbers. – Alright, that's one. (upbeat dubstep music) – Alright. Seated leg flutters. You feeling that one? Too hard for me. – Alright. Bicycles. Let's do it. It's not over. You're drenched already. (laughs) – In and outs. Let's go for it. Alright. Hang in there,
man, we're almost done. – Last one. – Last one, man.

Plank. Ten seconds, ten seconds. Two, one. That was killer. Oh my God. Yes! – You need help? – Yes, yes, yes. That was a sick fat-burning workout. Dude, we killed it, man. Whoo! So yeah guys. You need to get like this
at the end of your workout. Do this routine, to start melting the fat off of your body. Don't forget, you need to want this. You need to start eating healthy, and you need to train
good, and sleep good. And of course, the most
supporting thing is you need a good workout regimen. So, to get the best workout programs, sign up to right now, and become a member. Download our app to take our workouts and programs with you everywhere. And transform your life and
your body into beast mode. You guys need help during your workouts, take what we take to get
through these workouts. THENX Ignite. Our brand new pre-workout
that you could buy right now off Thank you guys so much for watching. Don't forget to like, comment, and share this with
somebody that needs this.

Thank you guys. We'll see you every Sunday, 8pm. We love you. Peace out. (upbeat dubstep music).

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