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Here is my 18 month old baby I lost 12 kg weight after delivery Hi everyone My name is garima and welcome to my channel In today's video I am going to share how to lose weight after delivery So I will give some tips which is followed by me And with help of these tips I lost 12 kg weight After pregnancy and during pregnancy I gained so much weight Even I gained weight after delivering my baby So before pregnancy I was 49 kg And after pregnancy I was 65 -62 kg I don't remember exactly This was too much weight gain for me I lost weight very easily I didn't do any diet and I didn't join any gym Diet (keeping yourself hungry)is not good for our health If you are keeping yourself hungry then your body would be malnutrition which will cause other health related problems If you keep yourself hungry it can cause hair loss, bodyache and other problems Our body needs balance diet So eat well but don't overeat After gaining so much weight I started losing confidence I couldn't fit into my old jeans My waist size increased so much I started disliking myself I use to think when I will be like before But I didn't do diet (keeping yourself hungry) I kept patience because there was not any help offered by anyone And I have to take care of my family and I had have to do household stuff In this video I will talk about belly fat also I will share some yoga poses to reduce belly fat And if you also want to reduce weight loss then watch this video till end These tips and tricks are very beneficial Before starting this video Please subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon so you don't miss any update Let's start the video now If you gave birth very recently Then don't rush, please take care of yourself Give yourself time to recover,once your body will recover you can do excercise Sugar is not good for health,it has more calories So eat something healthy on empty stomach You can eat bananas, egg,or some dry fruit Don't drink tea (which has sugar)more than 2 cups Eat healthy first thing in the morning After 1 hour you can have tea (if you are addicted to it) Don't overeat But if you feel more hungry then you can drink 1 glass of water before having main meal So water will reduce your hunger so you will eat a bit less More food means more calories and more calories means more fat If you are having more calories and you are not burning it It will store as a fat in your body I am not foodie which is plus point I don't eat much, but it doesn't mean I am weak I do lots of work Even I take care of my baby since he born, there was no help offered to me If you overeat you will be fat If you gain so much weight,lots of problem will start happening So don't overeat, you can drink water before eating You can eat apples as snack which has zero calories Apples are very good snack, it fill your stomach without any calorie If you are a new mom then take care of yourself, god bless you But breastfeed your baby, because breastfeeding burns calories very fast And your uterus comes in shape very fast And your belly fat reduces very fast Breastfeeding is very good for weight loss Breastfeeding is very good for your baby, antibodies transfers to your baby And baby's immune system boosts Breastfeeding is good for mom and baby both Breastfeeding is must, in starting breastfeeding looks tough but it worth Try to have dinner early, and don't go to sleep straight after dinner While sleeping we couldn't burn calories So extra calories will store as fat in body Never go to sleep straight after dinner otherwise you will never lose weight If you are going to have dinner at 6 pm then you can go to sleep around 10 pm But if you want to sleep early, do some exercise You can go for a walk for 30 minutes When you fo walking extra calories burn easily You can finish your household works if you don't want to do walk I generally finish all household works like cleaning dishes dusting I prefer to go for sleep after 4 hours of dinner Most important thing is time of dinner And after having dinner how long you keep yourself away from bed Now we are going to talk about belly fat When my baby born ofcourse my stomach was out But now my belly is really cool As you can see My doctor gave me leaflets and told me to read it whenever I have time So when I got time I read it And one thing which was very informative and new for me Diastasis recti was very new word for me Normal stomach has muscles together and diastasis recti has a gap in between So almost every women has diastasis recti after delivery But no one told me about diastasis recti may be people don't have idea about diastasis recti After I consulted to my doctor and asked about diastasis recti My doctor told me that you can check by yourself if you have doubt Maximum ladies have diastasis recti after baby birth but some don't know that they have And because of diastasis recti stomach always stick out If you will not heal diastasis recti your stomach will not come in shape At the time of pregnancy baby weight apply pressure on the muscles Which causes separation between the rectus abs After baby birth if you don't do excercise to close the gap then diastasis recti wouldn't be healed Body posture is also very important when it comes to heal diastasis recti Most of ladies has this problem that's why their stomach sticks out I am going to share some exercise and some tips and tricks to close the gap Diastasis means distance and recti means rectus muscles Men could also have diastasis recti If you are doing excercise wrong then diastasis recti could happen with you as well Specially if you are doing weight lifting wrong and sit ups wrong then there is most likely to have diastasis recti If you are not keeping your body posture correct then you may have diastasis recti I am going to show you how you can find you have diastasis recti or not Rest on the floor and do like crunches Lift your head and keep your eyes on roof Check the muscles with your fingers like I am doing here I have 2 finger gap near my novel As I did my diastasis recti examination And upper portion of my stomach is perfect But there is gap in between lower abs near novel And I am doing special exercise to close the gap I will show you how to do that exercise But this is specially for diastasis recti So you can do it But if you have diastasis recti don't do other exercises If you have diastasis recti don't do crunches, situps, planks Even your diastasis recti could be worse if you do plank and crunches If you have diastasis recti then you can do walking, and swimming And you can do some yoga which I am going to show you First excercise to close the gap is simply sucking your belly But try to bring lower muscles of your stomach close to spine When you inhale suck your lower portion of abs Repeat this process 4 times First do tabletop position then place your heal and palm on floor And raise your hip heighest and place your neck down I hope you like my video I will upload more informative video Make sure to subscribe my channel And if you find my videos helpful please share my video Give me a thumbs up if you like my video Share my video with your friend and family See you guys bie bie and stay happy

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