How to Diabetic Dessert Keto Option Badam Halwa Sheero Almond Pudding Low Carb Video Recipe

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do namaste welcome to bhavna's kitchen today 
i'm going to share dessert recipe which   anyone can enjoy whether you are having 
diabetes whether you are following keto diet   and if you are looking for some low carb 
dessert as well these are some of the keto   friendly ingredients almond meal coconut 
granules and coconut flour this is i love   to stock these ingredients in my pantry for 
healthy desserts and many other recipes as well   these days these ingredients are easy to find 
at walmart in keto friendly baking section or   you can um try your local store where they keep 
all these kinds of gluten-free flour as well   i'm also going to talk about monk food 
sugar which claims to be healthy for   diabetic people and claims to be keto friendly 
as well today i'm making free butter halwa or   we call it sea rock but i'm not zero but no cereal 
happens to be one of my favorite and i uh make it   often um and so i want i wanted to come up with 
some alternatives that i can enjoy guilt free   here i have all the ingredients lined up here i 
have ghee clarified butter we will need only about   a tablespoon of ghee but this allah can be made 
without any ghee as well or you can add less ghee   one cup of almond milk flour basically ground 
blanched almond quarter cup of soji also known as   rava or semolina can be used for keto recipe all 
you have to do is just omit rava which is a soji   that i'm going to use and instead use 2 cups of 
almond milk yes you can use up to half cup to do   one cup more uh almond milk to replace sooji uh 
the reason is that soji uh fluffs up a lot i mean   it almost gets double in quantity when it's cooked 
with a liquid um while almond milk won't do that   much right so um for a quarter cup of soji i would 
add one cup of almond milk so entirely leave out   um soji and add almond milk or use quarter 
cup of coconut granules in this recipe   to replace sooji or semolina also milk yes you 
have to replace milk with a keto friendly dairy   so this recipe can be easily converted into keto 
now here in this measuring cup i'm going to take   half cup of sugar and any kind of 
sugar-free sweetener can be used   but my favorite is this monk fruit sweetener 
because it doesn't have any aftertaste and it just   works like a regular sugar and these days i 
have fallen in love with the monk fruit sugar   which is basically an alternative to sugar-free 
or zero calorie sweeteners there are a lot of   choices available these days and i have tried some 
of it but i was never happy or satisfied with the   taste however with this sugar i am now just to 
you know tell you that i'm not getting paid for   uh talking about the sugar but i have simply 
fallen in love with this sugar and that's why i am   you know talking about this sugar and once you try 
i you know i'm sure you will definitely fall in   love with this uh sugar as well so do try out it's 
bit of expensive uh because it is um made out of   hmong fruit monk fruit was basically consumed by 
monks in the buddhist time and so uh that's the   name actually derived from monk sugar among fruit 
sugar right so uh it is um zero calorie it has all   the details on it which i'm going to show you in 
detail but if you do not want to use this kind of   a sweetener just go ahead and use regular sugar 
even if you are not following any kind of diet   the regular graduated sugar works great as 
well i have already shared the video if you   want to watch different video but today i'm 
making this recipe a little bit of a different   way so um that's the reason i came up with 
this uh recipe again with some you know   customizations specifically for diabetic 
people and keto people keto diet people so   let's get started i'm using classic among fruit 
sweetener but there are some other varieties   available as well like a brown golden brown sugar 
and all that so this is basically hundred percent   sugar free and here it says gluten free non-gmo 
ideal for cooking and baking and back here   it says again gluten-free non-gmo zero calories 
zero glycemic index zero net carbs naturally rich   in antioxidants because it's made out of monk 
fruit and safe for diabetes no aftertaste   and it does actually what it says like no 
aftertaste i agree with that now i'm not   sure if other claims are right but this is what it 
is so i'm going to open it and take out half cup   in here and as you can see it just looks like 
granulated regular sugar it's just a slightly   little less sweet than just a slightly 
little so do not try to add too much of it   just take the same amount as you would use the 
granulated sugar this sugar is perfect for any of   your dessert actually not just for the recipe that 
i'm preparing today trust me you will absolutely   love to prepare different desserts using this 
sugar here i have one cup of milk for keto   uh use other keto friendly dairy like like a heavy 
cream with a zero carb or low carb or whatever you   use for your um keto recipes here i have all the 
optional ingredients when i say optional they   do add actually lots of flavors so i encourage to 
use if you have some into the seerah i'm going to   add cashew and raisins here i have saffron 
known as k serve very flavorful and adds   an amazing color as well and here i have elaichi 
ground elaichi cardamom and some ground nuts like   cashew almond pistachio to garnish on top the 
reason i do add again more nuts and dry fruits   is to add a little bit more texture because 
the the halwa or the seerah we are making   it is kind of uh like a smooth and uh you 
know the smooth texture more likely so when   we add all these uh whole nuts or the ground 
nuts it adds that texture and makes it easier to   eat you're pleasant to eat actually so 
now we have all the ingredients ready in this part i'm going to heat up now this one is almost warm in this pot 
i'm going to go ahead and warm up milk the recipe is very quick so make 
sure you have everything ready   so i'm going to first dry roast suji 
while the milk is heating up and keep   the stove on a medium for the milk 
so that it's not boiling already   so dry roast rawa or suji also known as for 
about until you see little change in color now another tip i would like to share here that 
for keto when you are not using raw or suji and   just using one cup of uh almond milk and make 
sure that you take less amount of milk because   of the fat that nuts do not take much even 
ghee it cannot absorb much ghee even or how   much of uh milk even otherwise the zero will be 
like a very sticky okay now i see that it's a   little color change in suji so at 
this time i'm going to add almond milk powder just a roast lightly milk is about to come 
to the boil it's steaming right now so i'm just   going to go ahead and higher the temperature 
just a little bit so that it's ready for us   actually keep it on low i just 
want to roast this little bit good   and i have kept the temperature for 
this actually still on four number   four i have on my stovetop basically low to 
medium i'm gonna make a well in the center   i'm going to add ghee as i said it doesn't take 
too much of ghee but we have added rava so i have   added about a tablespoon of ghee and now just mix 
in now roast couple of minutes more with tea i'm   going to turn off the stove for milk because it is 
boiling now coming to rolling boil as you can see   and keep the lid handy because when we 
add milk it may splash so be very careful   i am going to go ahead and add milk now as 
soon as i add milk i also go ahead and add   cashew raisins so these two things i'm going 
to add at the same time i mean not at the same   time but followed by milk so um i'm going 
to be very careful here my lid is handy okay not that bad so continue if you keep uh the 
stove on a low to medium you hardly   happen to have any sort of accidents um so 
always prefer to make desserts on a low to   medium desserts like this i'm going to now cook 
until all the milk is absorbed as you can see   it absorb milk even very quickly and 
i totally love the texture already   mmm smells good here i wish i can invite you 
all here i'm going to keep now on the low   the temperature look at this zero it's not 
zero yet because we haven't added sugar yet   as you can see milk has evaporated so at 
this time ready to add sugar oh i forgot   this see i kept telling you guys and i forget 
stuff i add actually when i add milk so that   raisins will flop up and cashews also get little 
soft toast to be good now i'm going to add   sugar sugar-free sugar okay once you add sugar 
now it will turn into syrup little bit right   so again i'm going to continue cooking until 
it thickens until the syrup thickens again   i need to take out the sugar from 
the stove otherwise it's going to   get caramelized okay all right so i'm going to now 
keep stirring so as you can see it uh exactly look   like a sujina hollow rawanoshiro and today i'm 
going to show you two kinds just from this single   zero i'm going to show you two flavors today this 
is just like our regular zero i don't think i need   to cook much it's already looks amazing i'm going 
to take out half of the mixture in to the bowl   which i'm going to keep playing um actually just 
uh flavor with the cardamom and in the remaining   mixture i'm going to add ground saffron which 
is kesar and yellow food color if you have a   available just a little bit color caser already 
uh brings a flavor and color as well but just   a little color will give amazing color i'm using 
by the way um yellow food color make sure you use   quality food color so this is our kesar badamno 
zero almond pudding with saffron flavor it desired   add a little bit more color to get that vibrant 
yellow color i love this color and a taste as well   saffron is my favorite all right i'm going to take 
out vadam queso into the bowl as well and as you   can see pan is nice and clean so if you use heavy 
bottomed pan cooking gets easier and it as well and ready to garnish plain zero with the cardamom 
elaichi and kesar no shiro with ground nuts my favorite is kesar badam zero so much satisfying delicious i can't differentiate   the sweetness when i use regular 
sugar and today i used the sugar free   the taste actually i personally feel it's better 
than even when i used to make with a regular sugar   it has that kind of a cooling um kind of 
effect that gets in your mouth when you   eat um this hala so i highly recommend please try 
out this recipe and i am sure you will absolutely   fall in love with it i hope you enjoyed watching 
this video making of badam no zero sugar free for   diabetic people or even great for keto diet 
follower as well using monk fruit sugar or   as i mentioned earlier you can use regular sugar 
or other sugar-free sweeteners now once this   halwa or zero cools down you can shape however you 
like you can shape square rectangle diamond shape   um or you can just uh make ladles actually out of 
this zero and you can use cupcake liners to serve   so specifically if you are making for the party 
uh just to make ahead of time uh you don't have to   even make like a day ahead just if you are serving 
in the evening you can make in the morning so by   the evening it will be ready to form into any 
shape you want to and actually if you refrigerate   it just you know you can form into any shape just 
after an hour or two hours alright friends i am   back after about an hour i refrigerated this halwa 
and let's see um if we can shape into ladoos so   take small amount or the amount that you want to 
make the size i want to make small small ladoos   all right so you can see how easily i can shape 
into ladies if you have a laddu shape or mold   like this you can use that too just press 
all the mixture inside the mold i'm going to   place into the tray look at this beautiful 
shape and prepare the remaining balls or ladles let's make one more and then i'm going to 
make some out of our regular halwa as well the key is not to press too much now if desired 
you can decorate the top with some ground nuts   i'm going to put some pistachio on it since 
the green looks amazing on orange look at this and now i'm moving on to the regular sera cover 
plain zero which has some cardamom flavor in it   so just press very lightly not with 
pressure and you will get laddu easily amazing and here i have my last one   now look at this plate now actually it looks 
like a festive treat isn't it my favorite to eat   any kind of cereal or halwa is with fruits 
and here i have palm macaroni foreign so i hope you enjoyed watching this video making 
of badam zero or also known as halwa with a sugar   free with monk sugar or as i said earlier any of 
your sugar-free sweetener can be used or just to   use regular sugar uh if you haven't subscribed 
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app itself thanks for watching and see you soon

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