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(bright music) – Fun fact, I think noodles
are my favorite food. Hey HealthNuts. Welcome
back to my channel. I'm Nikole, and today I am sharing three super delicious,
take-out inspired meals. They're perfect for
busy weeknight dinners. They're all made under 30 minutes. So they're gonna be quicker
than ordering in take-out from your favorite local restaurant. And I'm really excited
because I've been working and testing out these
recipes all week long and I'm already drooling
because they are so good.

And they all have one special ingredient and that is peanut butter
and crushed peanuts on top. So, today's video is actually sponsored by the Peanut Bureau of
Canada who are sponsoring and collaborating with
me on today's video. I'm so excited because
working with peanut butter when you're pregnant, like I
said before, is so amazing. It's a dream partnership,
and I'm just so excited to not only work with peanut butter today, but share some savory options. Cause everyone knows peanut
butter is delicious with apples and jam, but it's also really
good in savory dinner options like I'm gonna show you in today's video. So without further ado, let's
get right into the video. (wind whooshing) So the first recipe that
I'm making is Chicken Satay. If you've never had this before, it's basically some skewered chicken grilled with a peanut sauce. And to make it even easier and super quick to make for dinner, I'm actually gonna be just marinating it in the peanut butter creamy sauce and then grilling it up.

And then you can take some of that sauce and just have it extra for drizzling instead of having to
marinate, make the sauce and make two different things. We're just combining the two. So Chicken Satay is actually
something Matt and I had when we were backpacking
in Southeast Asia. I first had this, I believe in Thailand and I had never had
anything like it before. I thought it was really
interesting with the chicken and the peanut flavor. And I'm really excited to
finally have my own version. So, we have a large bowl here, we're gonna make our marinade.

I have some full-fat canned
coconut milk, tamari. I like to get the low sodium. We have toasted sesame oil, which has a really nice rich flavor. Minced garlic. This is
a garlic chili sauce. You can add less if you
don't like too much heat. This is my favorite chili sauce. Then we have the ground
ginger and coriander, maple syrup for some sweetness,
creamy peanut butter. I like to buy some good,
high quality peanut butter. And that's the difference
of making it at home versus takeout. You can actually make sure
you're getting a good one without additives or extra salt or sugar. And it's gonna give a
really nice burst of flavor.

And then we have some fresh lime I just quartered to make it
a little bit easier to juice. So I'll have my citrus juicer here. I'm just going to squeeze that in. (bright music) And then just whisk that
all up until creamy smooth. (bright music) So, I'm just gonna
reserve half of this sauce that we can warm it up on the stove and use the rest for the chicken marinade. And we just take our chicken and just add that right into the marinade. And I just like to go in with my hands and just massage it right here. (upbeat music) I'm gonna go ahead and
pop this into the fridge, just to chill for about 20 minutes and marinate while I
work on the next recipe. But with the magic of
YouTube, you're gonna see me in two seconds with it already marinated. BRB. (wind whooshing) Our chicken is marinated and I've already soaked my wooden skewers. So, if you're gonna barbecue this, you definitely wanna soak it
for at least a couple of hours.

I'm just going to do mine on
a grill pan on the burner. So I just did mine for like half hour while this was marinating. So you're just going to
take one of your strips. You're just gonna thread
it onto your wooden skewer, kind of like that. And there's no right or
wrong way to do this. You just want to get it on so
we can grill it easily after. (upbeat music) So I have my grill pan heating up. I'm just gonna drizzle a
little bit of avocado oil. (oil sizzles) Oh yeah. It's a good sizzle. (upbeat music) And we're just going to cook these for about three to five minutes per side.

(upbeat music) So I have the leftover peanut sauce. I just warmed it up with a
little bit of water on the stove and that's just gonna help thin it out. So you can just serve this on the side in a little bowl to dip in. You just take some and
drizzle it right on top. (upbeat music) And then to finish it off, we're gonna do some crushed
peanuts and some fresh cilantro. So pretty. And I just have some lime here
too that you can just have, if you wanna squeeze some on the side. Lime and peanut butter
are a really good combo. It smells so much like
peanut butter in here. Cashew is whining cause she wants some. You are a peanut-holic. Yeah, you are. Okay. Yeah. We're gonna give a little
taste test to one of these. Like I said, you can just
dip it right in the sauce. These are so great as a
party appetizer, as a main, and they're just the greatest snack too.

So cheers. The sauce, the crunch. This is exactly what you would
see all over street vendors and stuff in Southeast Asia and I see why. This is delicious. This sauce though… Just make this sauce and
you will thank me. Okay. (wind whooshing) The second recipe we are
making is a Massaman Curry, and this is something I also
discovered while in Thailand. Actually Matt used to
order this all the time.

It was his favorite dish there. I would always get the Pad Thai, he would get the Massaman Curry. And to me, I always just thought of it as a Thai Curry with some peanuts in it. But when you actually
look it up, it's basically like a fusion of Southeast
Asian Curry with Indian Curry because you get all the
Thai, traditional flavors with a lot of the
aromatic spices from India and they just come together
really beautifully. It tastes so good. And the peanuts just add this really nice, rich depthness to the curry
that just works perfectly. So I'm gonna show you guys
what you need for this. It all cooks up in one pot. So I'm actually gonna just bake up my tofu just to speed things up. So I'm just gonna lay out my tofu on one of our HealthNut baking mats and just drizzle it with
a little bit of that oil. You just need a little bit, we're just looking to crisp it up. Cause we're gonna add it
at the end to the curry.

And we pop this right into the oven. So I just have a large
pot here heating up. I'm gonna add in some olive oil, then we have some thinly sliced shallots. And we're just gonna let that saute and soften for about a
minute while stirring. (upbeat music) We're gonna add in my cumin
seeds, which add so much flavor. There's something about adding
in whole seeds as opposed to ground that just really
make a huge difference. Then we have our minced garlic and ginger. You don't wanna add these with the onion, cause they will burn. Now we have our red Thai curry paste. So you can buy this at the store and it already has all
the flavors that you need ready to go. So I'm going to give it a quick saute, but then I'm going to add in
a little bit of coconut milk just to help smooth everything out and bring the flavors together.

pexels photo 7992683

Just a couple of tablespoons,
and it's just gonna create this really lovely cream sauce, which is gonna be the base for our curry. We're gonna add in our carrots, potatoes and just give that a quick
stir to coat everything in that sauce. This is just an extra step I like to do before I add in all my liquid. Then add in the coconut milk, low sodium veggie broth. Next I have some creamy,
natural peanut butter. Peanuts actually have more
protein than any other nut, about nine grams per serving. Coconut sugar, and then for spices I have a cinnamon stick and anise star.

I think I'm saying that right. And then we have some nutmeg,
coriander and cardamon, and then just give it a
little pinch of sea salt. You can always add in more later. So don't overdo it with the salt and then very carefully
just stir it all together. And this is just gonna
simmer on low to medium heat. So it can cook the
potatoes and the carrots. And then we'll add in that
crispy tofu near the end, once this all thickens up. Yes. Oh she's all ready.

Yes honey. You're a good girl? Yeah? You love peanut butter too. I know. She's always hanging around the kitchen when I'm cooking peanut butter. Don't worry. I will wash my hands. But for now, gotta give
Cashews some cuddles. (tap running) So now we're gonna
throw in our crispy tofu that's just been baking. And I'm just gonna stir that right in and it's just going to cook
for another five minutes. And with the addition
of the peanut butter, you're also really getting
a good source of nutrients, such as magnesium, folic and fiber. All right. Our curry is done. I cooked up some white Jasmine
rice just to have on the side and we're just gonna ladle it on. It smells so good. (upbeat music) And then for garnish, I just
have some crushed peanuts. Just add that right on top. And it gives a really nice crunch and adds to that peanut
flavor that we have going on. Some fresh cilantro,
sprinkle that right over top. And then last but not
least a little squeeze of some fresh lime juice. A little taste test. Well, that sauce is delish.

This seriously brings me
right back to Thailand. It's so good, you guys need to make it. The potatoes, the carrots, everything is like a delicious
stew in this gravy sauce. I love it. So I'm gonna save that for dinner tonight. And we're going to work on our final dish, which is a Spicy Peanut Noodle dish. So easy to make. Probably the easiest out of the three and it may be my favorite. So we saved the best for last.
Let's get the ingredients. (wind whooshing) So for the Spicy Peanut Noodles, we have really simple
ingredients, lots of edge, but let's quickly whip up the sauce and then we can go ahead
and saute everything. I love this dish because
it's basically just a quick noodle stir fry. It comes together in no time at all. So for my sauce, I'm gonna
add in some low sodium tamari, maple syrup for some sweetness,
our chili garlic sauce. You can make this as spicy as
you want. Our peanut butter. It's gonna give a really
nice burst of flavor while adding in some healthy fats.

And add in our fresh lime juice and then just a third
cup of some hot water. I'm just gonna whisk it all together. The hot water is just gonna
help break up the peanut butter a little bit and get everything
nice and creamy smooth. (bright music) So we're just going to set this aside while we start sautéing our veggies. Also, I think the water has boiled. So I'm just gonna pop in
the noodles into the water.

So to a hot pan, I'm gonna add in the mixture of toasted
sesame oil and avocado oil. I really liked this mix and we're going to saute our shallots. Add in our garlic. (oil sizzles) And I'm also gonna add in
the bottoms to a green onion. So the white bits, I'm just gonna saute some of that as well, and I'll leave the tops
to garnish at the end. And then at this point, you
can start adding in your veg. I have my Chinese broccoli, red bell pepper and carrot. And then just toss that up to get everything coated in the oil and just kind of softening a bit before we add in our sauce and noodles. Just gonna drain our noodles. And just give it a rinse with cool water. Don't touch it with your
hands, it's really hot. And this is just gonna help
stop the cooking process and not make them so sticky. We're just gonna let those drain and I'm gonna drizzle a
little bit of oil on them, so they don't stick.

Take a little bit of
that toasted sesame oil and just give those a light
toss with clean hands. So now we're going to add in our noodles and drizzle on that sauce. And just get in there with
tongs or two wooden spoons and just evenly coat all
the noodles and the veggies in that delicious spicy peanut sauce. Smells so good in my kitchen right now.

And we're ready to plate. (bright music) And then for toppings, I just have some more crushed peanuts. And then for some freshness
we have some cilantro, and green onion. Fun fact, I think noodles
are my favorite food. So these are delicious.
Bon Appetit, cheers. Not so graceful to eat. Saucy, spicy, a little bit of sweetness. These are delicious. You
guys need to make them. Leave me a comment down below letting me know which one
out of the three recipes that I shared today,
looks like your favorite and you're most excited to try. I'm gonna be eating these right now. And for more unique
peanut inspired recipes, you guys can check out
the link down below. I'm also gonna have all
three recipes linked as well. I hope you guys have a fabulous day and I will see you guys in the next video.

Bye. (bright music).

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