Healthy Vegan Snack Recipes & Ideas (with free downloadable PDF!)

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– [Faith] Hey, everybody,
welcome back to my channel. Today I'm sharing five
different snack recipes with you in addition to a bunch
of different snack ideas at the end of the video that
will hopefully inspire you and keep you full all week long. There is a free PDF and
links to all the recipes down in the description box so if you need any of the
exact measurements or recipes you can find them there. Let's jump in. As you can see for the first recipe, I've toasted some raw hazelnuts and that is because we are making some homemade vegan Nutella
that is gonna change your world. It is so delicious. And to make it, you're just
gonna roast some hazelnuts, add them to a food processor
with some cocoa powder, coconut sugar, sea salt, and
process this until smooth. And this makes an amazing
spread or dip for fruits or pretzels all throughout the week. (gentle music) Next up we're making some
lemon poppy seed muffins.

We love to snack on baked
goods all throughout the week especially with some nut
butter or some fruit. They're just a heartier
snack that will keep you full until your next meal. For these lemon poppy seed muffins, you're going to actually mix
together the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients separately. You really want the wet
ingredients to have time to bloom, I guess you could say, because you're gonna be mixing baking soda and lemon juice together, and it's gonna get super
fluffy and voluminous. So you wanna give the wet
ingredients about five minutes to fizz before adding the dry ingredients and stirring that all together. And then you're gonna pop the
batter into some muffin tins, bake them until light and fluffy, and then you can just
store them in the fridge and grab them for a quick breakfast even or just a snack on the go. Next up we're making an edamame hummus. This is just a great high-protein snack that you can eat with crackers
or pretzels or veggies. And it's going to be a
base of edamame beans that have been cooked, tahini, cilantro, garlic, salt, cumin, and you're gonna process
this until smooth.

It is so flavorful, high in
protein, great dip for veggies. So if you are a savory
person or don't like snacking on sweet things, this is
definitely a recipe for you. Now, this next recipe
is probably my favorite of this whole video and
all my friends love it, all my family loves it. Whenever I make these,
they do not last long and it is sweet and spicy
roasted or candied cashews. So easy to make. You're just gonna coat some cashews in a little bit of olive oil, maple syrup, sea salt, and ground cayenne pepper.

Even if you don't like much spice, I highly recommend adding just a little bit of ground cayenne. It makes such a difference in the flavor and makes these very addictive. So, once you've coated them in the oil and the maple syrup and
spices, you're gonna dump them onto a lined sheet, spread them out and so that
they're in an even layer. And you're just gonna roast
these for about 10 minutes, watching them closely towards the end. Allow them to cool and the
maple syrup will harden, and you will have an addictive,
sweet and spicy snack whenever you get hungry. (chill music) Last but not least, I'm showing a recipe that I've shown a couple of
times already on the channel but it is just my go-to,
always-in-the-fridge snack that I can't not include in this video.

So these are for energy
balls or protein bites or whatever you wanna call them. And they start with a mix of
quick oats, ground flaxseed, and a mix-in of choice. And the thing I love most about this recipe is
that it's super adaptable so you can change up the flavor every week because you're gonna add in a nut butter and a sweetener of choice. So, I love to use peanut butter. It's a very inexpensive nut butter and you can find it at
every grocery store. But if you wanted to switch up the flavor, you could add in different
spices like cinnamon, you could use almond butter, you could add in chocolate
chips for mix-ins or raisins or dried apricots
that you've chopped up. Basically the possibilities are endless and so it makes it really fun and easy to switch up
the flavor every week so you don't get bored.

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And I just love these
because they've got protein, carbs, fats in every bite and they keep you full and
satisfied until your next meal. So I hope you guys love this
recipe as much as we do. All right, guys, those are
the five specific recipes that I wanted to share
with you guys today. Again, you can find all of
the recipes linked down below as well as in the free downloadable PDF.

And now I just wanted to jump
into some classic snack ideas that really don't require a recipe that we eat on a regular basis. I would say fruit is a great snack, but to be honest, fruit
usually doesn't fill me up, it makes me hungrier so we love to pair it with a nut butter or something hardy like nuts. This is a fun idea for apple nachos. Just slice your apples into
kind of chip-like shape, drizzle it with some nut
butter and top it with granola. This keeps me a lot
fuller than just an apple. My daughter also is obsessed
with frozen bananas. It tastes like ice cream to her. So I just freeze super ripe bananas, chop them up into bite-sized
pieces, and she loves that.

For all you savory people, rice crackers or toast with mashed avocado or hummus is a great option. Nice and salty if you
add some sea salt on top. We also love to top ours
with that homemade Nutella, banana, and granola. My homemade chickpea flour banana bread is one of my favorite snacks. And so is popcorn. It's such a great snack that kids love and I often forget about. There are lots of healthier
options at the store now or my favorite way to make
it is just to air pop it in the microwave. Another thing I love to snack
on are just heartier drinks like this boba tea or a latte. Chia seed pudding makes a great snack. Homemade granola bars or
even store-bought ones. We love Larabars. And then another snack
that I had to include because I love it is pretzels,
almonds, and mustard. Maybe you'll love it too, let me know in the comments down below. And last but not least, popsicles or smoothies also
make a great refreshing snack.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and that you got some new snack
ideas for your week ahead. Please let me know in
the comments down below which recipe you're gonna try. If you enjoyed this video
and wanna see more videos in the future like it, please
give this video a like. Subscribe so you don't
miss the next video. And again, all the recipes
will be linked down below as well as a free PDF so don't
forget to check that out, and I will see you guys very soon, bye!.

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