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(upbeat music) Hi friends, welcome back to my channel. If you're new here my name is Alyssa. Today I have got three delicious, plant-based lunches for you. These are healthy, they
are fairly simple to make, great for meal prep and
super, super delicious. So all of these recipes are
up on the blog as always. so if you do want to make them you can find those links right
down in the description box and you guys asked for lunches, so I want to continue to
share healthy lunch ideas because I for one struggle
with lunch the most out of all of my meals and I'm sure many of
you feel the same way. So before we dive in, I
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Otherwise, let's go ahead and dive in. So the first recipe
that we're going to make are mediterranean quinoa bowls. We're going to start by
chopping up our eggplant and I like to do like half moon slices, so I cut the ends off the eggplant, slice the eggplant in half lengthwise and then cut it into half moon shapes. From there I just place them
onto a greased baking sheet. I just spray the baking
sheet with cooking spray and then I actually
just spray the eggplant with cooking spray as well. I like to use avocado oil cooking spray and for seasoning keeping
things super simple, just salt and pepper. And then you can bake this at 425 degrees for a good 20 to 25 minutes until the eggplant is nice and soft, and I actually like to flip
it halfway through as well.

So once your eggplant is
done you're pretty much ready to make your bowls and you just assemble. So this is very, very meal prep friendly. So I like to do arugula
here and you could do kale, you could do spinach, you
could just do mixed greens, romaines, et cetera,
whatever you want to do. Then the quinoa and quinoa
is one of those ingredients that I recommend you meal
prep and just have on hand. It should last in the fridge
for a good four to five days and then we will add
in our sliced tomatoes. I just did chopped cherry tomatoes and for protein I'm doing
chickpeas and then also hummus, so the chickpeas are just crispy chickpeas that I bought at the grocery store. You could either serve regular chickpeas or you could make your
own or you could buy them, and then our roasted eggplant. And the last two things
are hummus and olives, and the hummus obviously is
going to add even more protein and it also is really good texture wise, it kind of adds like a
creaminess to the bowl and then the olives are there for a little bit of healthy fats, but also the flavor is
just so good, salty, briny, and it really kind of
ties everything together.

Since this is kind of
mediterranean inspired I'm also going to be
doing some tahini on top. You could do a tahini dressing, I just did a regular drizzle tahini and it was the perfect
topping to a delicious bowl. So that's it for these
bowls, they are so delicious, so easy to make and like I
said, really great for meal prep and should last you a good four
to five days in the fridge. Next up is my best ever
massaged kale salad and I actually can't take
credit for this recipe. This is my cousin's recipe that I shared in my latest what I eat in a day video, but anyway we are going to
strip the kale off the stem, so you can just do that by
kind of pinching lightly and then ripping against the stem and the leaves should come right off and then tear the leaves
into bite-sized pieces and add them into a bowl.

And this recipe is about
a whole bunch of kale and it serves two people,
so if you were gonna make it for more people then do
like two bunches of kale. Once you have all of your kale in the bowl we're gonna just add the
rest of our ingredients and the base is olive oil. You're also gonna add in
the juice of one lemon, which is about two
tablespoons of lemon juice.

Then you will season it with
a little bit of sea salt and some garlic powder if you wanted. Garlic powder is optional, but I think that it adds
a really nice flavor. And then if you've never made
a massaged kale salad before all you do is get in
there with your hands. You just basically rub
the oil and the lemon and all that seasoning into
the kale with your hands and I do it pretty firmly and the goal is that you're going to try to break down the cellular walls a little bit and it really starts to soften the kale and the kale kind of gets almost marinated and it gets really flavorful,
it has a really nice texture, and it ends up being easier
on your system to adjust.

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So I really think that this
is one of the best ways to make kale if you don't want to cook it and this keeps really well
in the fridge as well. So then the final step which is what makes this salad so good is adding nutritional yeast, and you just basically add a whole quarter cup of nutritional yeast and you definitely have
to like nutritional yeast to like this recipe, but this is going to add a really, really really nice flavor. It adds again, a little bit of saltiness, but also nutritional yeast
is really high in protein so that's a really great option for sneaking in a little
bit of protein and plus, like I said, it just tastes really good.

So you're gonna use your hands again to massage that nutritional
yeast into the kale and that's pretty much it. So you could enjoy this
as a side if you wanted. If you do want to make it more of a meal I'm just going to show you
what I decided to do for lunch and that was to sprinkle it
with a little bit of scallions. I just thinly sliced some green onions and then I made some crispy tofu, but I just wanted to add a
little bit of extra protein so tofu on top, I sprinkled
it with hemp seeds and called it a day. This is a really easy
and simple base salad, so you really could jazz it
up with anything you wanted and it tastes so dang good. And then last but not least
is our orzo pasta salad and all you have to do is start
by cooking your orzo pasta.

I will link this one down below, it's a grain free variety so
it's gluten-free and vegan, but we are going to
first make our dressing while it is cooking. So the dressing is olive oil
as well as some lemon juice, some red wine vinegar,
a little bit of mustard, and some salt and pepper and then you can just
whisk that all together until it is combined and set that aside while we make the salad.

Once your orzo pasta has chilled and it's cooled to the touch,
you can add it into your bowl. To that you will also
add your chopped cucumber as well as your chopped
up cherry tomatoes, your chopped up red onion
or shallots if you wanted, some chopped up kalamata
olives as well as some parsley and some vegan feta, and this
feta that I bought is so good, so if I can find it online I
will link the brand down below, I highly recommend it. And then you are just
going to pour the dressing all over the salad and stir it up and this is basically just a pasta salad. If you can't find orzo pasta
or you don't have it on hand and you want to make this, you can just use whatever
type of pasta you want and if you don't want to do the feta or you can't find the feta, you can also sub the feta with chickpeas which would make it higher protein.

So this salad is super,
super good, I loved it. I have been having it for
lunch like every day this week and it is delicious, so I highly recommend you give it a try. I know you guys have been
asking for pasta salad recipes so this is one of more to
come and I hope you love it. And there you have it my friends. I hope you enjoyed today's
delicious vegan lunches. I love all three, all three
of them are super delicious. My personal favorite is
probably the kale salad just because it is very customizable based on what you like. It's also something that can be added to, it could be used with a
variety of different kale, and it's just super easy and so good. So if you do try any of these recipes I would love to know what you think. You can come back to this video, let us know down in the
comments and as always, all of the recipes are
already up and ready for you on the blog so you can find
those links right down below.

Otherwise, I just want to thank you as always for being here. You guys are the best. I really appreciate you taking
your time to watch my videos. If you do like this type of
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an awesome rest of your day and I'll see you in the next video, bye! (soft music)

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