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so the first treat we're making are
these cookie dough bars they're delicious and they're raw so good so I'm
using almond flour I love almond flour cause it's high in
protein it's got lots of healthy fats which is gonna shut down those sugar
cravings I'm adding in some coconut and some vanilla as well for a bit of flavor
and vanilla also has lots of antioxidants then you're going to mix
this up and this is gonna be making the base of our dough for our cookie dough
we're not adding egg or anything cuz it's gonna be raw and we don't want
Salmonella so I'm adding in a little touch of maple syrup just for a little
bit of sweetness and then mixing that together again until you get like a nice
cookie dough shape then we're going to be adding in at some dairy free
chocolate chips I like ones I just don't have dairy and they are free of
allergens and they're also free of egg and all that as well so I would say
about three to four tablespoons of that and then I'm using a baking dish that I
lined with saran wrap just so that it's easier to cut out the bars and I'm using
some nice cream that I made in my last video the salted caramel one and putting
that in the center but you can use whatever you like I'm gonna leave all my
different ice cream flavors down below I've made mint chip peanut butter
chocolate strawberry cookie dough salted caramel and then blueberry lavender so
that will be in the description then you take the other half of the cookie dough
that we made and you spread it on the top you're gonna pop this into the
freezer I would say overnight or at least like four to six hours and then
you can use a knife to cut it in two bars and you will have these wonderfully
raw cookie dough bars and they're delish and the perfect after-dinner treat next
up or making a stuffed banana pops and I've seen a banana pops are like
Pinterest and Instagram before but I've never seen them stuff so that's what
we're doing today so of course you're gonna need bananas and I'm cutting them
in half for this and then you're going to be taking your popsicle sticks and
you're going to be putting them into the banana you want put it far enough that
it secures it but not too far where it pokes through so do that to his many
bananas as you like or as many banana pops that you want to make
then I'm going to be taking some almond butter and I'm putting that on the tops
of our bananas if you're allergic to nuts you can also use a sunflower seed
butter which is made of sunflower seeds it's really tasty so about a tablespoon
or a little less than tablespoon on to each of the bananas and my healthy fats
also help to blunt the sugar for the banana we're popping those in the
freezer and mint to make the chocolate to cover the outside I'm making like a
paleo chocolate that you guys have seen me make it's literally just cacao powder
and coconut oil sometimes I add a little bit of maple syrup but I find that the
sweetness of the banana here you don't need that little bit of people syrup now
I'm using a jar for this because this makes it kind of like taller so that
when we dip the bananas it can go higher up on the banana versus using like a
bowl where you're not gonna be able to dip it as deep if that makes sense so
you stir that together and then we take our bananas and almond butters that have
been chilling in the freezer and we dip those now because it's actually like so
cold the bananas are going to harden pretty quickly so you just dip them in
and then they will set quite quickly and then you have your wonderfully frozen
bananas these are such a good treat to have plus I love that they're stuffed
with a little bit of nut butter it makes them just extra tasty and lastly we're
making it these cheesecake bars so I'm starting off with some cashews which is
gonna help make the crust of these bars so you're going to need half a cup of
cashews along with a quarter cup of almond flour you can also use like a
pecan or a walnut here any kind of nut will work instead of the cashews then
I'm adding in a tablespoon of coconut oil as well as a pinch of Himalayan salt
which is great for balancing your pH and also it's full of just essential
minerals for your body you're gonna blend that up and then press that down
into your pan and this is going to make the crust of our bars just make sure you
press it down nice and tight so that it forms when sweet chill it then it to
make the filling I'm using one cup of coconut yogurt along with a quarter cup
of the thick part of the canned coconut milk so you need to refrigerate the
coconut milk overnight so that you get this nice thick part and then you just
whisk it together and I love that it adds a bit of like creaminess to the
yogurt and you don't really taste a too coconutty if that makes sense
taste it a little bit milder than coconut then we're going to be using a
little bit of lemon juice squeezed fresh along with
some gelatin Matt's also what's gonna help the bars kind of set a bit more and
get like more solidified so he's a scoop of that into the lemon juice and I stir
that up and then I'm adding that in to our mixture of our coconut yogurt and
our coconut milk and again this foots really helps the kind of cheesecake he
set otherwise it would become runny once it defrosts if that makes sense
so you need either gelatin or Garg um in this recipe and then you whisk that all
together and it's gonna start to thicken after we chill it so don't worry so
you're gonna pour that in to your crust with your dish or the dish with your
crust rather and scoop that in and then we are going to start making our fruit
or berry swirl so then for the fruit we are going to be using a cup of berries
you can use strawberries raspberries blackberries even cherry and then you're
gonna be adding in 1 tablespoon of a tapioca starch and that's was just gonna
help it again kind of thicken a bit so that we can get a nice thick swirl so
keep stirring that up and mashing it until you get chunks and then I'm just
putting 3 spoonfuls on the top and kind of swirling that in to make it look
really pretty you can definitely add it completely to the coconut cream if you
want it to be completely berry flavored or you can just add this swirl in we're
gonna chill that for about 3 to 6 hours and then you can cut that into bars and
they will be yummy and delicious cheesecake bars this is so easy to do
and I love that you can just change up the fruit it tastes decadent but the
healthy fats from the coconut milk and then the coconut yogurt are really gonna
satisfy and those are your cheesecake bars they turned out so good and you can
store them in the freezer

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